Littles XC

Do you have some little ones chomping at the bit to get on the track?  Well we have some classes just for your beginning racer!  These classes are available in a 5-race mini series held on Saturday evenings (check schedule posters for specific times).  Check out the details below…


  1. You must be a member of OCCRA, you can be on a family membership for no extra charge. (can be completed online between races or at the scoring trailer on a race weekend)
  2. If riding a motorized bike ( Stacyc and PW 50S) you must have a DOT approved helmet on (they may be DOT approved bicycle helmets). If riding a strider it does not have to be DOT approved but you must wear a helmet.
  3. There will be a $10 entry fee for each race this is so we can provide a personalized hoodie at the end of the season to the members in Littles XC who completed 60% of the races(REGISTER AT THE SCORING TRAILER BEFORE 4PM ON SATURDAY OF THE LITTLES RACES).
  4. It is recommended to have number plates on bikes OR numbers on fronts of shirts.

Age Requirements:

7 or younger as of January 1 of 2021

  • Littles XC Strider Class
  • Littles XC Stacyc 16″ Class
  • Littles XC Stacyc 12″ Class
  • Littles XC Training Wheels Class (PW50 w/Training Wheels)
  • Littles XC Race #1 – Round 2 at Battle with the Cattle (Cache)
  • Littles XC Race #2 – Round 3 at Crosstimbers (OKC)
  • Littles XC Race #3 – Round 5 at Williams Ranch (Skiatook)
  • Littles XC Race #4 – Round 11 at River Bend Ranch (Cleveland)
  • Littles XC Race #5 – Round 12 at Walnut Grove (Ada)