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B Race Start Rush Springs

2019 Race Schedule

Racers and fans, here is the 2019 schedule with venues. We are excited to have some new tracks this year, as well as some regular venues.

2018 Awards Banquet
1/19 — Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center; Shawnee, OK

3/2-3/3 — Fry Lake; Seminole, OK
3/16-3/17 — Hinton; Hinton, OK
3/30-3/31 — Gruber; Braggs, OK
4/13-4/14 — Pettijohn’s; Rush Springs, OK
4/27-4/28 — Baldwin Ranch; Indiahoma, OK
5/18-5/19 — William’s Ranch; Skiatook, OK
6/1-6/2 — Pleasant Valley Farms; Sand Springs, OK
6/22-6/23 — TBD
6/29-6/30 — Rain Date
— Summer Break —
8/24-8/25 — Stroud Lake; Stroud, OK
9/7-9/8 — Big Fox Run; Cameron, OK
**Co-sanctioned race with AXC
9/21-9/22 — Discoveryland; Sand Springs, OK
10/5-10/6 — Sundog Trails; Lexington, OK
10/19-10/20 — Rain Date

We expect to have Round 8 finalized prior to the Awards Banquet, and I will update this post once it is finalized.

Thank you to all the racers, fans, and families for a great 2018 season, and we are looking forward to even greater things in 2019.

Class Structure and Promotions Survey

This survey has been created to obtain a general idea of the sentiments of current and prospective riders in terms of class structure and rider movement between classes.  This form is about the big operational picture –  if you have ideas that you feel would improve the series, please use the long answer fields to offer those ideas.  This form is NOT a rule proposal and specific entries will not be presented at the member meeting, but data trends from the form may be used to craft proposals for presentation at the member meeting.  We also have the rule proposal form that you can use to submit a specific idea for consideration at the member meeting – visit this page to submit a rule proposal.

Submitted Rule Proposals for the 2019 Season

This page will be updated as rules are submitted. Note that this is not an automated process, so your proposal may not appear instantly. Thank you!

Submitter: Clint R.

Why does the 85 class go before the 65 classes the 85 tears up the course alot more the the 65’s

Submitter: Aaron W.

Via GoPro Footage or occra official eyewitness If caught cutting Track automatic DQ for that race if caught again automatic DQ from the series Cut and dry no gray areas no excuses

Submitter: Tanner M.

Pro payout 200% OR make the pro entry the same as all other classes. Paying extra is not fair when the payout is capped at $210 and you only leave with $150 and having to race at such a higher level. Also if the payout is better more pros will come which is good for spectators and kids to watch and learn and it raises the skills of the whole club by learning new speeds

Submitter: Rebecca B.

Colored backgrounds or numbers for the different classes so it’s easier for younger ones to identify those not in their class.

Submitter: Matt M.

Add a +30 A class, you can start on the Masters line like every other series

Submitter: Brad W.

2 hour (A)race or 50 miles.

Submitter: John M.

Go back to the 1hr 45 min race format. This seemed to be a good amount of time for the big bike races.

Submitter: Donn C.

Need a 40+ intermediate class like other organizations have.

Submitter: Donn C.

I agree with John M. Big bike races should 1:45 in length.

Submitter: Doug B.

Consider a longer race time for big bikes 1:45 or 2:00

Submitter: Emily C.

In the spirit of competition, I propose to change the age classes of womens short course quad to an A and B class. The purpose of the reorganization a few years ago was so that when you line up, you dont automatically know who is going to win. There are different levels of riders in both 30+ and womens SC and both have quick riders and slower riders. I would like to see these be speed based classes rather than age to foster competition and put rider levels in the same speed category. We all ride the same time and the same track anyway, so age shouldn’t matter so much as how fast you are.

Submitter: Emily C.

I propose to change the rules for the O-YAA awards. The way they are calculated is outdated and most schools do not use these standards any more. I propose to change them to: A=4 pts., B= 3 pts., C = 2pts., D = 1 pt., For schools that grade on S/U….S+= 4 pt., S=3 pt., S-= 2 pt., U= 0 pt. For classes that are Pass-Fail, Pass = pt., Fail = 0 pts. For schools that grade on Standards based grading, 2 state-licensed educators that are Club members, appointed by the race officers of that respective year, will make any point-decisions for those grade cards. All grade cards and-or transcripts should be submitted to the Vice President by November 1st for year end award eligibility.

