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Last Early Sign-Up Opportunity at Altus Motorsports!

Join us this Saturday, February 15th from 10-2 at Altus Motorsports for our last 2020 early membership sign up opportunity. We have been signing up so many new bike and quad riders in addition to existing members which is extremely exciting. We hope everyone has been getting the opportunity to go practice because it looks like there there will be plenty of competition this year.

So, why sign up early?

  1. Get your numbers locked in.
  2. Take advantage of the all new Gate Pass ONLY available at early sign ups. LAST CHANCE IS THIS SATURDAY!
  3. Sign up for Fly Contingency, your chance at FREE gear.
  4. Avoid potentially long lines at Rd.1 in Seminole.
  5. Generous discounts off of parts & accessories (see store for details).
  6. Drop your bike off for pre-season maintenance.

Looking forward to seeing our Shawnee area racers this Saturday.

Altus Motorsports
2116 E Broadway St
Altus, OK 73521

1 click directions:

Opt In to Text Message Updates

Your race club is always listening to ideas and looking for new ways to keep racers informed. We are rolling out a new way to stay connected for convenience and safety if you choose to OPT in.

If you OPT in to our new texting services we will not “spam you” but you can expect reminders prior to each race with important information including 1 click directions to the track making it easier to find us. We will also be using it in the event of a race cancellation, special events etc. You can OPT out at anytime by texting “STOP”. Here is how you OPT in:

Text raceoccra to 84483 for anyone other than mini’s.

Text occramini to 84483 for mini’s.

FYI, when you OPT in, you will receive a text from Rainedout which is our text service provider including legal info. After the initial sign up message, it will just be OCCRA info.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about the 2020 race season which is just over 1 month away.

Early Sign Up Information

There seems to be a lot of energy within the club heading into the 2020 season! Quite a few racers have been reaching out and asking how they can secure their race numbers for their proper class. We are excited to announce 4 early sign up opportunities in addition to the January 18th Awards Banquet.
Top reasons to take advantage of early membership sign up:
1. The all new Gate Pass will save you money and is only available at early sign ups.
2. Generous discounts are being offered to OCCRA members at each of the 4 locations (ask each location for details).
3. Avoid potential lines at Round 1 when everyone else is registering.
4. Once you complete your 2020 membership enrollment at the early sign ups, your race number is secure.
5. You can drop your machine off for service or pick up any parts and gear you need.

Here are a few notes on how your race numbers are secured. If you raced with OCCRA in the last season and are staying in the same class, your number is secure through Round 1 at Seminole unless your class is revised or you are promoted to a different class. On occasion classes are revised which may change the overall numbering of your class. These revisions typically are decided on the day of the banquet, that’s why early membership registration is unavailable until 3pm the day of the banquet.
In the event you cannot make it to an early sign up, we will gladly get you registered at your first race.
Here are your 2020 pre-season membership enrollment opportunities:
Ajax Motorsports Saturday, January 25th from 10-2
Tulsa Motorsports Saturday, February 1st from 11-3
Shawnee Honda Saturday, February 8th from 10-2
Altus Motorsports Saturday, February 15th from 10-2

OCCRA membership will be cash or check only. Sorry but we will not be set up to accept credit cards.

Submitted Rule Proposals for 2020 Season

This post will be updated from time to time to show new rule proposals that have been submitted.  New proposals will be added to the top of the list.

Feel free to discuss these rules in the OCCRA Facebook group:

*Updated 1/1/2019

Name: D.J. Blair


I propose to change the mini 85 race from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Right now the kids race a 50, 65, and 85 at 30 minutes. When they move up to long course they race 90 minutes. I think they should get more race time as they get older and move up classes.

Name: Matthew McCollum


I propose a new rule for minis that involves parents not shadow your child if he or she races in the (a line or b line) of the minis all classes 50,65,85. The reason for this new rule is to allow the children to have a fair race with one another and be more independent and allow room for other races and so he or she runs there’re own race. I think that if a child has promoted them self’s or has been done by scoring then it’s time for them to be on there own and lean more on the sweepers for help or bystandards and in my raising of 2 races once they have began and were in the c classes as a 50 and 65 I do see a possible need for a parent to shadow and do not see a need to take that away due to a beginner rider that may not be comfortable with there machine just yet I do not see a problem if a parent wishes to shadow there child in (c classes) only, also this rule doesn’t stop if a parent is working the entire day but a do feel that if your sweeping you should pay attention to all races not just your child. I have the upmost conference in my child’s ability and I think everyone should but if your following the racer and are at they’re side then when is that fair to the others parents aren’t racing in those classes and by shadowing you might as well race for your child that’s my opinion hope to see this new rule for this Upcoming season!

