Submit a Rule Proposal for the 2018 Season

Submit a Rule Proposal for the 2018 Season

The rule proposal form is now open for the 2018 season.  Rules submitted and voted in by the members will be included in the 2018 rule book.  Remember that not everything is a rule and some things are just good ideas.  In some cases, if you have an idea or proposal for the 2018 season that is more operational in nature, we would love to simply hear your feedback.  If you are unsure, just go ahead and submit it as a rule or you can contact an officer through our contact form.

The rule proposal form will be open from December 1st through the end of the day on December 20th.

Please submit the form once for each rule proposal to ensure that they are considered separately.   Thank you.

Rules that have been submitted can be viewed here:

To submit a rule proposal, please fill out this form…

Please describe your proposed new rule or rule change here. If applicable, please reference the current rule that you would like to change.
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