Class Changes – 4/11/2024

Prior to posting advancements, the Class AP% is evaluated.  The goal is to even the number of riders per class as much as possible while maintaining the lowest and most distributed class percentage span to give riders the greatest opportunity to reach the podium in their respective class.  Additionally, to provide for safety of riders by ensuring appropriate class ordering and race splits.  The following changes were determined to meet the required criteria.

AP adjusted for Big Bike Open as follows:

Amateur 100-199B 70.00% 80.00%
Adjusted 72.00% 80.00%
Novice 200-299B 65.00% 70.00%
Adjusted 64.00% 72.00%
Sportsman 700-799B 60.00% 65.00%
Adjusted 56.00% 64.00%
Beginner 900-999B 0.00% 60.00%
Adjusted 0.00% 56.00%


This adjustment was required to assist in keeping the classes competitive, and even out the number of riders between novice, amateur, and sportsman classes.  The class spread was decreased to 8% for Amateur and increased from 5% to 8% for Novice and Sportsman.  Beginner class cap was reduced from 60% to 56% which will accommodate true beginning riders and encourage participation, while encouraging upward movement into competing classes.

AP adjusted for 40+ Big Bike as follows:

40+ Expert 300-399A 90.00% 100.00%
Adjusted 85.00% 100.00%
40+ Intermediate 700-799A 80.00% 90.00%
Adjusted 75.00% 85.00%
40+ Amateur 400-499B 0.00% 80.00%
Adjusted 0.00% 75.00%

This adjustment was required to increase participation in the expert and intermediate classes and enhance competition amongst classes.

AP adjusted for 50+ Big Bike as follows:

50+ Expert 400-499A 85.00% 100.00%
50+ Intermediate 800-899A 70.00% 85.00%
Adjusted 75.00%
50+ Amateur 500-599B 0.00% 70.00%
Adjusted 75.00%

This adjustment was required to bring the 50+ class inline with the other age and open classes.  Additionally, every other class that rides in the A race runs at 75% or greater speeds, and promoting riders into the A race at slower speeds causes safety concerns.

AP adjusted for Short Course Bike Open as follows:

Open A 0-99V 85.00% 100.00%
Adjusted 90.00% 100.00%
Open B 200-299V 75.00% 85.00%
Adjusted 80.00% 90.00%
Open C 300-399U 0.00% 75.00%
Adjusted 70.00% 80.00%
Open D 400-499U
Added 0.00% 70.00%

The addition of a Short Course D class was required due to enhanced participation in short course.  Race lines were exceeding capacity for riders.  Additionally, narrowing of the AP from 15% to 10% for the A, B, And C classes provides closer competition amongst riders.

AP adjusted for Mini 85 classes as follows:

Mini 85C 200-299K 65.00% 75.00%
Adjusted 60.00%
Mini 85D 300-399K 0.00% 65.00%
Adjusted 60.00%

This adjustment was required to reduce the number of riders on the D line and increase the number of riders on the C line and enhance competition in each class.

AP adjusted for Mini 65 classes as follows:

Mini 65A 00-99N 80.00% 100.00%
Adjusted 85.00%
Mini 65B 100-199N 70.00% 80.00%
Adjusted 85.00.00%

This adjustment was required to even the A and B class percentage and enhance competition amongst the two classes.

AP adjusted for Mini 50 classes as follows:

Mini 50B 100-199M 75.00% 85.00%
Adjusted 70.00%
Mini 50C 200-299M 0.00% 75.00%
Adjusted 70.00.00%

This adjustment was required to even the B and C class percentage and enhance competition amongst the two classes.