Name: Loncie Tucker


I would like to propose that we develop a 40+ intermediate class.
This would ease the mind of those members that had to be bumped from the amateur into the intermediate that they would still be racing in the same age group.

Name: Emily Cohlmia


I would like to propose that Officers , regardless of whether or not they race at least one race, are full members in good standing, as long as their monetary dues are paid and membership, liability forms are signed. Currently, we have more than one officer that were not able to be a voting member because of this rule. I think that officers, due to their position, are competent and aware of what is going on in the club, and are able to make informed voting decisions…..actually, more so than racing members, even, in most cases.

Name: Allen Aboujeib

**Withdrawn at request of author**


The following rule proposal is intended to solve several challenges that quads and bikes sharing tracks have on each other as well as create opportunities to unite bike and quad riders. We all just want to have fun but quads leave a significantly larger footprint on most tracks than bikes. In no way is this rule proposal meant to be taken as a strike against quads, quite opposite actually. In a time where quad races are fading and being eliminated across the nation, this proposal is in an effort to prevent that from happening with OCCRA.
OCCRA has about 25 total Long Course (LC) quads that race on any given weekend but still make the bike track very difficult to enjoy since bikes always go after quads. Quads and bikes have very different impacts on trails. Bikes at just about any experience level cannot get a flow or rhythm going since they are crossing back and forth over dual ruts as an example.
Whether racers, parents of racers or spectators are willing to admit it or not, there is a rivalry feud between quads and bikes largely because of the impact quads have on tracks from my research efforts over the last few years. There is very little opportunity for quad and bike riders to meet, ride together or hang out since most quads are driving home Saturday afternoon before bikes even show up for practice. I believe the following proposed shared practice and 3 main events on Sunday will change this. By accepting this rule proposal the only foreseeable resistance to this would be a very small portion of the club rearranging their schedule.
The Rule:  
All Short Course (SC) and Mini courses would be on Saturday. Sunday would be 3 Long Course (LC) main events with Quads always being the last race of the weekend (A/B/X, or B/A/X).
All LC machines (A/B/X) would have shared practice Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning during normal big bike practice times. I would imagine quad racers would be excited about additional practice time. With the last several years of consistently low LC quad racers the shared practice should not have enough of an impact to negatively affect bikes, nor bikes affecting quads.
The key part of this rule that should not be compromised is that LC quads will be the last race of the weekend to be effective.

Name: Donn Coffman


1. Move Amateur (700s) up to the 400 or 500 line. The 700s are much faster as a whole than the 500s or 600s.2. Combine 50+intermediate and the 60+expert classes. Last season the 50+ averaged only 4 riders and the 60+ averaged only 5 riders. Could be called 45+ or 50+ vet class.3. Move the long course quads to the last race on Sundays. The quads destroy the track.

Name: Emily Cohlmia


I propose to change this rule: ” Children under the age of 14 shall not be allowed to operate motorcycles, 4 wheelers, golf carts, or side-by-side utility vehicles, other than the vehicle they are racing, and only during their race or practice event and while traveling directly to and from those activities.”to “Children under the age of 16”.  There are several reasons for this:
1.  We have mini riders in the same class….some that are over 14 and some that are under 14.  This year, pit riding became a huge problem as kids were turning 14 and able to ride their race vehicle more than just to and from their event, per the rulebook.  These younger kids see their friends riding and then break rules to go ride with their friends.  Changing the age to 16 eliminates this problem and adds consistency because all of the mini riders will fall under the same rule regardless of when their birthday falls during the year.
2.  At 16, kids are able to be licensed drivers.  This is an appropriate age to be able to take more responsibility for safety, rather than at 14, which is not a licensed driving age.
3.  Just some statistics for you to add to the argument:  According to, more than 25% of fatalities involving atv’s happened to children under the age of 16.  Of the 2865 ATV fatalities last year of children under 16 years of age, 43% were under 12.  Nearly 75% of ATV crashes result in debilitating brain and spinal injury.  
Now…I know that we all know this is a dangerous sport and we take that risk to have fun, but let’s keep our kids safe by not creating additional unsafe situations by allowing the mini riders to pit ride.

