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Racers – Please Review the Final Standings

Attention racers!! Please check your results for the year at Check the guys ahead of you and behind you. Check for work points. Check for dnfs, drops, missed races, and anything else you can think of. If you see anything wrong or questionable send us a message ASAP! The more eyes the better. We are in the process of ordering year-end awards and we don’t want to miss anyone!! Thank you and have a great day!

Please contact us with discrepancies at

HOTT Racing in Henryetta for Round 11

Racers, Round 11 at Henryetta is 1 week away. We would like to thank the sponsor for this round, Seth Wadley Auto Connection for providing all the awards.

This round, we will have Mona’s Rose of Sharon on site to provide concession, so be sure to show them our support. They have been a regular food vendor for us the past few seasons, and we sure appreciate them.

We are pleased to announce that we will be having a Potluck this round on Saturday evening at 6:30pm. Thanks to Schwab Meats and Lampton Welding Supply for providing hot dogs and buns. We will also be grilling up hamburgers, and will provide buns and condiments. We ask that each family bring a side or dessert, and provide your own beverages and chairs.

We do have 1 critical things we have to discuss with more emphasis then ever. We need everyone’s help all weekend to keep trash cleaned up. This property MUST be spotless when we leave, so if you see any trash on the ground throughout the weekend, please pick it up and throw it in a trash can. I can’t express how critical this is at the event, so please help us with that.

Just a general reminder, gates open at 3pm on Friday afternoon. Do not arrive earlier please. Also, be sure that everyone under the age of 18 wears a helmet at all times on ALL motorized vehicles, driver or passenger. NO exceptions.

The season end is near, so lets finish out these last few rounds strong. Thanks to all you members and racers for a great season thus far. See you all in 1 week.

Get directions on the round page – CLICK HERE!

Ready to Rock and Roll at Round 10

OCCRA is excited to return to one of our state’s awesome public riding areas for Round 10 September 22nd and 23rd – Gruber ORV Park! Located in Green Country near Muskogee, this park provides a diverse terrain for track building. Also, the Gruber Trust has expanded their parking area to allow more room for camping, so we are looking forward to that. We would like to thank Bluewater Divers for sponsoring this round.

We would like to remind everyone that the $5 temporary fall membership is going on, so if you’re new to OCCRA and want to give racing a shot, this is a good opportunity to run 1 round for very little cost.

Big Black’s BBQ will be out food vendor this round, so be sure to show you support.

Saturday evening will be a Turkey Egg Hunt for the younger racers. This will take place on the short course track, and this event is free to participate.

We will also have our Bible Study at the scoring trailer at 7:00pm Saturday evening. We invite anyone and everyone to attend.

As always, be sure to visit the website for any additional information, driving directions, and GPS coordinates, and keep an eye on Facebook for any additional information.

See you all at Round 10!!!!

OCCRA/AXC Class Placement

AXC racers, please reference this table to see the class that you will be entering at the Battle of the Border.  You will compete against one another for race day awards, but the results will be separated for season points in both series.  For season points, you will only be scored against racers in your own class/series.


Classes that do not have joint racers are omitted from this list.  You can see the full OCCRA class list here and the full AXC class list here.


Mini Quad Race (Saturday Race #1)

  • Mini Quad X | ATV Mini Intermediate (90-150cc)
  • Mini Quad B | ATV Mini Novice (<90cc)

Short Course Quad (Saturday Race #2)

  • Youth Short Course Quad | ATV Mini Pro (Open)

X Long Course Quad (Saturday Race #3)

  • AA Quad | ATV AXC 1 (Pro)
  • Expert Quad | ATV AXC 2 (A-Open)
  • Intermediate Quad | ATV B-Open and ATV B-Vet (35+)
  • Amateur Quad | ATV C-Open and ATV C-Vet (35+)
  • Sportsman Quad | Novice (First Year Racer) and ATV Jr. Pro
  • Womens Quad | ATV Women