Submitter: Emily C.

To be added to team quad race rules: both members of the team must work the same weekend for year end points. This was an issue and there were teams where both members did not work. One member was allowed to work for the team, and I do not think this is fair to the other teams who both members worked.

Submitter: Daniel W.

Create a 65 girls class. Had a good turn out these last few years and the girls expressed interest in this. Also would allow them to compete similar to the ladies class.

Submitter: Cole W.

I propose the membership price change from $30 single/$50 family to $25 for every member. This change would cause quite a few changes.

  1. Single members would get a discount.
  2. While 2 member family’s price would not change, this would increase the membership cost for any family with 3 or more members.
  3. This would allow for online membership signup.
  4. This would allow for accurate cost tracking of membership money.
  5. This would begin the process to get to the ability to have online race registration.

Submitter: Cole W.

I propose that OCCRA add a temp $10 membership for the entire year. (this could be discounted after the break or for any co-sanctions or special events). This membership will act as our current temp memberships do:

  1. It would be active on a per weekend basis.
  2. It would allow for any weekend awards and results, but no series points.
  3. It would allow riders to try OCCRA for a slightly cheaper cost. (maybe getting a couple more riders.)
  4. It could help keep 1 or 2 time racers out of year end points calculations.

Submitter: David B.

If a rider enters a class after the summer break, they will be eligible for the individual race award (1st, 2nd etc), but will not be awarded series points and/or overall points, unless approved by a 100% vote of the current race officers.

Submitter: Cole W.

I propose all age based classes be off of the racers age as of Jan 1st of that year. This matches the minis and short course rules. This also will prevent the temptation of someone moving classes mid season which causes more work for scoring, and a problem if it is missed.

Please Welcome the 2019 OCCRA Officer Corps

Please welcome the wonderful crew of individuals that will be presenting the 2019 race season!  These guys and gals are the ones that put in the work to help us all have 12 events of competition, camping and good ‘ol OCCRA family.  One official position remains – Track Director – so if you are interested in seeking this position, please talk to Cole Williams (or send an e-mail to this site).  Also, OCCRA is definitely a series that welcomes help outside of official positions from the membership, so if you would like to help out, please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome 2019 officers.  Thank you, also, to the outgoing 2018 officers – your time and commitment to the series is definitely appreciated!

President: Cole Williams
Vice President: Mary Doughty
Race Director: Benny Darnell
Mini Director: Russell Doughty
Scoring Director: Emily Cohlmia
Work Director: Wesley Darnell
Marketing Director: J.R. Selke
Equipment Manager: Nick Cohlmia
Sponsorship/Contingency Coordinator: Sarah Casillas
Emily Cohlmia: Special Events/Banquet Coordinator

2019 Race Dates – Mark Your Calendars!

OCCRA would like to announce the schedule dates for the 2019 race season.  The officers are currently working to attach venues to those dates and you can expect a full schedule with locations later in the year.  This year isn’t quite over, but we’re already excited for the 2019 season.  We hope you can make plans to #raceoccra in 2019!

2018 Season Banquet 1/19/19
Rd 1 – 3/2/19 – 3/3/19
Rd 2 – 3/16/19 – 3/17/19
Rd 3 – 3/30/19 – 3/31/19
Rd 4 – 4/13/19 – 4/14/19
Rd 5 – 4/27/19 – 4/28/19
Rd 6 – 5/18/19 – 5/19/19
Rd 7 – 6/1/19 – 6/2/19
Rd 8 – 6/15/19 – 6/16/19
Raindate – 6/23/19
Raindate – 6/30/19
Summer break
Rd 9 – 8/24/19 – 8/25/19
Rd 10 – 9/7/19 – 9/8/19
Rd 11 – 9/21/19 – 9/22/19
Rd – 12 – 10/5/19 – 10/6/19
Raindate – 10/20/19

Check and/or Update Your Rider Info

Racers, As many of you know, the officers have been busy working with Rocky Mountain on the Race Gas program, and getting everyone credited for completed races. In addition to getting this lined out, we have made a video to walk everyone through the process of checking your email address in Mototally. Please watch the video carefully, and then go check your Mototally info and be sure it matches your Rocky Mountain info.