Name: Emily Cohlmia


Currently the rule book states:  “Class changes are approved by the Score Chairman. Do NOT change your line-up position or OCCRA numbers without prior clearance.”   I would like to amend this to state “Class changes are approved by the Scoring Director only.  If a rider addresses a class change at the scoring trailer, the scoring staff will contact the Scoring Director to make the decision.  Do NOT change your line-up position or OCCRA numbers without prior clearance.  If a class is changed without clearance from the Scoring Director, the rider will lose the ability to carry their first three race times to their new class. “I had several issues this year with riders who did not clear changes with me, as the scoring director, which, in turn, caused a lot of problems within Mototally.  It caused a lot of frustration and confusion to some other riders, and I had people mad at me for an incident that I was not even privy to.

Name: Emily Cohlmia


I propose to add the rule:If a rider moves from B Long Course to A Long Course (bikes), Your overall points and/or times do not move with you.  I am only proposing this due to Mototally’s capabilities.  Mototally will not carry overall points from B to A.  I had several riders upset with me this year because of this situation.  We also had a situation where one rider may have qualified for A overall, even though he started in B classes at the beginning of the year.  Luckily, that rider did not complete the requirements for year end awards, or it would have been an issue.

Name: Emily Cohlmia


This proposal is to eliminate this from the rule book. Last year we ended the Team Quad A/B, so this rule is no longer needed. “Team Quad A/B is skill based. You must enroll into the class based off of the most experienced rider. This would also include your alternate. However, officer discretion can be used when a bike expert is used as an alternate for the quad amateur class. Example the bike expert has never been recognized as a quad racer other than serving as a team alternate. For 2019, Team Quad A & B will be combined due to poor attendance.”

Name: Emily Cohlmia


I propose to add this to the Quad Team Rules.  They are rather vague and this is just an attempt to make them a little more clear.
If a team member leaves the team, cannot race, etc. for the season, then their team alternate automatically becomes their new “regular” team member.  The team, then can appoint a new alternate for the remainder of the season, but the newly appointed alternate may not become the “regular” team member, unless in the event that a “regular” team member cannot race, leaves the team, etc.

Name: Emily Cohlmia


I propose to add this to the Quad Team Rules.  They are rather vague and this is just an attempt to make them a little more clear.
If a team member leaves the team, cannot race, etc. for the season, then their team alternate automatically becomes their new “regular” team member.  The team, then can appoint a new alternate for the remainder of the season, but the newly appointed alternate may not become the “regular” team member, unless in the event that a “regular” team member cannot race, leaves the team, etc.

Name: Emily Cohlmia


I propose that we change age calculations from “as of Jan. 1st” to “As of the first race of the season” for adult classes (long courses, Sat. bike race, and Women’s Short Course Quad–to exclude youth classes).  We changed this last year to match the mini’s, which states, “age as of Jan. 1st”.  We had several members, especially older members who had Feb. birthdays, had already turned a veteran class age requirement, but were not able to ride in that class the entire year.  This rule is beneficial to the young kids, to allow them to stay in the lower classes, but it has the reverse effect for adults.

Name: Emily Cohlmia


If a rider changes classes that requires a different machine, i.e.  Mini 50 moves to Mini 65, they may not take points or race times with them.  
1.  The biggest reason is that Mototally does not have this capability without really messing up others’ scores.  I dealt with this more than once this year and it was a nightmare to work around.
2.  It is not fair, in my opinion.  If a 50 goes to a 65, they would be taking times from a centrifugal clutch without having to shift to a bike that has a clutch and has to shift, so the 50 that is moving up has this advantage, while also has a disadvantage of engine size.  It just isn’t a fair comparison and should not punish those who started out the year in the 65 class, for example.  
3.  50’s have shorter tracks a lot of times, so it is impossible to match times and laps when they aren’t running the same course.This should also apply to adult classes, i.e. if you start in a sport quad class, and you want to move to the utility quad class, it is not a fair comparison in machines, which in turn doesn’t make it a fair comparison in times.

2020 Complete Race Schedule!

The 2020 OCCRA Officers are proud to present the race schedule for the 2020 season!  We think that we have an excite slate of events for you that mixes in locations from all around Oklahoma and dabbles in a large variety of terrain.  There is truly something for everyone here, and if you think you’ve seen it all, then we have a couple of new spots for you as well.  Check out the schedule below and we will, of course, post more photos and details as tracks and event schedules begin to take shape.  Until then, let’s get those machines ready for 2020 and hope for a great season!

Round 1 (2/29-3/1)– Strothers XC in Seminole, OK

Strothers XC is a brand new location for 2020 and is going to feature good flowing, tight woods, some creek and log crossing and a drag race to the finish!  This track is centrally located in Seminole, OK, and will be a great warm-up for the season with it’s fun and diverse track.