Saturday Bike Short Course (Saturday Race #4)

  • No combined classes

Mini 50 Race (Sunday Race #1)

  • Mini 50A | M/C Mini Int. and M/C Mini Pro
  • Mini 50B | M/C Mini Nov

Mini 85 Race (Sunday Race #2)

  • Mini 85A | M/C Jr. Int.
  • Mini 85B | M/C Jr. Nov.
  • Mini 85W | M/C Jr. Women

Mini 65 Race (Sunday Race #3)

  • No combined classes

A Race (Sunday Race #4)

  • AA Bike | M/X AXC1 (Pro)
  • XC1 Bike | M/C AXC 2 (A-Op)
  • Intermediate Bike | M/C B-Open
  • 30+ Intermediate | M/C B-Vet (35+)
  • 50+ Intermediate | M/C Masters (50+)

B Race (Sunday Race #5)

  • 30+ Amateur Bike | M/C C-Vet (35+)
  • Sportsman Bike | M/C C-Open
  • Youth Bike | M/C Jr. Pro
  • Womens Amateur Bike | M/C Women
  • Open C Bike | M/C Novice (1st Year Racer)

Join the OCCRA vs AXC Battle of the Border at Round 9!

Racers, Round 9 at Big Fox Run is right around the corner, September 8th and 9th. This is our first Battle of the Border, as this is a joint race with AXC Racing and OCCRA Oklahoma Cross Country Racing Association. We are excited for this round, and are looking forward to some new activities, some great racing, and most importantly, building of friendships within our racing community.

We would like to thank our sponsors this round, Brown Oil Tools and ServiceMaster Restore. We have stepped it up a little this round for the awards, compliments to these 2 great sponsors. We would also like to thank AXC Racing for getting the award for the Battle of the Border, which will be presented to the winning state. More details to come.

This round, Mona’s Rose of Sharon will be on site for our concession needs, so be sure to pay them a visit. We appreciate them always being willing to come to a race and provide food and beverages. Please show them our continued support.

Saturday evening, we have a special event. Emily J. Cohlmia has setup a Powerwheels Downhill Challenge. For all the details on this, look for the post specifically on this on either OCCRA Oklahoma Cross Country Racing Association Facebook pages, as well as AXC Racing Racing Facebook page.

This is only our second year to race at Big Fox Run, and last year was a real treat. We would like to thank the land owners for once again inviting us out to their property. If this will be your first race here, you are in for a real treat. The land is beautiful, and the track was great last year. Thank you guys again for inviting us back to race.

Local Hotel Event Rate

Racers, Thanks to Russell Doughty, we once again have a host hotel for Round 9 at Big Fox Run. See the details below.

Holiday Inn Express
201 Hillview Pkwy
Poteau, OK 74953
(918) 649-0123
Tell them YOU’RE with OCCRA

Power Wheels Challenge

See the post below for the special event info…

Power Wheels Downhill Challenge at Big Fox Run

As always, be sure to visit the round event page below for additional information, travelling directions, GPS coordinates, and other information. As always, be sure to call before you haul if there are any weather concerns!!! 405-390-5227


Power Wheels Downhill Challenge at Big Fox Run

Get your old, broken down Power Wheels ready for a downhill race at Big Fox Run! Challenge the Arkansas folks to see who has the fastest gravity driven Power Wheels!

That’s right, racers!! We are less then 2 weeks away from Round 9 at Big Fox Run, which will be a Battle of the Border event with AXC Racing. This round we will have an always fun and entertaining Power Wheels Downhill Challenge.Thanks to our new officer Emily J. Cohlmiafor her passion for creating fun events to build the bond of our members this year. Without further ado, here are the details from Emily.

1. Have Fun
2. Must wear a DOT approved helmet, eye protection, and boots.
3. First one to the bottom wins.
4. You can have 1 pusher at a time.
5. The pusher cannot cross the start line.
6. You cannot affect another racer on purpose.
7. Races will be heads up, single elimination, with the winner advancing.