As of now, we will leave this available until next Wednesday, at which point we will lock it down to prep for next weekends race. It will then be evaluated whether to open this back up or not.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Update Info:

Info About 2018 RMATV Race Gas Program

The Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Race Gas program has changed quite a bit since last year.  We have received a lot of questions.  The information contained in this email was also passed out at the scoring trailer and will continue to be available there in the future.  Please read below and pass this information on to anyone you think might not be getting the message.

Rocky Mountain ATV MC is an amazing sponsor that gives OCCRA riders a $10.00 credit online to each racer that competes in an OCCRA event. Be sure and thank them every chance you get. There will be no more Rocky Mountain ATV/MC cards mailed out. Everything is now online so you can get your credit faster and you won’t have to type in the entire card number to use them!

OCCRA results are submitted to Rocky Mountain ATV/MC after each race and then Rocky Mountain ATV/MC applies the credit to your Rocky Mountain account. You can check your balance at any time by going online to or by calling 801-465-3140.

All you have to do to get the credit for each race is to make sure the email address that you put on your OCCRA membership form matches the email address on the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC account you want the credit to go to. For instance if you have children, and you have the only Rocky Mountain ATV/MC account in the family, you would want all of your kid’s membership forms to have the email address that matches your Rocky Mountain ATV/MC account.

Steps to check your balance:

  1. Go online, login, and click the “RM cash” at the top of the RM website and it will give you your balance.
  2. IF you see a $0 balance or you think you are missing some credits you will have to call Rocky Mountain.
  3. When you call RM be sure to give them your name and email address that you gave OCCRA. They can then look to see if you have credits anywhere else.
  4. IF you have credits that are not showing online, you will have to place an order over the phone to get those credits.Notes:


  • OCCRA results are sent after each race (we have about 2 weeks). Once results are submitted there are no later submissions or corrections allowed.
  • There is no longer a Race Gas credit for membership
  • 1 credit per rider per event, not per entry (same as before)
  • Credits expire after 45 days from the time they are applied to the account (not from the race date)
  • All credits go to your Rocky Mountain ATV/MC account.  There are no more cards.  You HAVE to have an e-mail address.
  • These same rules will apply to any race series that participates in the program.

Be sure you check often and call often. The credit will only last for 45 days and then it will expire. RM says that they will email you before your credits expire, but I wouldn’t chance missing an email.

Remember that this is an AWESOME benefit provided BY Rocky Mountain ATV/MC to riding series around the nation with no strings attached.  When you call them regarding credits, please be courteous, patient and give them your thanks.

Thank you,
OCCRA Officers

Second Round of 2018 Promotions

Racers, We are pleased to announce the new round of promotions. I would like to congratulate everyone on their accomplishments racing and the pursuit to get faster. The officers have spent hours upon hours evaluating times, as we always do when evaluating times and classes. So, without further adieu, here is the list by group. You will be able to get numbers printed this weekend for the race. Congratulations to each racer!!

Damon O’neil- XC3 to XC2
Ron King- XC3 to XC2

Evan McMahan- Sportsman to Novice
Charlie Johnson- AMA30+ to Novice
Ryan Smith- AMA30+ to Novice
Kerrie Swartz- AMA30+ to Novice
Breckin Lewis- OpenC to Sportsman
Lathan Gabreal- OpenC to Sportsman
Calen Rowe- OpenC to Sportsman

Addison Lewis- C to A
Grant McGee- B to A
Nash Wright- B to A
Gunner Hall- C to B
Max Holub- C to B
Tristan Mitchell- C to A
Cason Wolf- B to A

Brody Helm- B to A
Kade Wood- B to A
Xander Cochran- C to B

Ross Standingwater- B to A
Bo McIntire- B to A
Lathan Gabreal- B to A
Austin Walker- B to A
Grady Downing- C to B
Cadence Lewis- C to B
Lewton Reed- C to B

Open Womens SC Bike-Saturday Race
Maggie Waldon- B to A
Connie Hamilton- B to A
Trista Thurmond- B to A
Lindsay Gardner- B to A


OCCRA Remembers Former President Mack Spurlock

OCCRA is saddened to hear that former OCCRA President Mack “Mack Daddy” Spurlock has passed. Mack was OCCRA President for several years in the late ’90s and early ’00s and was a strong advocate for the riding community. We would like to extend prayers and best wishes to the Spurlock family from the OCCRA family.

