2018 Class/Number Reservation Now Open

2018 Class/Number Reservation Now Open

We at OCCRA apologize for any delay in the class structure and rider placement. We know that this affects the entire organization and each individual rider. After many hours of discussion we feel that the addition of the following would best for the club:

  1. 50+ expert bike class.
  2. 60+ bike class added to the back of the “A” line

There were many great suggestions presented. I will be researching and discussing several of them with the possibility of implementation at a later date.

There are also a couple of other class splits and series changes.  See the outcomes of rule proposals for more details.

Again thank you for your patience.

Now let’s get ready to race!

Anthony Standard, 2018 OCCRA President

Note for all divisions: If you are keeping your same class and number from 2017, you do not need to do a number reservation.  Your number is already reserved through Round 1!

A, B & X Divisions

The links below give you some suggestions about where you might best fit in the OCCRA class line-ups based on data analysis.  You are welcome to sign up in whatever class you wish – these lists are merely suggestions to help you out if you are unsure.  We will be actively monitoring race performance and will begin looking at promotions at race #3.  We encourage you to choose a class where you feel like you will be in good competition with your classmates.

  1. 50+ expert bike class.
  2. 60+ bike class added to the back of the “A” line
  3. Masters renamed to AAA


  1. Team Quad now has an A & B line

Mini Bikes, Mini Quads, WSC/Youth Quads & Sat. Short Course Bike Race

These classes do not have suggested placements.  We encourage you to pick the appropriate class for your rider based on the age and/or machine requirements for the class.  You can see the class descriptions here.

  1. Open Womens Short Course (Sat. bike race) now has an A & B
  2. Pit bike classes are now Outlaw (water cooled) and Mad Dog (air cooled)

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