Vehicle Regulations:
1. Must have plastic wheels.
2. Must have been previously electric (12/24 volt)
3. Stock electric motors are optional.
4. Must have stock suspension.
5. You can take anything off.
6. You can add a board or pillow or something to sit on.
7. Must have stock body and frame.
8. Each racer must take all of their machines and/or parts of machines home.
9. All Vehicles must pass tech inspection.

Get out the paint, graphics, etc. because we will be judging a Best-In-Show Power Wheels. Add pics of your race-ready Power Wheels in the comments.

Look for directions and signs to the downhill race location once you are on BFR’S property. Best-In-Show contest will begin at 6:30 PM with the race directly afterwards. It will be bracket style racing.

You must have an OCCRA or temporary weekend membership to participate. Ages 16-18 may participate with written parental permission and a parent present. Otherwise, ages 18+ can participate. No entry fee!!!

Be on the lookout for the race flier later this week.

Round 5 Updates

Round 5 at in Indiahoma is this weekend. We would liek to thank David Brown and Brown Oil Tools for their support this round. Be sure to thank David when you see him at the track.

The track is similar to last year, but with some new sections. The long course is 7 miles long with 2 creek crossings, and will be a fast track. Womens short course is 3.7 miles long, and also have 2 creek crossings and a few high speed sections. At this time, I do not have mini track details. Thanks to Russell Doughty, David Brown, Shane Apple, Tim Glandon, Batman and his crew marking and getting it ready to race this weekend!

With the warmer weather we have been having, be sure to drink plenty of water this week and stay hydrated. Also, be sure to stay weather aware this week as we have expected severe weather leading up to this weekend.

Look closely at the schedule, as we have adjust race times a little as well as practice times.

Diamond C Cross Custom Smoked Meats will be on site with delicious food all weekend. And be sure to visit Trackside Supply for any parts or repairs you need at the race.

We will be having a few special events on Saturday evening. Look for a post in the next day or so with details. Also, be sure to attend the Bible Study at the scoring trailer on Saturday evening at 7pm.

Reminder that gates open at 3pm on Friday, and we ask that racers wait until that time or after to arrive so that the officers have time to get ready, gate attendants to arrive, and details like gate flyers make it on-site.

Thank you all and we will see you this weekend at Baldwin Ranch.

Round 4 Update

Round 4 Update!!! As of now the race is on as scheduled. We have been monitoring the forecast, but all agree from past experience that Pettijohn’s land can take on quite a bit of moisture and still be good to race. It will be wet, and cold. Be sure to pack warm clothes, rain gear, mud boots, and maybe scuba gear just to be safe!! 😂😂 We will see you all soon. Gates open at 3 p.m. Please be courteous of that and please do not show up early. Thank you.

Also, please do not camp along the tree line along the creek. The track will run along the north side of creek. If you are unsure of this location, please find an officer and confirm before you set up camp.

Urgent – Round 3 Postponed

We regret to inform that we are having to postpone this round until the rain date June 9th and 10th. Postponing was already borderline with the forecasted cold temperatures, but with the rain they received today it has made the parking area impassible. We already have a few officers who attempted to get in and are currently stuck.

We apologize for the late notice, but we do not want to destroy the land owner property, and do not want to see people having damaged RV’s and toy haulers from getting stuck.

Please share this post, and call your friends and families to let them know. Again, sorry for the late notice. We were hopeful conditions would be better then they are.

3 Days to Fry Lake 2018!

Racers, we are 3 days away from Round 2 at Fry Lake in Seminole. We would like to thank the fine people at Ajax Motorsports for sponsoring this round, and their continued support to our series. Check them out for all your offroad and onroad bike needs.

