2018 Schedule Dates

The 2018 schedule dates have been picked out.  We can now begin filling them in with locations.  So here’s your dates – mark ’em down!

Round 1 – March 10-11
Round 2 – March 24-25
Round 3 – April 7-8
Round 4 – April 21-22
Round 5 – May 5-6
Round 6 – May 19-20
Round 7 – June 2-3
Summer Break
Round 8 – August 25-26
Round 9 – September 8-9
Round 10 – September 22-23
Round 11 – October 6-7
Round 12 – October 20-21


Round 11 of the 2019 season is just days away. This round, we are back at Discoveryland in Sand Springs, OK. We have had the privilege of racing this property for the past few seasons, and are excited to return to this great venue.

As always, I like to start by thanking our round sponsor. This round, Ramjack is our round sponsor. They have supported our series for a lot of years, and we are thankful for their continued support, and for providing over 150 awards for this round.

Mona’s is our food vendor for this round, and we appreciate their support and continued great service and food they provide. Be sure to pay them a visit and show them your support. Also, thanks to them for reaching out to out race community asking for feedback on new food. It’s looking like Tacos are a popular request, as well as their amazing Pickle-O’s.

This round we have a few special things. First, on Saturday night, we will have a potluck at the pavilion at 6:00pm. Burgers are provided by OCCRA, and dogs and brats are provided by Lampton Welding. We ask everyone bring a side and/or dessert to share, as well as your own drinks and chairs.

Next, this round is officer elections. All OCCRA members who have raced at least one race this season is eligible to vote. Voting will be open beginning Saturday morning and close at the end of the first big bike race on Sunday. There will be a tent set up and the voting will take place there via ballot. Please visit www.occra.com/2019/08/26/2020-officer-nominees/ to see the current list of applicants. If you are interested in stepping up and helping out as an officer, you have this week to apply.

The address for this track is as follows:
19501 W. 41st Street (81.19 mi)
Sand Springs, Oklahoma 74063

As always, be sure to visit www.occra.com/races/2019-rd11/ for any new information, and be sure to CALL BEFORE YOU HAUL!!! 405-390-5227

Track Clearing Help Needed for Lindesmith Farms (near Comanche)

We are going to be working on the track at Lindesmith Farms in Comanche Saturday Sunday and Monday your invited to come join us for lots of fun and track clearing…. bring chain saws weedeaters and loppers…it going to be a great loop for the OCCRA race in October.

New tracks always require more work and trimming, so member help is very much appreciated here!

The coordinates for Lindesmith Farms are:

Battle of the Border 2!


Round 10 of the 2019 season is just around the corner and we are excited to return to Big Fox Run in eastern Oklahoma. This round, we are once again doing this race in conjunction with AXC Racing as the Battle of the Border!!! There is also an extra $500 pot for Pro Quad racers, so be sure to spread the word and lets fill this line with these Pro racers.

We would like to thank Labat Custom Creations for sponsoring this round and providing over 150+ awards. Additionally, they will have shirts for sale at the race so be sure to show them some support.

Mona’s Rose of Sharon will be our concession this round, and we are grateful that they continue to be our primary food vendor. They do a great job for us and we sure appreciate their efforts.

Of course, we have a great special event this round. PowerWheels Downhill Challenge!! Sept. 7th at 6:30 PM!!! $1000 in prizes!!! Nick Fox and his crew will be building us a custom hill!!! Thanks to our sponsors: Big Fox Run and Labat Custom Creations for making this possible. Please refer to the post on both OCCRA pages for rules.

Lastly, we are doing a Fall Special for new racers looking for a temporary membership. For $5, you can race with us for a single weekend. You will not be awarded series points, but it gives one a good opportunity to try out XC racing for minimal expense.

As always, keep an eye on the Facebook pages for up to date information, and be sure to Call Before you haul!!

Gates open at 3:00pm on Friday, September 6th. Please respect the gate times and do not arrive before 3:00pm.

See you all at Round 10!!!

Reschedule Announcement – Mark Your Calendars

Attention Racers! First, I want to thank you all for being such amazing members and sticking with us through all of the weather changes. Believe me, it has not been easy. Second, we have the postponed races lined out. The Gooberville Flood Out will be raced at a completely new location in Duncan Oklahoma on the original rain date of 10/19-10/20. I want to thankKevin Lindesmith for opening up his property since the hunting season will be keeping us from returning to Gooberville at that date. The Stroud Lake race will be held at the amazing Stroud Lake property on 10/12-10/13. The race weekend schedule will continue as normal starting at 3pm on Saturdays. We felt this was the best date due to least as conflict as possible with other local race series, GNCC Ironman, and Goldrush. I know this will put 3 bike races back to back but as of now it’s our best option. We really hope we don’t get another rainout. We are trying our best to give you the best quality tracks possible and to give you a full season for points and works and fun. Thank you all for your understanding and your support!! Now let’s get ready for the Battle on the Border at Big Fox Run!