Round 2 (3/21-3/22)– Gruber XC in Braggs, OK

Gruber ORV Park is no stranger to the OCCRA schedule and those that have raced it in recent years know that it’s not all about the rocks.  The Gruber team has expanded the parking area in recent years and worked hard to introduce flowing trails along with some scenic track.  Rock hounds can rejoice, but there’s plenty of good dirt in between!

Round 3 (4/4-4/5)– Baldwin Ranch in Indiahoma, OK

We dive to the southwest for Round 3 and change to a very open and fast track.  You’ll satisfy your need for speed, while also getting to cross some creeks, weave through woods and launch off some ski jumps.

Round 4 (4/18-4/19)– Williams Ranch in Skiatook, OK

Round 4 heads back to Green Country for the track that brings you a little of everything – Williams Ranch!  This track gives everyone a chance to shine, with creek crossings, open sections, hill climbs, rocks and an occasional surprise.

Round 5 (5/2-5/3)– Make Promises Happen in Guthrie, OK

MPH is back for 2020 and will once again be a charity race!  All proceeds from Round 5 will benefit the Make Promises Happen program at Central Christian Camp.  This centrally-located track offers some diverse terrain, but is well-known for it’s tight flowing trails and abundance of sand.  This track is very spectator friendly and a real treat to camp at, so bring the whole family for this charitable event.

Round 6 (5/16-5/17)– Pettijohn’s Offroad in Rush Springs, OK

We’re keeping you on your toes by heading back southwest for a return visit to Pettijohn’s.  This is the track for our MX lovers as Pettijohn’s features a full, but friendly, motocross track integrated into the race course.  Outside of that, you will find ravines, hill climbs and some fun straightaways.

Round 7 (5/30-5/31)– Fry Lake in Seminole, OK

We round out the first half of the season by visiting Fry Lake in Seminole, OK.  Dave Campbell and his team always have a great track laid out for us that really includes just about everything – light MX, creek crossings, rocks, hill climbs and drops, sand, logs…you get the idea!  This is also a great camping spot with lots of room to spread out.

Summer break!

Round 8 (8/22-8/23)– Stroud Lake in Stroud, OK

Stroud joined the OCCRA circuit in 2019 and did not fail to impress!  Stroud Lake offered an absolutely wonderful camping area with lots of activities for families while the races went on!  The track is challenging with rich soil, elevation change and some high speed asphalt fun.  Throw your fishing gear and swim trunks in with your race machines for a full weekend of fun!

Round 9 (9/5-9/6)– Big Fox Run in Cameron, OK

Big Fox Run has become our Labor Day fun weekend.  Make it a three day trip and enjoy a great camping area with a very unique track.  Spectators can see a lot as racers tackle a track with high speed sections, woods, loose uphills and the dizzyingly fun roller coaster section.

Round 10 (9/19-9/20)– Lake Murray State Park in Ardmore, OK

After a long hiatus, OCCRA returns to Ardmore for a race at Lake Murray!  More details are to come later as we finalize the plans for the track, but you can definitely expect some sandy fun from OCCRA’s long-awaited return to southern Oklahoma.

Round 11 (10/3-10/4)– Part Land and Cattle in Cache, OK

We’ve hit the home stretch with a new location in southwest Oklahoma.  Part Land and Cattle has tight woods and sandy areas and some really good dirt and little to no rocks.  We’ll also be having some fun in a large creek area.

Round 12 (10/17-10/18) – Red Rock XC in Hinton, OK

Our last round brings us back to a centrally located track.  Red Rock treats us to sand, red dirt and plenty of tight, flowing woods to round out the season.

We hope that you are as excited about this schedule as we are.  In addition to this schedule, we also have 3 rain dates set aside (3/7-3/8, 6/13-6/14, and 10/24-10/25) and three locations on standby in case of interference from Mother Nature!  Make your plans now and we’ll see you in 2020 to battle it out for some championships!

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Schedule Updates!! Please Read!

Racers!! IMPORTANT message! Please share to everyone! Due to some unfortunate circumstances we will be moving Rd12 from Sundog Trails to Fry Lake. We will also be moving the rain date makeup race from Lindesmith Ranch back to the original location of Williams Ranch. I want to greatly thank the awesome landowners we have that open up their properties to us on extremely short notice that allows us to keep racing. So now the remainder of the 2019 year schedule:

  • Oct 5th and 6th: Rd12 Fry Lake bike and quad
  • Oct 12th and 13th: Stroud Lake bike only
  • Oct 19th and 20th: Williams Ranch bike only

The weekend schedule for the two bike only races will be the exact same as usual, except that there will be no quad races.  So practice will start at the normal time on Saturday and the Sunday schedule will be normal (perhaps with adjustments for daylight).