The weather is looking good this weekend, with temps at or near 80 all weekend. Lows should hover around mid to upper 50’s, but there is a moderate chance of some rain on Sunday. Be sure to stay hydrated, as we have not had warmer temps for racing in a while.

As mentioned by the medics last round, with the warmer temps we will start seeing snakes. If you see any snakes at Fry Lake, please leave them alone and do not mess with them.

Reminder of construction on I-40 east of OKC. Las time I was out there, it was 2 lanes with walls on both sides on the line. Be careful going through there with your RV’s and toy haulers.

Hopefully everyone has removed those pesky sandburrs and stickers from Woodward. If you haven’t, please do so before coming to Fry Lake. Cole Williams has posted a video on the pages with a good method for removing them from tires. Be sure to check it out.

Bible study will take place on Saturday evening. We invite you all to attend, and thanks to the members that lead this each round.

Just as a reminder, we have some rules to keep in mind this weekend. Anyone under the age of 18 must wear a helmet at all times on a motorized offroad vehicle. No exceptions. Also, there is no pit riding allowed. Please keep your young riders off their bikes and quads except for race time, and to and from the starting area for their race. This will be strictly enforced. Also, as of 4:45pm on 3/19, Seminole county and all surrounding counties are not under a burn ban, but please use extreme caution with any open flames. Do not leave them unattended.

Last but not least, be sure to attend the Dirt Bike Limbo on Saturday evening at 6:15, following bike practice. This event is being sponsored by E.J. Images, so thanks to Emily J. Cohlmia for getting this event in place.

Gates open at 3pm on Friday, so we will see everyone out there after that time. Visit the link below for directions, GPS coordinates, and other info for this round.

Race Gas Program Updates

Attention riders!

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has revamped and upgraded their Race Gas program for the 2018 season.  For the most part, the program is the same.  RMATVMC is still giving you that awesome $10 credit per round but now, instead of being delivered by mail, it will now be electronically credited to your Rocky Mountain account.  So you will now be able to get to your Race Gas even quicker.  They are even going to send out notification of Race Gas added to your account and reminders to use your Race Gas credit before it expires.  With that being said, it is all tied to your email address now, so it is important that your correct e-mail address is on file with OCCRA.

  • Make sure your email address is legibly written on your membership form.
  • The e-mail you give us should match the e-mail you use for your RMATV account.
  • If you don’t yet have a RMATV account, you can create one from the credit notification e-mail that you will get from RMATV.

These are exciting new changes from Rocky Mountain that will make it faster and easier for you to get and use your Race Gas.  Be sure to thank RMATVMC for this awesome service to the riding community in your post race write-ups!


2018 Race Schedule (with Locations) Released

OCCRA members, the time has come to announce the 2018 season schedule. The officers have been working hard to lock in race locations, and have put together a solid schedule. As of now, we have 1 charity race back at MPH in Guthrie, and we will race BFR as a co-sanctioned race with Arkansas XC racing (AXC).

As you can see, we have 1 race that is TBD. As soon as that location is finalized, we will send out an update and proceed with making race posters. Without further adieu, here is your 2018 schedule.

Round 1 – 3/10-13/1 – Fry Lake – Seminole
Round 2 – 3/24-3/25 – Terbush Ranch – Woodward
Round 3 – 4/7-4/8 – Pleasant Valley Farms – Sand Springs
Round 4 – 4/21-4/22 – Pettijohns Off-Road Park – Rush Springs
Round 5 – 5/5-5/6 – Baldwin Ranch – Indiahoma
Round 6 – 5/19-5/20 – Discoveryland – Sand Springs
Round 7 – 6/2-6/3 – Williams Ranch – Skiatook
Summer Break
Round 8 – 8/25-8/26 – To be determined
Round 9 – 9/8-9/9 – Big Fox Run – Poteau – Co-Sanctioned with AXC
Round 10 – 9/22-9/23 – Gruber
Round 11 – 10/6-10/7 – Henryetta
Round 12 – 10/20-10/21 – Sundog – Lexington

The 2017 Season Finale is Here!