2020 Officer Nominees

Here are the awesome folks who have nominated themselves for 2020 OCCRA Officer positions.  We appreciate all of you that have nominated yourselves to contribute your time to this organization to help make a great series for all.  There’s still a bit of time remaining to throw your hat in the ring, so please fill out the form if you are interested.  There are many positions available for a wide variety of interests and skillsets.  We hope that you will consider nominating yourself for a position!

Voting eligibility: Every 2019 full Member of OCCRA who is considered a Racing Member, which is defined as a Member who has completed at least (1) race organized by OCCRA in 2019 and is in good standing at the time of the election.  Temporary ($5) memberships do not count for voting rights.  The election for 2020 officers will be held at Round 11: Discoveryland.  So make your plans to attend Round 10 – not only is it a fantastic venue with a unique track, you’ll also have a chance to vote for your 2020 leadership.  You must vote in person.


(presented in alphabetical order by last name per position)


  • Nick Cohlmia
    I want to continue the Family Fun Racing that the club is based around because the OCCRA is a special group and I want to take on the roll of leading the group.
  • Mary Doughty

Vice President

  • Wesley Darnell
    We have an amazing organization and I just want to keep our organization moving forward. I have been a volunteer firefighter for over 10 years things learned over those 10 years will help me settle in this role of pushing forward.

Mini Director

  • Russell Doughty

Race Director

  • Benny Darnell

Scoring Director

  • Jessica Cochran
    I have always appreciated that from a member’s perspective, OCCRA is run using efficient processes with a frontline of passionate officials.
    My goal is for my professional experience to contribute to continuing what already exists to the best of my ability.  I Also want to lend any knowledge or ideas to improve this role or any organizational matter should I be invited to do so.
    2020 will be my 4th year as an XC moto mom!!  My first experience at OOCRA was feeling shocked, and I yelled at my boys to “slow down” but now you’ll hear me scream at them “GO FASTER!!!” every race, every time.  
    Kent and I have attended nearly every race weekend quad and bike days for 3 years.  We started with NO experience in this type of sport but due to the help of officials and great people, we now help others or fill in as part of the team where we are needed.  I hope to start racing (super beginner style), and my goal now is to contribute to OCCRA, becoming part of the “official” race family team.  
    Although I am running for the membership and scoring position, I can do about anything and I’m up for most challenges!   Let’s race!
  • Emily Cohlmia
    I am the current scoring director and feel like I had done a pretty good job this year and would like to continue in that position.
  • Michael Johnson
    To create a fun and competitive racing atmosphere that is fair to all.

Special Events & Banquet Coordinator

  • Kaylon Labat
    Love this association!! Have made great friends and want to keep working to make every race and banquet better than the last!

Work Director

  • Aaron Waldon

Equipment Manager

  • Andrew Tekaat

Photo by Michal Hudcovič from Pexels

Stroud Race Bike (Sunday Races) Postponed

RACE ANNOUNCEMENT!! Rd 9 STROUD LAKE BIKES IS POSTPONED UNTIL A DATE IN OCTOBER! We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. This was a difficult decision.

RACE ANNOUNCEMENT!! Rd 9 STROUD LAKE BIKES IS POSTPONED UNTIL A DATE IN OCTOBER! We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. This was a difficult decision.

Posted by OCCRA Oklahoma Cross Country Racing Association on Sunday, August 25, 2019

Back in Action at a NEW Location!

WHO’S READY TO GO RACING!!!! At last, summer break is nearly over at its almost time to get back to racing at Round 9 at Stroud Lake!!! We are excited to race this new venue and we are looking forward to a great track. I want to start by thanking Robert Haile for taking the lead on this track build. He has been working hard for almost a year to build a great track.

Speaking of track, I’m sure everyone would like some track info. This will be a shared track with a mini cutoff. Long course is 7 miles and short course is currently 3 miles. Mini track is pretty tame, LC flows well with a couple dry creek crossings. The start will be kind of neat with a corkscrew style start, up and over a hill, and a quarter mile of pavement. This will be a spectator friendly course with them being able to see the racers across the lake in multiple sections. It will be super spectator friendly to anyone on a boat! Also there are a couple of sections where the trail is close to the lake shore. In these areas please stay on the track. This is for your safety. There are beaver stumps in the tall grass off to the sides of the track.

For this round we would like to thank Easy Lay Liners LLC for their support and providing over 150 awards for this race.

We will not have a special event this race as we’d rather give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the lake. Of course, DO NOT take your bikes, quads, or SXS’s into the lake. It is only for swimming or boating. PLEASE RESPECT STROUD’s BEAUTIFUL LAKE. Absolutely no riding on the damn. No tearing up the grass in nicely mowed areas. The marked track is fair game. Other than that, let’s show Stroud what the people of OCCRA are about.

