2018 Rule Proposals & Outcomes

Below is the final list rule proposals that were submitted by members to be considered for the 2018 season.  Each rule has an indicator of whether it was considered and what the outcome was.

Submitted by: Tim Startz


Replace the current four classes with two classes:

*Outlaw Class – Water cooled class – this class is for water cooled mini bikes such as CR150R, YZ85, KX65, etc.  Unlimited mods allowed.

*Mad Dog – Air cooled class – This class is for air cooled mini bikes such as TTR125, CRX150F, KLX140, KLX110, etc.  Unlimited mods allowed.

Submitted by: Daniel Wyatt

*Withdrawn by author at the meeting.  However, a 50+ Expert will be added to the A race and the officer team will work with the author to see if a solution fits for the 30+ age group.  See 2018 class list (pending) for final resolution.

I propose going back to +30, +40, +50 Expert classes and removing XC1. XC2, & XC3.

There is a big portion of the club that would like to see this happen, and if we don’t do something about it, we will see a lot of people stop racing or go to another series.

It is simply facts, that older riders are not as aggressive as the young kids (and rightfully so). I think the solution to this, is keeping the Masters Class.

I would suggest:

Expert (Open)
+30 Exp
+40 Exp
+50 Exp

In the event that a +30,+40, or +50 person is destroying their class, they can be placed in the Masters Class.

Submitted by: Cole Williams

*No vote.  Simple wording changes/housecleaning enacted by officers.

These are operational in nature;
Page 6
“Safety Lap” changed to “Practice”
Page 9
Fix the price of the Vintage race
Multiple pages
Change the word “bump” to “promotion”.

Submitted by: Mike Salek

*Author not present at time of discussion.  However, enacted with revisions.  Officers, when possible, will mark a WSC/Youth quad track that utilizes a portion of the long course so that these riders can have a track that is more suitable to the machine size and allow more passing opportunities.  When the long course track cannot be truncated due to it’s layout, this race will be held on the mini course.  Race will remain 30 minutes.

This is not so much of a rule change but a schedule change request. I speaking with a number of the Women from the Women SC and the +30 Women SC they are tired of the SC and the lack luster tracks from the last few years. A number of them would be in favor of moving from the mini course to the long course and go from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

They would race in the same time slot, and it could be viewed that they want the challenge of the long Course without the pressure of the big quads. In speaking with Kristi Salek, Heather Christensen, Terra Gregory, Ski Cranford they are all in favor of the change.

Submitted by: Cole Williams

*Not considered.  Minimum age will remain at 14 with officer discretion for exceptional circumstances.

I think the minimum age for the Vintage race should be 12 years of age.

Submitted by: Cole Williams

*Not considered.  Minimum age will be set at 14 with officer discretion for exceptional circumstances.

I think the minimum age for WSC Quad Open and Quad Long course should be 12 years of age.

Submitted by: Cole Williams

*Not considered.  Enacted by officers.  The long course is not designed to be traversed by smaller machines.

I think the minimum engine size for the quad long course should be 120cc 2 stroke and 150cc 4 stroke.
Reason : this is not specified in the rulebook. It could cause a safety issue. Also, there could be an area on the long course that a small engine quad could not handle. This is the maximum size allowed in the mini quad race so I thought it would be a good dividing point.

Submitted by: Billy Beer

*Passed.  To receive a jacket, AA riders must meet the same requirements as other classes (race 7, work 1, place in top 10).

Propose that the pros can receive jackets/awards the same as the rest of the club

Submitted by: Lauren Durbin

*Passed with revisions.  Womens Long Course will not be dropped.  Short course A & B will start on the same line.

I propose that we remove the B women’s class and split the woman’s short course V class into an A and B. The long course class had been poorly attended for multiple years, with most ladies choosing to compete in other classes. As for the short course, I think having an A and B will encourage participation and will allow officers to manage rider placement based on speed and ability.

Submitted by: Quinton Cranford


I submit that in the event that go pro footage is used in a protest the entire footage must be submitted not just the 10 seconds to prove a competitor was off course. This would likely make sure that the accuser was running honest lines. The footage may or may not be reviewed in its entirety and at that time any violations will be addressed with penalties for all riders on that footage.

Submitted by: Stephen Sharp

*Author not present.  However, officers pledge to be more diligent and have promotions communicated in a timely manner.

No automatic class bumps after the middle round. I had a racer automatically bumped after round 7 and you took his state championship away from him because there wasn’t enough races to make up the points. The class he got bumped to got to run more laps than his previous class therefore putting him way behind. It took all the drive out of him since he and other people in OCCRA knew he couldn’t make up the point split in the last 4 rounds.

Submitted by: Greg Shepherd


I propose that we split the Quad team class into 2 lines/classes such as and A/Expert line and a B/ amateur line, and you must enroll into the class based off of the most experienced rider this would also include your alternate. However officer discretion can be used when A bike expert is used as an alternate for the quad amateur class. Example the bike expert has never been recognized as a quad racer other then serving as a team alternate

Submitted by: Sean Whelan

*Passed.  Affects bike A & B only.

I propose moving the races back to 90 minutes, if not for both, at least for the “B” race.

Submitted by: Sean Whelan

*Not considered.  Rule could not be enforced.

Add a class in the “B” race for fast rider/slow bike, something like a 20hp limit so the fast but out of shape riders don’t pass other “B” riders too quickly.

Submitted by: Sean Whelan

*Not considered.  There is simply not enough room in the day to add another race.

I propose increasing the length of the Vintage/Pitbike race or splitting it into two 30 minute races so racers could race both classes if desired.

Submitted by: Sean Whelan

*Not considered.  Very kind, but officer compensation (free race entry per event and lots of good feelings) is laid out in the by-laws.

I propose we find a way to pay officers. I understand and appreciate that OCCRA is a volunteer organization, but they work too hard and sacrifice too much, not to be compensated. Even if it’s just a “tip” jar that is left out and split at the end of the year.

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