We apologize for any inconvenience, Rd12 race flier is coming soon!

***2020 Race Dates Announcement***

Hello Racers, your existing and new officers have been working on the 2020 schedule and are happy to announce that race dates have been set. As always, the next step is working out race locations and expect to see those in the future.

Here is you 2020 schedule!!!

These dates do not conflict with other racing clubs at this point or Easter or Mother’s day.

Rain date 1 3/7-3/8
Rain date 2 6/13-6/14
Rain date 3 10/24-10/25

Welcome 2020 Officers!

From the OCCRA Board of Directors

Officer elections are in the books! Nick Cohlmia will be the 2020 President and Emily Cohlmia will continue as Scoring Director. We had good voter turnout and a tight race, it was clear that each candidate has the support of many members. We have great respect for all of the candidates and hope they will find a position to uplift OCCRA. Now that the voting is over, please stand with us as one club and support these great 2020 volunteers that allow us to go racing. Friends, Family, Riding, and Racing.

2020 Officer Lineup

  • President – Nick Cohlmia
  • Vice President – Wesley Darnell
  • Race Director – Benny Darnell
  • Mini Director – Russell Doughty
  • Scoring Director – Emily Cohlmia
  • Work Director – Aaron Waldon
  • Equipment Manager – Andrew Tekaat
  • Special Events & Banquet Coordinator – Kaylon Labat

Congratulations and a hearty THANK YOU to each of these folks that have committed their time and talents to help us have a great time in 2020.  There are still opportunities to help out!  If you are interested in an officer position or are looking for a way to pitch in, please get a hold of one of the officers at a race or send a message through our website contact form.

Vote for 2020 Officers at Discoveryland

It’s been a while since we’ve had contested positions (exciting), so here’s what you need to know!


  • A FULL (not $5 temp) member for the 2019 race season.
  • Must have participated in an OCCRA race (race or work for points).


  • One PER MEMBER (no matter how many classes you participate in).


  • You must cast your vote in person. You will sign a book acknowledging pickup of the ballot and then you will make your selection and drop it in a locked box.


  • Of course! BUT, they – like everyone else – must vote in person (parents, you can of course, help them with the process).


  • Nope! The voting booth will be open Saturday and Sunday, so if you are a member but are lacking the race/work requirement, you can get that race completed then go get your ballot.


  • 2020 President and 2020 Scoring Director


  • President: Nick Cohlmia and Mary Doughty
  • Scoring Director: Jessica Cochran and Emily Cohlmia


  • No. Uncontested positions are not voted on.


  • This weekend at the Discoveryland race (9/21/19 – 9/22/19)


  • Look for a pop-up tent near the scoring trailer.
  • Voting will be open on Saturday from 10 a.m. until the pot luck.
  • On Sunday, voting is open from 9 a.m. until approximately 1 p.m. (start of long course bike race #2).


  • Check on // Results should be posted by Monday.


  • Yes! There are still some open positions. Talk to an outgoing officer or a BOD member and they’ll make sure you get in contact with the newly elected President. Open positions are filled by the incoming (2020) race officers.


Round 11 of the 2019 season is just days away. This round, we are back at Discoveryland in Sand Springs, OK. We have had the privilege of racing this property for the past few seasons, and are excited to return to this great venue.

As always, I like to start by thanking our round sponsor. This round, Ramjack is our round sponsor. They have supported our series for a lot of years, and we are thankful for their continued support, and for providing over 150 awards for this round.

Mona’s is our food vendor for this round, and we appreciate their support and continued great service and food they provide. Be sure to pay them a visit and show them your support. Also, thanks to them for reaching out to out race community asking for feedback on new food. It’s looking like Tacos are a popular request, as well as their amazing Pickle-O’s.

This round we have a few special things. First, on Saturday night, we will have a potluck at the pavilion at 6:00pm. Burgers are provided by OCCRA, and dogs and brats are provided by Lampton Welding. We ask everyone bring a side and/or dessert to share, as well as your own drinks and chairs.