Concession is being provided by the Stroud Fire Department, and all proceeds go to support their efforts. This is a great opportunity to support the guys and gals that keep this town safe, and put their community first. Let’s show them OCCRA hospitality and be sure to support them this weekend.

Lastly, I believe that if you put Stroud Lake in your GPS it should give you directions. Stroud has one gas station that sells 100% real gas. It is located on the east end of main street across from the Rock Cafe.

As always, if you’re concerned about any weather if we have any, be sure to Call Before You Haul and we will see you all in just over a week at ROUND 9!!!

Nominate Yourself for a 2020 Officer Position

We’re looking for some awesome individuals to take on officer roles for the 2020 race season.  As you all know, OCCRA is a member-led club where a handful of folks step forward each year to donate their time so that we can all enjoy riding, racing and camping.  Unlike many jobs, what we are looking for in officers is simply motivation and desire.  Officers bring their own touch to each position and that’s why we get a unique experience this year.  Is this your year??  Check out the descriptions of the positions below.  Other than the position of President, experience is not necessary.  We’re looking for desire and willingness to learn, help and strive to make OCCRA a great place for all members.

  • President – The President shall provide general leadership and be the primary spokesperson for the club. He shall have fiduciary powers to act on behalf of the association. He shall conduct regular officer’s meetings as well as race-day rider’s meetings.
  • Vice-President – The Vice-President shall serve as the acting President and assume the duties of the President in his absence at any club function or officer meeting. The Vice-President shall serve as the Club Recorder for any race season business. He shall take and keep the minutes of any Officer’s meetings, and submit them to the Board Secretary. He shall serve as the Editor-in-Chief of the club newsletter and prepare said publication in a timely fashion. In the absence of the Board Treasurer, he shall collect all monies and fees and keep an accurate account thereof.
  • Race Director – The Race Director shall be responsible for conducting the race. He shall serve as the chief Referee, resolving all protests, and assigning penalties for various rules violations. He shall be responsible for designating work assignments for supervising track workers the day of the race. Upon completion of the course by the Track Director, he shall conduct a final inspection and review of the track to ensure proper markings and layout, and to identify worker positions and assignments.
  • Scoring & Membership Director – The Scoring & Membership Director shall direct the scoring of the races. He shall post scores and lap times for view by racers. He shall record an official account of the points and placings of each race prior to the next race. He shall hold an accounting of total points for year-end awards. He shall enroll all members and maintain the official record of club membership. He shall coordinate collection of race entry fees and race sign-ups. He shall assign race numbers to riders and assign riders to the various classes. He shall direct the Scorekeeper as his assistant to effect the scoring of the race.
  • Track Director – The Track Director shall be responsible for track layout and design. He shall cause a crew of club members to cut trail, lay out course, and mark track under his direction and to his specifications. The track shall be designed with safety in mind, and to be negotiable by all levels of rider. He shall work closely with the Race Director to effect these ends.
  • Equipment Manager – The Equipment Manager shall be responsible for transporting club equipment to the race site, and for transporting it back to storage after the race. He shall be responsible for the set-up and take-down of the score chute area, sign-in area, and line-up area. He shall serve as the caretaker of all club equipment and shall conduct proper maintenance and upkeep on equipment between races and during the off-season.
  • Mini Director – The Mini Director shall establish and effect a program of racing for children and youngsters. He shall design and lay out the Mini course, and oversee the running and scoring of the event.
  • Mini Track Director – The Mini Track Director coordinates with the Mini Director and lays out and coordinates the building of the track for the mini program.  This position should be interested in designing a creative and challenging track for our young riders.
  • Work Director – Manages and determines work assignments for members that have signed up to work a race.  Checks workers in and out.  Reports work completion to Scoring Director for points credit.  Ensures that trouble spots are manned.
  • Marketing Director – Manages communication through website blogs (news), social media, race flyers and newsletters (coordinating with VP).  Coordinates purchase and distribution of race plaques.  Uses media (photography, video, etc.) to publicize events and create post-race write-ups.  Ensures that sponsors, partners and venues are recognized in communications when appropriate.  Submits content for the website to ensure that the website is information rich and up-to-date.  This position is perfect for a person that loves to use social media and communicate with the world.  Your job is to let the world know how much fun racing is!
  • Sponsorship & Contingency Director – Sponsorships help OCCRA thrive and keep costs down by bringing in assistance from the community.  Contingencies help attract racers to the series and also helps racers with the cost of participation.  This individual is responsible for reaching out to the community to find series and event level sponsorship.  The position also seeks out contingency program opportunities and submits race results to the programs in which we participate.  This is another position that is great for an individual that likes to talk to others and tell them about how awesome the race program is.
  • Special Events & Banquet Coordinator – If you think the OCCRA experience is more than just racing, then this position is definitely for you!  The Special Events and Banquet Coordinator plans extra curricular events on race weekends such as after hours activities, cookouts, etc.  Coordinates all aspects of the awards banquet including sponsors, staffing, schedule, ticket taking, printed materials, presentations, giveaways and awards.

