Hello quad racers.  As you all know, we did a speed evaluation of the bike long course classes and placed riders according to their speed.  Quinton, Drew, and Cole went through the same process for our long course ATV racers.  In this reorganization, the age-based classes were removed to distribute riders between open classes.  The reasoning behind this change is that the number of riders that compete in the quad division simply does not support the number of classes in that division.  However, the officers reserved the 400-499X range of numbers to leave the potential to re-introduce additional classes should the need arise the future for additional open classes or even reintroduction of age based classes.  So the long and short of it is, please bring your friends and let’s build the ATV racer numbers!  In the short term, the classes are designed to meet the same goals as the bike reorganization to increase competition.  If you haven’t read that article yet, please at least read the first part of it so that you know how we approached the realignment and what our reasoning and goals were.

In terms of class structure, the biggest change, of course, is that the age-based quad classes were removed and the riders redistributed into open classes.  Also, the “Beginner” class was renamed to “Sportsman” and will now be a speed-based class.  So, a rider can ride in Sportsman as long as his/her speed is inline with that range of riders (no longer restricted to new riders).  The naming was meant to fall in line with the naming of the B bike race for continuity sake.

Finally, you’ll also notice that the youth long course is no longer listed.  Due to low participation in the class, we decided to move the youth class to the short course to give our young ATV riders a stepping stone class between the short course and the long course.  Young racers can now choose to ride the Youth Short Course class if they are 12-16 years of age and ride a 350cc 4 stroke or smaller ATV.  The class will race in the formerly-known-as “Women’s Short Course” race (race #2 on Saturday).

2017 ATV Class Numbering:

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  1. AA – 11-99X (1-10X reserved for 2016 overall champions)
  2. Expert – 100-199X
  3. Intermediate – 200-299X
  4. Amateur – 300-399X
  5. Team Quad – 900-999X
  6. Utility – 500-599X
  7. Sportsman – 600-699X
  8. Womens – 800-899X

In the list attached below, each rider has been placed in an open class according to speed.  You’ll notice that AA, Utility, Team and Womens classes are not included in that list.  Riders that meet the qualifications for these classes are more than welcome to sign up in those classes instead of the one indicated in the list.  Your placement in an open class is simply an indicator of where you fall in the pecking order of the open classes.  You also have the option to “bump yourself up” from the indicated class if you feel you would rather step up to the next level of competition.

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