Fly/WPS Contingency

OCCRA is excited to once again be a part of the Fly Racing/Western Power Sports contingency program for the 2021 season.  Download the document below to apply for the program and be sure to read all of the guidelines and requirements.  The Fly Bucks you earn can be used for gear and parts through any Fly/WPS dealer.  Many riders earn enough bucks throughout the season to score a new set of gear for the next season (which in turn can be used to reenter the contingency program).

Husqvarna Contingency

Husqvarna has once again chosen OCCRA to be a part of their contingency program!  Visit the website to get information and to get registered for the program.

KTM Contingency

Race your KTM to victory and reap the rewards!  Be sure to get learn about the program and it’s rules and get signed up at KTM Contingency Program | KTM Contingency (

Altus Motorsports/Lawton Motorsports Support & Contingency

Who wants an opportunity to get paid to race their dirt bike? Did you know that being an OCCRA member is a gateway to valuable contingency and rider support benefits? Check out these generous offers from our friends at Altus Motorsports.
Please direct all questions to Altus Motorsports 580.477.1500.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Race Gas Contingency

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC generously provides rider support to OCCRA members through the Race Gas program.  All they ask in return is that you use those Race Gas cards at the best online motorcycle and atv supply retailer – Rocky Mountain ATV/MC!  Easy!

The best part is that you do not have to do anything in order to get Race Gas.  Simply sign up as a member and attend races, and the OCCRA staff does all the submission!

Rocky Mountain generously provides one $10 store credit for each racer at an OCCRA event.  If you race all 12 rounds, you can get $120 in Race Gas cards per member!

How do I redeem?  Race Gas credits will now be applied to your Rocky Mountain ATV/MC store account and can be seen by logging in to your account.  If you have trouble seeing credits, please give RMATV a call as the program changes are new and credits may simply not be showing up.

[IMPORTANT!!] Summary of changes since 2017:

  • Credits are now applied to your account.  No more cards will be mailed.
  • Credits are applied based on the e-mail that you provide to OCCRA.  The e-mail you give to OCCRA should match your RMATV account e-mail.  If you have multiple family members racing and you want all the credit to go onto one account, be sure to give OCCRA the same e-mail for each family member.
  • A credit is no longer given for membership.
  • Credits must be used within 45 days, so be sure to keep an eye on the expiration.
  • OCCRA can no longer send in corrections for past races and we must submit within 2 weeks.  So it is important that you provide us with correct information and update OCCRA when you register for your race if you change e-mails, etc.