What type of terrain is cross country?

Cross country racing is mostly another name for harescramble style racing. OCCRA courses will tackle diverse terrain covering sand, rocks, hill climbs and descents, creek crossings, high speed fields, motocross track, flat corners, mud and even, sometimes, some man-made obstacles.  Basically you will encounter it all over the course of the season – in some cases you might even encounter it all at a single location!

How does my race work?

First, check the race flyer to see when your particular race will start because the times often change because of ordering, daylight or special events.

Once you know when your race starts, you will line up on a row with people from your same class.  A flagman will stand  ahead of you and an assistant will have a 30 second board.  When your row comes up, the sign holder will display a 30 second board.  If the race is a dead engine start, all engines must be turned off at this point.  Next comes the 15 second board.  You should be ready to launch now.  As soon as the green flag is waved, start your engine and take off!

You will now enter the race track with your class and try to complete as many laps as possible during the length of your race!

How do I know what row I am on?

Classes are listed in line-up order on these pages.  When you get to the starting area, look for the riders with your same number and find your favorite starting spot on the row.

Bike Classes

Quad Classes

What type of organization is OCCRA?

OCCRA is a 501(c)(7) Not-for profit club.  OCCRA is not a business and is run entirely by member volunteers.  Each member has a say in club operation by volunteering and by participating in the membership meeting.

Why do I have to work a day?

As mentioned earlier, OCCRA is entirely member-run and relies on members of the club to step up and contribute from time to time.  Members can contribute by serving a leadership role or by volunteering for specific tasks.  Most members (except young children) are required to pitch in one work day per season to help the races be executed smoothly.  It is a whole-club effort!