Nomination Form

Please only nominate yourself.  If you know someone that is good for a position, though, do not hesitate to reach out to them and encourage them to apply!!

Let us know what you're interested in! You don't have to be an expert yet - we'll show you the ropes and then you can add your own flair to your position.
Please let the members know why you wish to run for the position you selected.

***ROUND 1 at FRY LAKE***

Racers, we are almost at the summer break. We all have to admit. It has been a crazy season, with plenty of challenges thanks to the weather, but it is finally time for Round 1!!!!!!

We are excited to finally get to race Fry Lake in Seminole, OK this coming weekend, June 29th-30th. We would like to thank Dave Campbell for being such a great supporter of OCCRA, not only f0r letting us race on his land but also for being our Chaplain as well.

We would also like to thanks Ajax Motorsports for their continued support of the OCCRA series, and of them providing over 150 awards this round.

This round we will have Mona’s Rose of Sharonback for our food vendor, so be sure to show them you support. And if you were at Round 7, be sure to give them an extra thank for grilling for us all afternoon while we all waited out the flood waters.

Saturday evening the there will be a special event, and this round it is Water Balloon Supercross. This will take place at 6:00pm at the motocross track. There will be several classes: Mini bike, Big Bike, Mini Quad, Big Quad. All ages/skill level welcome. Be sure to get in on this fun and wet event.

Following Water Balloon Supercross, be sure to attend the Bible Study at the scoring trailer at 7:30pm. We want to thank the Bible study leaders we have each week, as well as the small but loyal group of attendees.

We will see everyone this weekend. As always, visitwww.occra.com/races/2019-rd01/ for the latest information. And as always, CALL BEFORE YOU HAUL 405-390-5227.


***Round 7 Announcement***Please share***

***Round 7 Announcement***Please share***

Hopefully by now, everyone has seen Cole William’s post earlier in the week about Round 7 and possible race locations changes. Well, the inevitable has happened and we are changing race locations for Round 7.

Due to soaked ground and the potential rain this week, we are not able to race Pleasant Valley Farms, so at this point in time we will return to Skiatook for “Williams Ranch XC: The Return to Gooberville!” For those of you that raced here at Round 6, I have been informed that we will be making some track changes and skipping the large creek crossings that flooded at Round 6.

Round 7 is sponsored by Lampton Welding Supply, so we would like to thank them for their support and for providing over 150 awards for this round.

Food vendor this round will be Mona’s Rose of Sharon. We continue to have good feedback from their food and their hospitality, and we appreciate them being a loyal vendor.

We will have a special event on Saturday evening at 6:00pm. This round we will have training wheel and Strider bike races for the kids. There will be multiple classes for different age groups, so bolt on the training wheels and bring those Striders and meet around the scoring trailer at 6:00pm.

GPS coordinates are 36.438007, -95.97296.

As always, be sure to visit www.occra.com/races/2019-rd07/ for the latest news and info, as it should be updated soon.

CALL BEFORE YOU HAUL 405-390-5227 and we will see you next weekend at Round 7 at Williams Ranch XC: The Return to Gooberville!!!

Update on Pleasant Valley Farms Rd 7

Update on Pleasant Valley Farms Rd 7

June 22nd and 23rd

The weather this week has been amazing however the forecast for next week is showing rain. We are 10 days away so no one can really predict how it’s going to go. David Brown will be down there this weekend building track. Get with him if you know anyone willing to help. We also need someone to mow the parking area. This year will probably be the same as last year as a last minute decision of wether we can race there or not. The parking area is the type that holds moisture and even though the track could be fine, the wrong amount of rain at the wrong time can cause parking problems. We want to keep everyone’s stuff in the best shape possible. Even though our race machines are built for it, our vehicles might not be. So that being said, In the event that we have to make a last minute decision, Williams Ranch (due to similar location and the ability to handle more rain) will be ready. In the case of huge amounts of rain we will have Baldwin Ranch available. If neither of those are able to hold a race then we will use our 2nd rain date that is 10/12/19. If we can’t race the PVF location as scheduled this time it will come off the schedule for this year due to their planting schedule. Hopefully all goes well and we can race this amazing venue with amazing weather. We haven’t tapped into the full potential of this property yet and David Brown is looking to have an 8 mile track this year. We want to thank our gracious landowners for allowing us to have options and letting us race. IF we have to change anything we apologize for any inconvenience and we will get updates out ASAP. Our goal as officers is to provide safe and the highest quality of races possible. Thank you.