Schedule Change for Rounds 1 & 2


Schedule changes – OCCRA Members and Racers, After a long day of discussions with land owners and officers, we are making a location change. Round 1 and Round 2 locations are going to switch. Fry Lake has taken on too much water from the winter precipitation and the recent rains. So, here is the schedule for the first 2 rounds.

March 10th-11th – Round 1 – Terbush Ranch in Woodward, OK
March 24th-25th – Round 2 – Fry Lake in Seminole, OK

I will be posting updated flyers this evening, as well as some additional information for Round 1 at Terbush Ranch. Be on the lookout!!

Rule Proposal Outcomes

Check out the link below to view the list of rules that were proposed and considered at the meeting.  Each rule indicates whether it was passed and if it contained any modifications.

Here’s a summary:

  • A & B Races are returned to 1.5 hours
  • Pit bike classes have been reduced to two – an air cooled class and a liquid cooled class
  • Team quad was split into an A/B
  • Open Womens Short Course (Saturday race) was split into an A/B
  • 50+ Expert class added to A Division with further class changes being considered (complete class list to be published soon)
  • AA classes will now receive jackets if standard OCCRA award requirements are met
  • Action cam footage submitted as proof of violation must be submitted uncut
  • When possible, the Saturday Short Course Quad race (WSC + Youth) will be run on a shortened version of the long course track.

See a more detailed account of the rule proposals by clicking the link below:

2018 Rule Proposals & Outcomes

Early Membership & Class Sign-Up

Join the OCCRA officers at one of the upcoming early membership sign-up events to join as a member, pick your class and number and ask any questions that you might have.  You can also take advantage of the great selection of parts and accessories to get ready for the upcoming season.  Don’t forget that both of these awesome dealers are Fly Racing dealers, so they can get you setup with gear so you can participate in the Fly Contingency program (click for details).

Opportunity #1: AJAX MOTORSPORTS

  • Date: February 3rd, 2018
  • Time: 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Opportunity #2: HONDA OF TULSA

  • Date: February 10th, 2018
  • Time: 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Save some time and download the membership form from our member info page.  You can even fill it out on screen and print.

2018 Race Schedule (with Locations) Released

OCCRA members, the time has come to announce the 2018 season schedule. The officers have been working hard to lock in race locations, and have put together a solid schedule. As of now, we have 1 charity race back at MPH in Guthrie, and we will race BFR as a co-sanctioned race with Arkansas XC racing (AXC).

As you can see, we have 1 race that is TBD. As soon as that location is finalized, we will send out an update and proceed with making race posters. Without further adieu, here is your 2018 schedule.

Round 1 – 3/10-13/1 – Fry Lake – Seminole
Round 2 – 3/24-3/25 – Terbush Ranch – Woodward
Round 3 – 4/7-4/8 – Pleasant Valley Farms – Sand Springs
Round 4 – 4/21-4/22 – Pettijohns Off-Road Park – Rush Springs
Round 5 – 5/5-5/6 – Baldwin Ranch – Indiahoma
Round 6 – 5/19-5/20 – Discoveryland – Sand Springs
Round 7 – 6/2-6/3 – Williams Ranch – Skiatook
Summer Break
Round 8 – 8/25-8/26 – To be determined
Round 9 – 9/8-9/9 – Big Fox Run – Poteau – Co-Sanctioned with AXC
Round 10 – 9/22-9/23 – Gruber
Round 11 – 10/6-10/7 – Henryetta
Round 12 – 10/20-10/21 – Sundog – Lexington

Save the Stillwater 500!

The Stillwater 500 needs the help of the riding community.  Let’s all band together to help save this riding area!