Next, this round is officer elections. All OCCRA members who have raced at least one race this season is eligible to vote. Voting will be open beginning Saturday morning and close at the end of the first big bike race on Sunday. There will be a tent set up and the voting will take place there via ballot. Please visit to see the current list of applicants. If you are interested in stepping up and helping out as an officer, you have this week to apply.

The address for this track is as follows:
19501 W. 41st Street (81.19 mi)
Sand Springs, Oklahoma 74063

As always, be sure to visit for any new information, and be sure to CALL BEFORE YOU HAUL!!! 405-390-5227

Track Clearing Help Needed for Lindesmith Farms (near Comanche)

We are going to be working on the track at Lindesmith Farms in Comanche Saturday Sunday and Monday your invited to come join us for lots of fun and track clearing…. bring chain saws weedeaters and loppers…it going to be a great loop for the OCCRA race in October.

New tracks always require more work and trimming, so member help is very much appreciated here!

The coordinates for Lindesmith Farms are:

Battle of the Border 2!


Round 10 of the 2019 season is just around the corner and we are excited to return to Big Fox Run in eastern Oklahoma. This round, we are once again doing this race in conjunction with AXC Racing as the Battle of the Border!!! There is also an extra $500 pot for Pro Quad racers, so be sure to spread the word and lets fill this line with these Pro racers.

We would like to thank Labat Custom Creations for sponsoring this round and providing over 150+ awards. Additionally, they will have shirts for sale at the race so be sure to show them some support.

Mona’s Rose of Sharon will be our concession this round, and we are grateful that they continue to be our primary food vendor. They do a great job for us and we sure appreciate their efforts.

Of course, we have a great special event this round. PowerWheels Downhill Challenge!! Sept. 7th at 6:30 PM!!! $1000 in prizes!!! Nick Fox and his crew will be building us a custom hill!!! Thanks to our sponsors: Big Fox Run and Labat Custom Creations for making this possible. Please refer to the post on both OCCRA pages for rules.

Lastly, we are doing a Fall Special for new racers looking for a temporary membership. For $5, you can race with us for a single weekend. You will not be awarded series points, but it gives one a good opportunity to try out XC racing for minimal expense.

As always, keep an eye on the Facebook pages for up to date information, and be sure to Call Before you haul!!

Gates open at 3:00pm on Friday, September 6th. Please respect the gate times and do not arrive before 3:00pm.

See you all at Round 10!!!

Reschedule Announcement – Mark Your Calendars

Attention Racers! First, I want to thank you all for being such amazing members and sticking with us through all of the weather changes. Believe me, it has not been easy. Second, we have the postponed races lined out. The Gooberville Flood Out will be raced at a completely new location in Duncan Oklahoma on the original rain date of 10/19-10/20. I want to thankKevin Lindesmith for opening up his property since the hunting season will be keeping us from returning to Gooberville at that date. The Stroud Lake race will be held at the amazing Stroud Lake property on 10/12-10/13. The race weekend schedule will continue as normal starting at 3pm on Saturdays. We felt this was the best date due to least as conflict as possible with other local race series, GNCC Ironman, and Goldrush. I know this will put 3 bike races back to back but as of now it’s our best option. We really hope we don’t get another rainout. We are trying our best to give you the best quality tracks possible and to give you a full season for points and works and fun. Thank you all for your understanding and your support!! Now let’s get ready for the Battle on the Border at Big Fox Run!


2020 Officer Nominees

Here are the awesome folks who have nominated themselves for 2020 OCCRA Officer positions.  We appreciate all of you that have nominated yourselves to contribute your time to this organization to help make a great series for all.  There’s still a bit of time remaining to throw your hat in the ring, so please fill out the form if you are interested.  There are many positions available for a wide variety of interests and skillsets.  We hope that you will consider nominating yourself for a position!

Voting eligibility: Every 2019 full Member of OCCRA who is considered a Racing Member, which is defined as a Member who has completed at least (1) race organized by OCCRA in 2019 and is in good standing at the time of the election.  Temporary ($5) memberships do not count for voting rights.  The election for 2020 officers will be held at Round 11: Discoveryland.  So make your plans to attend Round 10 – not only is it a fantastic venue with a unique track, you’ll also have a chance to vote for your 2020 leadership.  You must vote in person.

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(presented in alphabetical order by last name per position)


  • Nick Cohlmia
    I want to continue the Family Fun Racing that the club is based around because the OCCRA is a special group and I want to take on the roll of leading the group.
  • Mary Doughty

Vice President

  • Wesley Darnell
    We have an amazing organization and I just want to keep our organization moving forward. I have been a volunteer firefighter for over 10 years things learned over those 10 years will help me settle in this role of pushing forward.