Next Race (Schedule Change): Rd 8 at Red Rock XC (Hinton)

Rd 8 Flyer

See full revised schedule: //www.occra.com/2019-race-schedule/

Round 8 at Red Rock XC;Part 2 is just days away. We’d like to start by thanking Shawnee Honda Polaris Kawasaki for sponsoring this round and providing over 150 plaques.

This round we’d like to welcome back Mona’s Rose of Sharon as our food vendor. Be sure to show them your support and get some great food. Bible study will take place on Saturday evening at the scoring trailer at 7:30pm.

There will not be a special event this round, so we apologize for that. We will resume next round with a Saturday evening event.

As always, please share this post. Be sure to visitwww.occra.com/races/2019-rd08/ for the additional information. Also, approx. GPS coordinates are as follows:
35.4604867, -98.4124877

Thank you all and we will see you at Round 8 at Hinton.


We recently got word that Pleasant Valley Farms is underwater, there is no bridge to get to the parking area, and the river has gone over its banks. So, we have no choice but to make race location changes. June 1st and 2nd we will be racing Round 8 at Red Rock XC in Hinton, OK. Then, Round 7 at Pleasant Valley Farms in Sand Springs, OK will be raced on June 22nd and 23rd.

We apologize for any inconvenience this creates, but after evaluating multiple options this is the one that we feel will work best.

Be watching Facebook for the race fliers, additional information, etc. Thank you, OCCRA members.

Ready to Rock Round 6 at Williams Ranch

Round 6 at Williams Ranch in Skiatook, OK is just days away, and we hope everyone is ready to go racing after having an extra week off. Speaking of the extra week off, all of us officers at OCCRA hope that all you race moms and grandmothers had a great weekend off to relax and spend time with you family and loved ones.

We would like to thank Cole Williams and the entire William’s family for letting us continue racing on their property. This is a great track year after year and is always a fun race. We would also like to thanks 3S Team LLC for their continued support, and for sponsoring this round and providing over 150 awards.

The food vendor this round is Big Black’s BBQ so be sure to show them your support and get some good BBQ.

Saturday evening will be the special event, and this round it will be Barrel Racing!!! You’ve seen this done on horses, but not as often on bikes and quads. This is sure to be a fun event for racers and spectators alike. It will begin at 6:00pm Saturday evening. Looks for the crowd and barrels set up for the location.

Following Barrel Racing, this weekends Bible Study will take place at 7:30pm at the scoring trailer, unless otherwise announced.

We also have a host hotel this weekend. Info as follows:
Quality Inn & Suites
7653 N Owasso Expressway
Owasso, OK
Sonny- General Manager
Tell them your with OCCRA
69.95 per night

GPS coordinates are 36.438007, -95.97296. For the latest information and additional details, visit www.occra.com/races/2019-rd06 and if weather is in question, be sure to Call Before You Haul at 405-390-5227.

New Gate Policy for Baldwin Ranch

ATTENTION RACERS!!! We are starting a new policy and we want to give it a try. For Rd5 Baldwin Ranch the gate will open at 3pm on Friday like normal, however we will be securing the property at midnight each night on race weekend And opening it up at 6am each morning. This will add some peace of mind for racers on the property. For 99% of you it won’t change anything, it’s just added security. For those that need in or out in an emergency you can send a message to the OCCRA Facebook page, or call or text 918-695-7270. Leave your name and number on the voicemail or text message and we will get back to you.

Round 5 at Baldwin Ranch Info

Round 5 at Baldwin Ranch is just days away. We would like to start by thanking Cannon Racecraft for sponsoring this round, and providing all the awards. If you’re looking for someone to do suspension work, engine work, or powder-coating, be sure to pay them a visit.

This round we welcome back Mona’s Rose of Sharon as our food vendor. Be sure to show them your support and get some great good form them. Racer favorite is “The Mess” for breakfast, and their “Pickle-O’s” are amazing as well.

We have a few special events this round. First, we have a Side-By-Side race on Saturday at 3:00pm, following the short course vintage races and before practice. Be sure to look at the new times on the schedule this round due to that race. Secondly, we will be having a Relay Race on Saturday evening at 6:30pm, so be sure to come join in the fun event.

As always, Bible Study will take place at 7:30pm, and be sure to find Cole Williams or Dave Campbellfor the location, or ask an officer and they can get you that info.

In addition, thanks to Batman Bailey for providing a sight lap of this track, so be sure to check it out at the link below.

As always, be sure to visit the OCCRA page for additional information and details, and we will see you at Round 5 this weekend.



SxS Racing at Baldwin Ranch

Special race at Baldwin Ranch Round 5. We are going to have a SXS race on Saturday afternoon at Baldwin Ranch. The details and rules are as follows:

Saturday afternoon at 3:00pm
Bike practice will being at 4:00pm
$5 temp membership
$50 entry fee
3 classes: turbo, 1000, 900 and below
Helmet, goggles, and seat belt required
Fire extinguisher required
Harness and fire suit recommended
Payout will be 100% to top 1/3 in each class

I know this is a little late of a notice. Please share to all you SXS friends. If you own one, bring it. If your neighbor owns one, borrow it. If your local dealer has one, go finance it, and get out here this weekend for some fun.