Wow, can you believe that another season is almost over? We’re within 5 days of kicking off the 2017 season finale at Sundog Trails! This race is sponsored by Innovative Comfort Solutions and that certainly seems like a timely placement because it looks like it’s going to be a chilly weekend! Time to check your heat pump and check your gear bag to make sure you pack the necessities for a chilly weekend! Sundog Trails will be providing a concession stand.

As for this weekend we have an awesome final round planned. A host of volunteers and current/future officers, led by David Brown, have been out at the track laying out the course and cutting in new trail. Amazingly, these courses don’t just materialize out of thin air and we are super appreciative of the wonderful folks that give up their off weekends to build our race tracks!

You can expect some wooded sections, some high speed beach and of, course, a bunch ‘o sand! The exact layout will be revealed this weekend after we see how much water soaks in and what the river level is at. Regardless, it should be fun! Note the Saturday schedule – it had to be tweaked a little to accommodate the decreasing light situation and a shared track.

Now after the races on Saturday, we hope you stick around for some trick or treating for the kids and a walk through the spooky mini track. The spooky forest is spearheaded by Amy and Bobby McIntire! We also encourage everyone that is interested to dress up or decorate your camp site. 

The OCCRA scoring folks are also going to be handing out goodie bags to our awesome youth racers at registration AND Trackside Supply is going to be providing holeshot awards for the kiddos. Sounds like the kids are really in for a good haul this weekend!

We can’t wait to see everyone for one last round in the 2017 season. This is a great spectator track, so bring your family and friends to watch you race or – even better – bring some buddies out to take advantage of the discounted fall membership. Please share this with your friends and we’ll see you this weekend! #occra #xcracing #sundogtrails

Fantastic Race at Fry Lake

What a FANTASTIC weekend for a race! The weather was perfect and it was certainly nice to have a little moisture in the soil. A big thanks goes out to Dave Campbell and his Fry Lake crew that put together two separate tracks and invited us to their awesome property to have an event. We would also like to thank Ajax Motorsports for not only sponsoring this event, but also for putting on the fun bike games Saturday evening. We really appreciate your support!

Round 10 was also officer election time. Since no positions ran contested, there was no election held. I will announce the new officers in a separate post, but I can definitely say that we appreciate the fine folks that have stepped forward and look forward to building a great series for 2018!

Next stop is OCCRA 2017 Rd 11 Discoveryland XC near Sand Springs, OK, generously sponsored by Ram Jack of Oklahoma & Arkansas! I have to say that I think this is a pretty cool spot. The camping area is awesome…nice and flat with a bunch of space. Terrain is relatively flat but very wooded…I think it’s pretty similar to Skiatook if you’re looking for a comparison. We also have a cookout planned for this event – OCCRA and Lampton Welding Supply in conjunction with Schwab Meat Co will be providing the burgers and dogs and condiments. We just ask that you bring a side or dessert to share and a drink for yourself. $10 Fall membership will also continue, so bring your friends.
Anyway, have a great couple of weeks and we’ll see you in Sand Springs!

Cedar Valley Offroad CAMP XC

CAMP XC is a premiere, unique opportunity for riders/racers of all levels and ages!

Wanna ride smoother? Wanna go faster? Wanna get those lap times down? Then you don’t wanna miss this chance!

Come ride & train with some awesome guys and have a blast while doin it!

$325.00 — Camper tuition includes:

  • FREE primitive camping all weekend (bring your rv, trailer, tent, etc…)
  • Camp t-shirt & water bottle
  • Welcome dinner Friday evening
  • “Ultimate Dodgeball” Friday night
  • All day training Saturday
  • “Extreme Iron Man” obstacle race
  • Full XC RACE: (1) entry fee on Sunday

Bring the family & enjoy the weekend! Visit Cedar Valley on Facebook or on the web for more information and to sign up.