Mini Director

  • Russell Doughty

Race Director

  • Benny Darnell

Scoring Director

  • Jessica Cochran
    I have always appreciated that from a member’s perspective, OCCRA is run using efficient processes with a frontline of passionate officials.
    My goal is for my professional experience to contribute to continuing what already exists to the best of my ability.  I Also want to lend any knowledge or ideas to improve this role or any organizational matter should I be invited to do so.
    2020 will be my 4th year as an XC moto mom!!  My first experience at OOCRA was feeling shocked, and I yelled at my boys to “slow down” but now you’ll hear me scream at them “GO FASTER!!!” every race, every time.  
    Kent and I have attended nearly every race weekend quad and bike days for 3 years.  We started with NO experience in this type of sport but due to the help of officials and great people, we now help others or fill in as part of the team where we are needed.  I hope to start racing (super beginner style), and my goal now is to contribute to OCCRA, becoming part of the “official” race family team.  
    Although I am running for the membership and scoring position, I can do about anything and I’m up for most challenges!   Let’s race!
  • Emily Cohlmia
    I am the current scoring director and feel like I had done a pretty good job this year and would like to continue in that position.
  • Michael Johnson
    To create a fun and competitive racing atmosphere that is fair to all.

Special Events & Banquet Coordinator

  • Kaylon Labat
    Love this association!! Have made great friends and want to keep working to make every race and banquet better than the last!

Work Director

  • Aaron Waldon

Equipment Manager

  • Andrew Tekaat

Photo by Michal Hudcovič from Pexels

Back in Action at a NEW Location!

WHO’S READY TO GO RACING!!!! At last, summer break is nearly over at its almost time to get back to racing at Round 9 at Stroud Lake!!! We are excited to race this new venue and we are looking forward to a great track. I want to start by thanking Robert Haile for taking the lead on this track build. He has been working hard for almost a year to build a great track.

Speaking of track, I’m sure everyone would like some track info. This will be a shared track with a mini cutoff. Long course is 7 miles and short course is currently 3 miles. Mini track is pretty tame, LC flows well with a couple dry creek crossings. The start will be kind of neat with a corkscrew style start, up and over a hill, and a quarter mile of pavement. This will be a spectator friendly course with them being able to see the racers across the lake in multiple sections. It will be super spectator friendly to anyone on a boat! Also there are a couple of sections where the trail is close to the lake shore. In these areas please stay on the track. This is for your safety. There are beaver stumps in the tall grass off to the sides of the track.

For this round we would like to thank Easy Lay Liners LLC for their support and providing over 150 awards for this race.

We will not have a special event this race as we’d rather give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the lake. Of course, DO NOT take your bikes, quads, or SXS’s into the lake. It is only for swimming or boating. PLEASE RESPECT STROUD’s BEAUTIFUL LAKE. Absolutely no riding on the damn. No tearing up the grass in nicely mowed areas. The marked track is fair game. Other than that, let’s show Stroud what the people of OCCRA are about.

Concession is being provided by the Stroud Fire Department, and all proceeds go to support their efforts. This is a great opportunity to support the guys and gals that keep this town safe, and put their community first. Let’s show them OCCRA hospitality and be sure to support them this weekend.

Lastly, I believe that if you put Stroud Lake in your GPS it should give you directions. Stroud has one gas station that sells 100% real gas. It is located on the east end of main street across from the Rock Cafe.

As always, if you’re concerned about any weather if we have any, be sure to Call Before You Haul and we will see you all in just over a week at ROUND 9!!!

***ROUND 1 at FRY LAKE***

Racers, we are almost at the summer break. We all have to admit. It has been a crazy season, with plenty of challenges thanks to the weather, but it is finally time for Round 1!!!!!!

We are excited to finally get to race Fry Lake in Seminole, OK this coming weekend, June 29th-30th. We would like to thank Dave Campbell for being such a great supporter of OCCRA, not only f0r letting us race on his land but also for being our Chaplain as well.

We would also like to thanks Ajax Motorsports for their continued support of the OCCRA series, and of them providing over 150 awards this round.

This round we will have Mona’s Rose of Sharonback for our food vendor, so be sure to show them you support. And if you were at Round 7, be sure to give them an extra thank for grilling for us all afternoon while we all waited out the flood waters.

Saturday evening the there will be a special event, and this round it is Water Balloon Supercross. This will take place at 6:00pm at the motocross track. There will be several classes: Mini bike, Big Bike, Mini Quad, Big Quad. All ages/skill level welcome. Be sure to get in on this fun and wet event.

