Round 7 at Lone Tree Ranch – Last Hurrah Before Summer Break!

We hope that everyone had a nice long weekend and also hope that everyone took the time to remember those that fell defending the freedom that we all enjoy.

Now thanks to the long weekend, we have fewer days to wait until OCCRA 2017 Rd 7 Lone Tree Benefit Race. We had a huge crew out working the track over the weekend and we think that we’re in for a treat.

If you haven’t been to Lone Tree Ranch yet, the property is amazing, with ample camping and spectacular views. Even if you’re not racing, this is a great one to come to and enjoy the great outdoors. In addition to the racing, you can also bring your fishing gear and do some catch-and-release fishing. Continue reading Round 7 at Lone Tree Ranch – Last Hurrah Before Summer Break!

Round 3 Recap, Video and Photos

Video provided by the talented team at Ajax Motorsports in Oklahoma City!

Well we just closed out round 3 with a fantastic weekend at Terbush Ranch! The Wild West Shootout saw a lot of great battles as riders enjoyed Woodward soil with good moisture. Ron Rader, Randy Rader, Vic Terbush, Russell Doughty, Mary Doughty, the Shaw brothers and Zane Rader did a super job of mixing up the diverse terrain of Woodward into a fun flowing track with some new looks. Thank you all for your hard work and thank you also to our workers this weekend. We hope that everyone enjoyed the awards and prizes provided by our sponsors Mike’s Dirt Bike Suspension, Amsoil, Cranford Motorsports, Brown and Hartman Engraving, Ram Jack of Oklahoma & Arkansas, and Cherlyn’s Style Shoppe in Woodward. And, of course, thank you to our contingency sponsors Fly Racing, Rocky Mountain ATVMC, Husqvarna Motorcycles USA, and Honda Motorcycles & ATVs. Thank you to these wonderful sponsors and programs for providing a little extra something to accompany those race memories.

On a more somber note, we would like to keep Daran Sherwood and his father in our prayers as they lost their mother this weekend. We all know Daran and his dad as our gate keepers of more than 10 years. Please keep them in your thoughts.

Easter weekend is up next and then we head to Round 4 at Henryetta. Results from Woodward are posted at

Now we know you like photos, so here are the links I’ve seen so far.  Thank you so much to our volunteer photographers for spending their weekend behind a camera!

Kristi Salek Photography

Tina Gregory Photography

Richardson Family

Some Racer Videos

Round 2 Recap and Photos

(Video courtesy Ajax Motorsports)

Well we “dodged a bullet” as the weather guys like to say and actually ended up with a pretty nice weekend! It was a little on the dusty side, but at least there was some wind to blow the dust away. We had a great turnout, welcoming new members and even some new friends from out-of-state. We thank you all for making the trip and we hope everyone was able to get home before the storms flared up!
We would like to thank all of the folks that helped with this track – Jupie Booth, David Brown, Jason LaHood, Quinton Cranford, Garret Young, Russell Doughty, Mary Doughty, Josh Johnson and all of the other volunteers that popped up to help out. Trackside Supply was awesome in helping out the B riders get through the tunnel on their first lap! We would also like to thank our round sponsor Brown Oil Tool. As always, thank you to our contingency programs for their support of our riders – Fly Racing, Western Power Sports, Husqvarna Motorcycles USA, Rocky Mountain ATVMC and Honda Motorcycles & ATVs.

Results are posted at Clean the dust out of those air filters and we’ll see you in two weeks for round 3 at Terbush Ranch in Woodward (OCCRA 2017 Rd 3 Wild West Shootout) #occra #xcracing #racehusky #hondaredrider #flybucks #racegas

Here’s the photos from Round 2! If you know of any others, please feel free to comment with a link.

Lauren (Belle Starr Creative)

Mini Quads:
Short Course Quads:
X Quads:
Mini 50s:
Mini 85s:
Mini 65s:
B Bikes:
A Bikes:

Kristi Salek Photography

Sat. Bike Short Course (Vintage, etc.):
Mini Bikes:
Long Course Bikes:

Round 2 Heads to Buckhorn Track and Trail in Ada

Ok race fans, we are primed and ready to head to Jupie’s place in Ada for 2017 Round 2!  Ada is always a racer favorite and has a great mix of soil types, elevation change, some easy MX, multiple line options and some places to crank the throttle and show off!  Spectators can enjoy easy access to the main motocross, the tin horn drop-in, and some of the fun elevation features – all within walking distance.  This race is going to be a live engine start.  I know some of you are already watching every weather forecast that airs and there is some rain expected for the end of the week.  But, as you can see in the video, the location is VERY dry right now and would benefit from some reasonable moisture.  The weekend itself is showing great temps for racing, spectating and camping.

Now on to the track itself.  Here’s a review from one of your Track Directors Jason LaHood:

The Ada track is always fun, it always seems to let you crack open the throttle right about the time your tired of dodging trees. It has good flow and it’s a challenge to do anything new without messing that up. But Jupie and David Brown came up with a few added short sections that you won’t recognize. The bikes will cut off the main trail for a hilly detour through the dry creek and tie back in. 7.1 mile for quads, 7.2 for bikes. All split lines were adjusted to be of equal speed. The final split is pretty long and leaves you with no clue where the other rider is until you merge together.

We would like to thank the following people for their hard work on the Ada long course: David Brown, Quinton Cranford, Jupie Booth, Jason LaHood, and Garret Young.  They’ve been out there multiple weekends weaving a fun trail, arrowing and clearing debris and overgrowth.  Team Doughty will be laying out a great mini track for you and there’s always a chance of a bigfoot sighting, so keep your eyes peeled kids!  Team Doughty also will be doing a track walk and arrow explanation so check in with them to get in on the action.  It’s a great way to get the youngsters accustomed to arrows and seeing the track in a different way.

The food vendor at Round 2 will be Diamond C Cross BBQ and their stuff is pretty darn tasty.

Finally, we are very grateful to our Round 2 sponsor – Brown Oil Tool!

Don’t forget that you can get directions and other info on the round page by clicking here.

Call your friends and tell them to meet you in Ada for a great race!

2017 Round 1 Photos & Videos

You’ve seen some of these links already, but I compiled them into one post for your convenience.  For being such a muddy weekend, y’all hauled in a lot of photos!  Thank you very very much to Dylan Pilgrim, Kristi Salek, Stacie Ann Wyatt and Emily Cohlmia for some great memories!  And, thank you to Cody Rader and Ajax Motorsports for the awesome video!  We would also like to thank the sponsor of Round 1 – Sprinkler Works!  Don’t forget that there’s still time to get signed up for Fly Racing, Husqvarna and/or Honda Red Rider contingency before Round 2!

Found a few race videos too…



Skiatook Track Preview

Who is ready for round 1 at Williams Ranch in Skiatook? Cole Williams took the time to give us a track preview compete with his signature running start. Thanks to Cole, Ty Richardson, Clint Cranford, Brian Knepshield and David Brown fit putting in the work to get us a fresh new look at Skiatook. According to Cole, they have made it a point to open up the season with a track that is a bit faster than the normal Skiatook track and also dodges some of the rockiest sections.  The creek jump is there, but there is a nice smooth bypass for those of us that like to keep our wheels closer to the ground.  They’ve worked in several places that have alternate line choices, so you’ll want to watch the video and pay attention on your practice lap to find the lines that will work best for you.  Enjoy!

Visit the Skiatook information page for more details, directions, etc.