Fall Schedule Updates

The fall half of the season is approaching and we are looking forward to heading out to a new location on the circuit – Big Fox Run in Cameron, OK. I’ll have a lot more info about this location in the next couple of days, but in the meantime I have some more schedule information to share.
So some of you may have already heard, but Lafferty Motorsports has shut the gate and will no longer be a riding area. So yet again, we are faced with another change. The positive side of the situation is that we now get to go to a new location on the circuit – Discoveryland OK. Discoveryland is actually a public riding area, so not only will we be able to try a new place, we will also be able to contribute new trails to their trail system for everyone to enjoy.
Due to time constraints of adding new trail, we have worked with the landowners to swap the locations for round 9 and 11. So we will now be going to Baldwin Ranch for Round 9 (this track was built over the summer, so is ready to go) and will head to Discoveryland for Round 11. We are very excited about both of these new locations as they hold a lot of potential for being perennial visits on the circuit and are very appreciative of these property owners for inviting us to their land to hold our races!
Now I want to close this by saying that while it has been a bummer of a season in terms of reschedules, the real loss is in the public riding areas that we are no longer able to visit on non-race weekends. I think this really highlights the importance of patronizing these public riding areas on off weekends and spreading the word to other riders. That’s how we keep these places open and profitable.
I summed up the revised fall schedule into the attached graphic. Please share this info with your friends so that they are up-to-date. Thanks to all of our riders and officers for being so flexible this season and we’ll see you in just a few short weeks for OCCRA 2017 Rd 8 Big Fox Run XC!

2018 Schedule Dates

The 2018 schedule dates have been picked out.  We can now begin filling them in with locations.  So here’s your dates – mark ’em down!

Round 1 – March 10-11
Round 2 – March 24-25
Round 3 – April 7-8
Round 4 – April 21-22
Round 5 – May 5-6
Round 6 – May 19-20
Round 7 – June 2-3
Summer Break
Round 8 – August 25-26
Round 9 – September 8-9
Round 10 – September 22-23
Round 11 – October 6-7
Round 12 – October 20-21

Location Change for Round 11

Unfortunately, we have had to make yet another location change for the 2017 season.  Round 11 will now be held at a member owned property of approximately 300 acres just west of Lawton.  It offers wooded areas, desert-like mesquite, gradual elevation change and a huge canyon for us to play in.  You don’t have to worry about rocks and the soil is a nice, black loam.  The parking area is about 17 acres and is nice and flat.  Although we were definitely looking forward to the Seminole location and regret having to change, at the same time, as they say, where one door closes another one opens.  We now get to explore a new location with a lot of potential and hopefully a good run on our circuit!  We are very appreciative of the landowner and to the round sponsor – Ram Jack of Oklahoma & Arkansas for helping us present this round!

You can get directions and other information as we add it on the event page:

Round 8 Location Announced: Big Fox Run in Eastern OK

We are excited to announce that Round 8 will be held at a new location (to us) – Big Fox Run near Poteau, OK. This location is a lush, wooded property of over 400 acres and the property owner has already offered for our members to stay an extra day and ride recreationally after the race. Very cool. Thank you Big Fox Run for welcoming us to your property this fall!

Check out their Facebook page:

Info About Round 6 at Wilson’s Dirt Park

While we were all enjoying a beautiful Mother’s Day weekend, our awesome Track Directors were out toiling away at Wilson’s DirtPark preparing the location for our upcoming race.
Wilson’s Dirt Park will offer a layout that will appeal to riders that liked Rush Springs and is very similar all almost all regards. It’s a fast track, totaling 5 miles for the long course. You’ll start with 1 mile of very mild MX, then a mile of open woods and ravine trails, then another mile of the MX and then 2 miles of flowing grass track. The grass track sections are mowed, so it will be very easy to follow the trail. The grass track sections utilize terraces for jumps and fun banked turns. Like Rush Springs, we are looking for our racers to respect the layout and race the track we put out there for you. Due to the shorter length of the track, we will once again use 30 second starts.
Now to the parking situation. We have a very nice parking area available at Wilson’s. The parking area is flat and the landowner mowed the whole area for us. Thank you!
This is another good spectator location as a good majority of the track is visible from the camping area, so you’ll be able to keep tabs on those exciting battles. We need race fans to be very aware of track crossings and at this location we do not want a lot of vehicles crossing the track.
I know you’re also all glued to the news channels as they talk about this week’s stormy forecast. We’re keeping an eye on it as well, but as far as the location goes, it can handle a good amount of rain and a decent rain would probably make for epic soil conditions.
Now for the thank yous – let’s give a pat on the back to David Brown, Quinton Cranford, Jason LaHood, Garret Young, Russell Doughty and the landowner of Wilson’s. Like I said before, these folks spent their weekend laying out, marking and preparing the track instead of just kicking back and enjoying the beautiful weather. Thanks again, guys. Your hard work means the world to all of us racers!
Now trudge through the week and we’ll see you all in Weatherford for Round 6!

Rush Springs Prep in Yucky Weather

Teamwork makes the dream work! With just one weekend to prep a new track, our options were pretty much to drop the round or get to work and make it happen. This awesome team of officers and members said we want to race!! So it to Pettijohn’s Off-Road Park they went to scout, layout, trim […]

Round 3 Recap, Video and Photos

Video provided by the talented team at Ajax Motorsports in Oklahoma City! Well we just closed out round 3 with a fantastic weekend at Terbush Ranch! The Wild West Shootout saw a lot of great battles as riders enjoyed Woodward soil with good moisture. Ron Rader, Randy Rader, Vic Terbush, Russell Doughty, Mary Doughty, the […]

Round 2 Recap and Photos

(Video courtesy Ajax Motorsports) Well we “dodged a bullet” as the weather guys like to say and actually ended up with a pretty nice weekend! It was a little on the dusty side, but at least there was some wind to blow the dust away. We had a great turnout, welcoming new members and even […]

Round 2 Heads to Buckhorn Track and Trail in Ada

Ok race fans, we are primed and ready to head to Jupie’s place in Ada for 2017 Round 2!  Ada is always a racer favorite and has a great mix of soil types, elevation change, some easy MX, multiple line options and some places to crank the throttle and show off!  Spectators can enjoy easy […]

2017 Round 1 Photos & Videos

You’ve seen some of these links already, but I compiled them into one post for your convenience.  For being such a muddy weekend, y’all hauled in a lot of photos!  Thank you very very much to Dylan Pilgrim, Kristi Salek, Stacie Ann Wyatt and Emily Cohlmia for some great memories!  And, thank you to Cody […]

Round 1 Recap

Well round 1 is in the books. It started off pretty muddy and ended up pretty nice. The sun even came out for a bit! Thank you to Williams Ranch for allowing us to ride, race, and hangout with friends. Thank you to the title race sponsor Sprinkler Works, and thank you to the officers and members that helped make the weekend possible. Be sure and check out our contingencies on the website. Enjoy the extra hour of sunlight and be careful on you way home.

Some photos that have turned up (will update this post if we see more pop up).  Thank you to our volunteer photographers for recording the memories!


Race results have been posted, so head on over and check out your times.  Thank you again to everyone for a great weekend despite a little interference from the weather!

Change of Venue for Round 2

We would like to notify you of a change of venue for Round 2.  Due to a scheduling conflict that arose, we will not be racing at the Ninnekah location this season.  Instead, we are going to head west to a crowd favorite track – Buckhorn Track & Trail in Ada. Jupie’s place is always a great place to ride and has plenty of spectator access and good camping spots.  Stay tuned for updates about track layout, etc.  So revise your calendars and we’ll see you at Ada for Round 2.

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