Rd 4 Race Announcement

Attention Racers!!! Sorry for the short notice but we are making a race decision. We are not cancelling but we are ending ALL race activities for Saturday following the Vintage short course races. NO Saturday bike practice!! The track is CLOSED following the vintage bike races.

Sunday, we will begin practice at 7:00am as scheduled, but we will allow an extra hour for practice and will begin racing at 9:45am. Church and riders meeting will begin at 9:00am.

Again, sorry for the short notice, but as we speak the rain is heavy, the wind is strong, and the track needs some repairs. Everyone here at the race stay dry and enjoy a night in the campers. We will see everyone bright and early Sunday morning.

Rush to Rush Springs for Round 4

Round 4 at Pettijohn’s Off-Road Park in Rush Springs, OK is just days away, and we are very excited about several special events this weekend. First, we would like to thank Anthony Standard and ServiceMaster Restore for sponsoring this round.

Pettijohn’s Off-Road Park offers a mix of XC and MX on a fast and fun track, and we want to thank Victoria Pettijohn and Billie Pettijohn for opening up their property to host this race.

I mentioned special events this round, and we have 3 things we would like to share and ask all racers and fans to support this round.

1st, Rick Smith, with support from Ajax Motorsports, are hosting a special fundraiser to support one of our own racers, Rick Swanda, #758. Rick Swanda is in need for a liver transplant. They will have Breakfast, Burgers, Hot Dogs, and Drinks all weekend at the AJAX Motorsports trailer. In addition, they will have raffle tickets available for lots of great giveaways!! ALL PROCEEDS GO TO RICK SWANDA.

2nd, Team Autism is hosting a fund raiser on Saturday and Sunday. They will be selling cookies, Brownies, Cinnamon Rolls, Ice Cold Milk, Etc.This will take place at the Team Autism Canopy. ALL PROCEEDS TO TO TEAM AUTISM.

Lastly, on Saturday evening at 6:00pm there is be Water Balloon Supercross. This event will take place on the MX track, so be sure to be in the area prior to the event for fun event for all riders.

Bible Study will take place on Saturday evening at 7:30pm. If you are unsure of the location, be sure to ask an officer and they can get the details to you.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week at Pettijohn’s Off-Road Park. As always, be sure to visit www.occra.com/races/2019-rd04 for the latest race info, and if the weather looks concerning be sure to Call Before You Haul at 405-390-5227.

Get Directions: 2019 Rd 4 at Rush Springs


Gruber Up Next!

With Round 2 in the books, we are now 5 days away from Round 3 at Gruber ORV Park in Braggs, OK. For all you racers that love the rocks, this track is for you!

We are happy to have BluewaterOKC as the round sponsor, so special thanks to them for their continued support of OCCRA racing.

This round we are privileged to have Mona’s Rose of Sharon as our food vendor, so be sure to pay them a visit for breakfast and lunch. Be sure to get The Mess for breakfast, approved by Cole Williams! It’s his favorite!!!

Saturday evening we have having our traditional OCCRA on Saturday Night @ 6:30pm. Burgers are provided by OCCRA and hot dogs are provided courtesy of Lampton Welding. We ask that everyone bring a side and/or
dessert to share. Also, bring your own beverages and chairs. Following the Potluck will be Bible Study at 7:30pm.

In addition, we have a host hotel for this round. LaQuinta Inn at 1701 N. 32nd Street, Muskogee, OK. Call 1-918-913-9541to make your reservation.
Room rates: $72.00+tax
Tell them you are with OCCRA.
Just FYI: It’s not real trailer friendly but most of the hotels in Muskogee are not.

As always, you can get the latest round info as well as driving directions at www.occra.com/races/2019-rd03.

If you’re ever in doubt of weather conditions and race status, Call Before You Haul. 405-390-5227

Everyone have a great week and we will see you March 30-31 at Gruber for Round 3.

2019 Round 1 at Fry Lake POSTPONED

As you all know already, the forecast for the weekend is less than ideal. After conversing with the landowner and discussing conditions and risks, we have decided to postpone Round 1. Please stay tuned for schedule updates. We appreciate everyone’s patience and hope that you are able to stay safe, dry and warm this weekend!

Online Membership Now Available for Individual Memberships

Hey guys! Super cool announcement! Read all the way to the bottom!! We have been working hard and have tested and tested, and now we have an online signup option for SINGLE memberships. This is only for SINGLE memberships at the moment. We are still working to make it available for family memberships but we aren’t there yet. So here’s what you do.