The Stillwater 500 Riding Area is presently scheduled for closure as of January 31, 2018 at which time prorated refunds for annual permits will be made. The City of Stillwater notified the Stillwater Trail Riders this week that they do not plan to renew the Lease Agreement. We are all sick and much effort is being made to find a way to keep the Park.
If the Stillwater 500 has impacted your life in a positive way and you want to provide comments and personal examples/testimonies in hopes of helping to influence a re-assessment of the decision, please email them to: We are approaching this situation with integrity and legal assistance, so please keep comments appropriately positive.

Thank you so much! These comments will become a part of the supporting documents to be shared with the City of Stillwater as efforts are made to regain the use of the Stillwater 500 Riding Area.


Click here to read more on the Stillwater 500 Facebook page

Banquet Date Adjustment

Hello everyone. It appears that there was a miscommunication with our events center and our banquet reservation was made for January 13th. So please adjust your calendars and accept our most sincere apologies for the mix-up. Just to reiterate, the 2017 Season Awards Banquet and Member Meeting is on January 13th, 2018.

Join the 2017 Member Focus Group

The Oklahoma Cross Country Racing Association Board of Directors are seeking members to join a focus group to help discover areas of success and areas for improvement.  We would like to seek input from members well in advance of the 2018 season so that we can factor in your feedback and desires as we build a 2018 championship series.

Once you have signed up for the list, you will receive a series of surveys, covering a range of topics.  Questions will range from feedback on recent events, to opinions on organizational issues, to ideas for 2018.  Participants will have ample opportunity to offer feedback and propose solutions.

Fall Schedule Updates

The fall half of the season is approaching and we are looking forward to heading out to a new location on the circuit – Big Fox Run in Cameron, OK. I’ll have a lot more info about this location in the next couple of days, but in the meantime I have some more schedule information to share.
So some of you may have already heard, but Lafferty Motorsports has shut the gate and will no longer be a riding area. So yet again, we are faced with another change. The positive side of the situation is that we now get to go to a new location on the circuit – Discoveryland OK. Discoveryland is actually a public riding area, so not only will we be able to try a new place, we will also be able to contribute new trails to their trail system for everyone to enjoy.
Due to time constraints of adding new trail, we have worked with the landowners to swap the locations for round 9 and 11. So we will now be going to Baldwin Ranch for Round 9 (this track was built over the summer, so is ready to go) and will head to Discoveryland for Round 11. We are very excited about both of these new locations as they hold a lot of potential for being perennial visits on the circuit and are very appreciative of these property owners for inviting us to their land to hold our races!
Now I want to close this by saying that while it has been a bummer of a season in terms of reschedules, the real loss is in the public riding areas that we are no longer able to visit on non-race weekends. I think this really highlights the importance of patronizing these public riding areas on off weekends and spreading the word to other riders. That’s how we keep these places open and profitable.
I summed up the revised fall schedule into the attached graphic. Please share this info with your friends so that they are up-to-date. Thanks to all of our riders and officers for being so flexible this season and we’ll see you in just a few short weeks for OCCRA 2017 Rd 8 Big Fox Run XC!

Attention Quads: We Need Rear Facing Numbers!

Good morning guys and gals. Round 7 is coming up and we need to tackle an issue – displaying your numbers. We’re going to start with quads and it’s really pretty simple. We need you all to have your numbers displayed from the front AND rear of your quad. So basically, you need to obtain […]

Wilson’s Dirt Park XC Recap

It turned out to be a beautiful weekend to try out a new location in Weatherford. As most of you know, this was a very last minute change in venue and we most sincerely thank Wilson’s DirtPark for welcoming us to their property on such short notice. This was definitely another track for the throttle […]

Rush Springs Prep in Yucky Weather

Teamwork makes the dream work! With just one weekend to prep a new track, our options were pretty much to drop the round or get to work and make it happen. This awesome team of officers and members said we want to race!! So it to Pettijohn’s Off-Road Park they went to scout, layout, trim […]

Change of Venue for Round 6

We regret to have to say that we are having to switch the location for Round 6.  The Arbuckle Offroad Park has been sold and will no longer be a riding area.  This news came suddenly, but fortunately we were able to find a location to move the race to that officers will be able to add a track to very quickly.  The new location for Round 6 will be Wilson’s Dirt Park in Weatherford, OK.  Thank you to the owners of this new location for being flexible and accommodating us at a short notice.  Stay tuned for more information about the track features and thank you for your patience.

