Getting Started/Membership

Membership Benefits

Free Transponder

Free Transponder

OCCRA provides a race transponder for the Moto-Tally system, if needed, free of charge.  Your membership fee also helps us keep our scoring equipment up-to-date so we can all benefit from electronic scoring and detailed race data.

Eligibility for Year End Awards

Your OCCRA membership makes you eligible for year-end awards.  We try to reward our members handsomely with embroidered jackets, plaques and more.  We award all the way to 10th place, so all members have a great shot at walking away with some cool hardware!

Voting Rights at Member Meetings

As a member of the organization, you have the ability to submit ideas, vote on proposals and run for office.

Air Evac Coverage at Events

OCCRA members are covered by Air Evac service while on location at a sanctioned OCCRA race event.  Coverage begins when you enter the gate and remains until you leave.  Our hope, of course, is that nobody ever has to use it, but that benefit is there for members.

Single Membership


Family Membership


Family membership is offered to help ease the burden for riders that have dependents living in the same household participating in our series.

Step 1: Reserve a Number

Reservations are only necessary if changing classes or numbers.

Before the season starts, you can reserve a race number even without officially joining as a member.  The disclaimer is that your number is only reserved for you until you either 1) join as a member or 2) attend the first race (and join at the race).  After that, the number is released back to the wild!

If you raced last season and are not making any changes, then you can skip to step 3!

Step 2: Check Your Email for Confirmation

Your verified number will be sent to your e-mail

Check your e-mail for your confirmed number selection.  Our scoring staff must check your requested numbers against last year’s numbers and also other requests that may have been received before yours.  We respond as soon as possible, but the confirmation will not be instantaneous.

You will need your verified number for the membership form, so please wait until confirmation is received.

Step 3: Join as a Member Online!

Online membership is currently available for individual members.

Online membership signup is in initial release and is currently available for individual memberships.  We hope to expand to family memberships very soon.  Follow the link to start the membership process!

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