  1. Click the link below or go to the getting started page on the OCCRA website.
  2. There are 3 pages to fill out: membership, payment, waiver. You must do all 3.
  3. When you have completed all 3 you’ll be sent to a page that says congrats!
  4. You will get 3 Confirmation emails. Yep, you guessed it! 1 for membership, 1 for payment, and 1 for waiver. If you don’t get one of the emails we will probably be contacting you.
  5. Be patient, do NOT click the payment button more than once. If you do then I get a bonus! It will charge you twice, or how ever big of a bonus you want to give me. (Coleman)
  6. You will have a copy of all of your documents in digital format and so will we!
  7. Double-check all of your information because this will be whats on your year end awards and the email we submit to Rocky Mountain for race gas cards.

Here is the link! Have a blessed day and get ready for rd 1 at Fry Lake!



Early Registration Opportunity at Honda of Tulsa

Come and save 15% on parts and accessories at Honda of Tulsa (4926 E 21st St, Tulsa, OK 74114) when you sign up for your 2019 OCCRA membership! Early membership registration at Honda of Tulsa will be on February 16th from 11-3. Bring your Fly bucks for special discounts!

2018 Rules Meeting Recap

Below are the rule submissions that were considered at this year’s annual meeting along with outcomes and explanations.

  1. Via GoPro Footage or occra official eyewitness If caught cutting Track automatic DQ for that race if caught again automatic DQ from the series Cut and dry no gray areas no excuses

    Culled and member not present.  DQ is OCCRA’s harshest penalty and is generally reserved for extreme circumstances.  A DQ not only counts as a zero, but also cannot serve as a drop.  Officers will continue to try to improve track layout to reduce opportunities for intentional cutting and address with penalties.

  2. Pro payout 200% OR make the pro entry the same as all other classes. Paying extra is not fair when the payout is capped at $210 and you only leave with $150 and having to race at such a higher level. Also if the payout is better more pros will come which is good for spectators and kids to watch and learn and it raises the skills of the whole club by learning new speeds

    Member Not Present.

  3. 2019 Rule Proposal Change for Pro Payout

    For the 2019 season I propose that OCCRA increases the Pro Payout. Right now, the series has the pay capped at $210. I don’t think there should be a cap at all, more racers should mean better Payout. Racing against more people should be rewarded. If OCCRA wants to attract more Pros, which would ultimately bring more racers across the board, they need to raise their Payout. The lack of pay is hurting the Pro turnout. I think an increase in the pay chart would attract riders from outside of our current series circle. Attracting riders from outside of the OCCRA series should be a priority to the series. Getting more riders will lead to
    better and faster competition which will raise the level of riding of all individuals racing. Just from my personal experience racing the OCCRA Series, I have often missed Occra races and traveled out of state because other series in the surrounding states where having a bigger payout. When they host these Bigger Payout races they attract racers from several states. As a racer, I would love to be able to race the Occra series and know that I am racing the best riders in the Midwest Region. OCCRA is simply missing out on riders and not providing us racers with better competition. If OCCRA chooses not to make a significant change to Pro Payout, I for see the quad numbers will continue to drop. Make some changes, reward your Pro riders, and Lets get the Occra Series numbers of riders up.

    Solution Ideas

    * Remove the $210 Cap on Pro Payout, with the increase in riders
    * Change payback policy to 40% of class gets payback up to 5th place
    * Increase minimum payback for 1st place to $310-400
    * Have a One to Two Big Race Events a year with $500-1000 payouts

    Submitter agreed after discussion to accept the proposal by Cole (listed next), as it met most of the suggestions.

  4. I propose the following change to the pro payout. I’ve been wanting to change this for years. I see now there is interest in changing it from pro riders. I would like to offer my 2 cents. The following would include:
    1. Make pros able to earn higher payouts based on attendance with basically no cap to payout amount.
    2. OCCRA would be able to invest less money.
    3. Payout structure is more fair and rewarding.
    4. My layout has 9 payout levels, the current chart has 8, so not much room will be added to the rulebook.

    This will need to be made into a chart style if passed.

    1 rider 1st $210
    2 riders 1st $285
    3-4 riders 1st $285 2nd $60
    5-6 riders 1st $285 2nd $100
    7-9 riders 1st $350 2nd $150 3rd $60
    10-14 riders 1st $400 2nd $200 3rd $100
    15-19 riders 1st $500 2nd $300 3rd $100
    20-24 riders 1st $600 2nd $350 3rd $150 4th $100
    25+ 1st $900 2nd $350 3rd $150 4th $100

    PASSED.  Officers will also seek opportunities for periodic larger purses via sponsorship.

  5. Colored backgrounds or numbers for the different classes so it’s easier for younger ones to identify those not in their class.

    Member not present.