Following Water Balloon Supercross, be sure to attend the Bible Study at the scoring trailer at 7:30pm. We want to thank the Bible study leaders we have each week, as well as the small but loyal group of attendees.

We will see everyone this weekend. As always, for the latest information. And as always, CALL BEFORE YOU HAUL 405-390-5227.

***Round 7 Announcement***Please share***

***Round 7 Announcement***Please share***

Hopefully by now, everyone has seen Cole William’s post earlier in the week about Round 7 and possible race locations changes. Well, the inevitable has happened and we are changing race locations for Round 7.

Due to soaked ground and the potential rain this week, we are not able to race Pleasant Valley Farms, so at this point in time we will return to Skiatook for “Williams Ranch XC: The Return to Gooberville!” For those of you that raced here at Round 6, I have been informed that we will be making some track changes and skipping the large creek crossings that flooded at Round 6.

Round 7 is sponsored by Lampton Welding Supply, so we would like to thank them for their support and for providing over 150 awards for this round.

Food vendor this round will be Mona’s Rose of Sharon. We continue to have good feedback from their food and their hospitality, and we appreciate them being a loyal vendor.

We will have a special event on Saturday evening at 6:00pm. This round we will have training wheel and Strider bike races for the kids. There will be multiple classes for different age groups, so bolt on the training wheels and bring those Striders and meet around the scoring trailer at 6:00pm.

GPS coordinates are 36.438007, -95.97296.

As always, be sure to visit for the latest news and info, as it should be updated soon.

CALL BEFORE YOU HAUL 405-390-5227 and we will see you next weekend at Round 7 at Williams Ranch XC: The Return to Gooberville!!!

Update on Pleasant Valley Farms Rd 7

Update on Pleasant Valley Farms Rd 7

June 22nd and 23rd

The weather this week has been amazing however the forecast for next week is showing rain. We are 10 days away so no one can really predict how it’s going to go. David Brown will be down there this weekend building track. Get with him if you know anyone willing to help. We also need someone to mow the parking area. This year will probably be the same as last year as a last minute decision of wether we can race there or not. The parking area is the type that holds moisture and even though the track could be fine, the wrong amount of rain at the wrong time can cause parking problems. We want to keep everyone’s stuff in the best shape possible. Even though our race machines are built for it, our vehicles might not be. So that being said, In the event that we have to make a last minute decision, Williams Ranch (due to similar location and the ability to handle more rain) will be ready. In the case of huge amounts of rain we will have Baldwin Ranch available. If neither of those are able to hold a race then we will use our 2nd rain date that is 10/12/19. If we can’t race the PVF location as scheduled this time it will come off the schedule for this year due to their planting schedule. Hopefully all goes well and we can race this amazing venue with amazing weather. We haven’t tapped into the full potential of this property yet and David Brown is looking to have an 8 mile track this year. We want to thank our gracious landowners for allowing us to have options and letting us race. IF we have to change anything we apologize for any inconvenience and we will get updates out ASAP. Our goal as officers is to provide safe and the highest quality of races possible. Thank you.

Next Race (Schedule Change): Rd 8 at Red Rock XC (Hinton)

Rd 8 Flyer

See full revised schedule:

Round 8 at Red Rock XC;Part 2 is just days away. We’d like to start by thanking Shawnee Honda Polaris Kawasaki for sponsoring this round and providing over 150 plaques.

This round we’d like to welcome back Mona’s Rose of Sharon as our food vendor. Be sure to show them your support and get some great food. Bible study will take place on Saturday evening at the scoring trailer at 7:30pm.

There will not be a special event this round, so we apologize for that. We will resume next round with a Saturday evening event.

As always, please share this post. Be sure to for the additional information. Also, approx. GPS coordinates are as follows:
35.4604867, -98.4124877

Thank you all and we will see you at Round 8 at Hinton.


We recently got word that Pleasant Valley Farms is underwater, there is no bridge to get to the parking area, and the river has gone over its banks. So, we have no choice but to make race location changes. June 1st and 2nd we will be racing Round 8 at Red Rock XC in Hinton, OK. Then, Round 7 at Pleasant Valley Farms in Sand Springs, OK will be raced on June 22nd and 23rd.

We apologize for any inconvenience this creates, but after evaluating multiple options this is the one that we feel will work best.

Be watching Facebook for the race fliers, additional information, etc. Thank you, OCCRA members.