Pettijohn's Offroad Park

2018 Rd 04 at Rush Springs

Some of you may have ridden this track in the past, but don’t expect to recognize too much. The layout is all new and we think you’re going to have a lot of fun going down and up through the ravine, racing around ponds and twisting the throttle through high speed sections. We also get to enjoy a fun new motocross track laid out by the Pettijohn boys. The dirt was amazing this weekend and you’ll enjoy a lot of passing room and wishbone splits to add some excitement.

  1. Take I-44 (H.E. Bailey Turnpike Fees) South from Oklahoma City to exit 80 (2nd Chickasha exit) to Hwy 81.
  2. Follow Hwy 81 South for 17 miles to Hwy 17.
  3. Turn right (west) on Hwy 17 and follow for 5 miles until the road begins to curve to the left.
  4. At the beginning of the curve, continue West on dirt road for 1 mile.
  5. Turn right at the sign and go North half a mile to the entrance on the left.

Event Fees

Membership (once per year): $30/single or $50 family

Gate Fee: $10/carload

Long Course AA Bike or Quad: $60 (Guaranteed 100% payback 1st-3rd)

Long Course Bike or Quad: $40

Short Course: $20

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