Round 3 Recap, Video and Photos

Video provided by the talented team at Ajax Motorsports in Oklahoma City! Well we just closed out round 3 with a fantastic weekend at Terbush Ranch! The Wild West Shootout saw a lot of great battles as riders enjoyed Woodward soil with good moisture. Ron Rader, Randy Rader, Vic Terbush, Russell Doughty, Mary Doughty, the […]

2017 Round 1 Photos & Videos

You’ve seen some of these links already, but I compiled them into one post for your convenience.  For being such a muddy weekend, y’all hauled in a lot of photos!  Thank you very very much to Dylan Pilgrim, Kristi Salek, Stacie Ann Wyatt and Emily Cohlmia for some great memories!  And, thank you to Cody […]

GNCC Big Buck

OCCRA Racers Heading to GNCC Big Buck

The opening round of GNCC Racing is this weekend at Big Buck in Union, SC. OCCRA Oklahoma Cross Country Racing Association is going to be well represented by four young racers. Tucker Grooms (#412) will be racing the 85 Senior race at 8:00 a.m., Nolan Birks (#438) will be racing the School Boy class at 10:00 a.m., Dillon Trail (#415) in the 65 7-9 class, and Kristian Brooks (#404) will be finishing it up in the 1:00 PM race in the Open B class. You can get live text alerts on these racers by texting ‘sub’ and the rider’s number to and you can also check out the action live on Best of luck to these young racers as they take on #xcracing on the big stage! #occra

Honda Red Rider Contingency for 2017

We’re very excited to announce that OCCRA has been included in the Honda Red Rider contingency program for 6 events in the 2017 season. The program pages are still being updated, so check back to see which rounds (6 out of 12) are the ones that will qualify. The link below has all of the details, including which classes are eligible and the requirements. If you ride red, or are thinking of a new ride, be sure to take a look at the Hondas. Those new RX models look pretty sweet! Let’s give a big thanks to Kristopher Erik Hoopes for reaching out to Honda and submitting our series for consideration. Don’t forget that we have several great Honda dealers in the area that are big supporters of OCCRA! #honda #ridered #occra #xcracing

Thank you 2017 Round Title Sponsors!

We would like to give a quick shout out to all of our awesome 2017 race title sponsors. These wonderful businesses have made contributions to help us present race awards to you. Please check them out at their websites below to see the products and services they offer. We’ll be highlighting each one more as the season progresses, but we would like to say thank you for your support!

Round 1 – Sprinkler Works Llc (
Round 2 – Brown Oil Tool
Round 3 – Mike’s Dirt Bike Suspension (
Round 4 – Ram Jack of Oklahoma & Arkansas (
Round 5 – Oklahoma Honda- Suzuki (
Round 6 – ROKK Construction (
Round 7 – BluewaterOKC (
Round 8 – Brown Oil Tool
Round 9 – 3S TEAM, LLC (
Round 10 – Ajax Motorsports (
Round 11 – Ram Jack of Oklahoma & Arkansas (
Round 12 – Innovative Comfort Solutions (

We also can’t forget our series sponsors and contingency partners Fly Racing, Western Power Sports, Rocky Mountain ATVMC and Husqvarna Motorcycles USA. There’s still time to get signed up for the contingency programs – get the details at

Update on Mini Riders and Number Reservations

First, scoring would like us to relay that if you did not receive a response to your number reservation, it may be because your number selection(s) were already reserved or you did not choose the correct number for your class.  Please review this article for the links to see what numbers match your desired class and which numbers are already taken.  If you are unsure of what to pick, please contact  And, please send THREE choices for your number.  Putting the same number three times doesn’t help if that number is already taken by somebody else.

Now on to minis…the scoring team and mini directors analyzed last year’s mini riders compiled a list of class assignments for minis and noted riders who have “aged out” of a division.  Some of you have already registered, but the majority have not.  The riders were analyzed similar to how the adults were analyzed, so a few were placed “backwards” in a division.  A rider does not have to move back, though, and can elect to stay in the class up.  Please review the list below:

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