  6. Why does the 85 class go before the 65 classes the 85 tears up the course alot more the the 65’s

    Member not present.  However this operational change may be considered by the officers.  The current order is designed to allow the 85 racers more break before the long course races.**

  7. Add 30+A, 40+ Intermediate Proposals

    Culled.  Adding additional classes without known riders to fill them would thin existing classes and jeopardize competition and contingencies.  However, officers will consider adding new classes if need is demonstrated during the season.

  8. Add 65cc Girls Class

    Not present.

  9. In the spirit of competition, I propose to change the age classes of womens short course quad to an A and B class. The purpose of the reorganization a few years ago was so that when you line up, you dont automatically know who is going to win. There are different levels of riders in both 30+ and womens SC and both have quick riders and slower riders. I would like to see these be speed based classes rather than age to foster competition and put rider levels in the same speed category. We all ride the same time and the same track anyway, so age shouldn’t matter so much as how fast you are.


  10. I propose that OCCRA add a temp $10 membership for the entire year. (this could be discounted after the break or for any co-sanctions or special events). This membership will act as our current temp memberships do:
    1. It would be active on a per weekend basis.
    2. It would allow for any weekend awards and results, but no series points.
    3. It would allow riders to try OCCRA for a slightly cheaper cost. (maybe getting a couple more riders.)
    4. It could help keep 1 or 2 time racers out of year end points calculations.


  11. If a rider enters a class after the summer break, they will be eligible for the individual race award (1st, 2nd etc), but will not be awarded series points and/or overall points, unless approved by a 100% vote of the current race officers.


  12. To be added to team quad race rules: both members of the team must work the same weekend for year end points. This was an issue and there were teams where both members did not work. One member was allowed to work for the team, and I do not think this is fair to the other teams who both members worked.


  13. I propose combining Quad Team A and B.

    Passed.  If numbers return and justify, class can be re-split.

  14. Quad Team Class Requirements
    In the spirit of creating the team class it was intended that it be a team event. I want to add the rule that both racers must attempt a lap but this will further regulate a “fun” class. In the instance Team A only has 1 quad and rider 1 breaks down before rider 2 gets to attempt a lap TEAM A would be DQ’ed which is not my intention. I only ask that wording be added to something of this effect. “The team race is to be considered a team event in all aspect of rules on the class.” I would want it implied TEAM A would work as a team and race as a team and not as individuals. This class has enough rules and I don’t want to add one but the spirit of the class should remain as a team.


  15. I propose all age based classes be off of the racers age as of Jan 1st of that year. This matches the minis and short course rules. This also will prevent the temptation of someone moving classes mid season which causes more work for scoring, and a problem if it is missed.


  16. 2 hour (A)race or 50 miles. (+ 2 other similar ones)

    Culled.  Race time has been changed back and forth in each of the last two years.  Changes to A/B race times could be considered, but has hurdles due to current setup of promotions, class transfers and software limitations.

  17. I propose to change the rules for the O-YAA awards. The way they are calculated is outdated and most schools do not use these standards any more. I propose to change them to: A=4 pts., B= 3 pts., C = 2pts., D = 1 pt., For schools that grade on S/U….S+= 4 pt., S=3 pt., S-= 2 pt., U= 0 pt. For classes that are Pass-Fail, Pass = pt., Fail = 0 pts. For schools that grade on Standards based grading, 2 state-licensed educators that are Club members, appointed by the race officers of that respective year, will make any point-decisions for those grade cards. All grade cards and-or transcripts should be submitted to the Vice President by November 1st for year end award eligibility.

    Passed with removal of “that are club members”

  18. I propose the membership price change from $30 single/$50 family to $25 for every member. This change would cause quite a few changes.
    1. Single members would get a discount.
    2. While 2 member family’s price would not change, this would increase the membership cost for any family with 3 or more members.
    3. This would allow for online membership signup.
    4. This would allow for accurate cost tracking of membership money.
    5. This would begin the process to get to the ability to have online race registration.


Number Reservations Now Open

Hello OCCRA Racers!!! The 2019 season is fast approaching, and we are pleased to announce that number reservations are now open. With that said, there are 2 things that are very important…

1. If you raced last season and are staying in the same class, please do not reserve a number. You already have your current number reserved.
2. Please wait to order your graphics until you receive an email confirming your number reservation.

Visit the following link to reserve your number. Thanks.



Banquet Information for Tomorrow

Racers and fans!!! Get ready for an awesome evening of awards and prizes celebrating the 2018 OCCRA season! The banquet is on as scheduled. Please dress warm and drive safe.
Also note. Early signups are postponed due to an online signup feature coming in the near future. We will be having number reservations ONLY, from 4-5. No helmet needed and no money since your ONLY requesting a number. Don’t forget the rules meeting starts at 1pm tomorrow and the submission form closes at 5pm tonight! The doors open at about 530 with the banquet dinner starting around 545.
 — feeling excited at Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center.

More info: //www.occra.com/events/2018banquet/

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