Updated 3/12/2024


Promotions will be computer generated after each race based upon the following criteria: 

Following the first race, Class AP% will be adjusted to even out the lines as much as possible.  This will be done solely to promote an even number of riders in the lines and class structure for the remainder of the season.  Also following the first race, but preceding the second race of the season, riders will be allowed to adjust their class down or laterally and carry their times into the new position so long as doing so would not trigger one of the automatic advancement rules. 

Following the first race, the class AP% will be posted on the website for all members to reference.  Announcements will take place via Facebook when/if changes to the AP% are made, along with riders affected by the change(s). 

In order to be considered for advancement using the riders AP%, the rider must have completed 75% or greater the average number of laps of the other riders in the current class.   

If a rider’s advancement percentile exceeds the riders current class by 3% or more for a single race, the rider will be promoted immediately to the next advancement class. 

If a rider’s advancement percentile exceeds the riders current class by any amount for two races (not necessarily consecutive), the rider will be immediately promoted to the next advancement class. 

Where possible, current season times will be used for placement.  If current season times are incomplete, or inconclusive, prior season times will be used for placement.  New or returning riders who have taken a full season off will be allowed self-placement until the data is available to facilitate class placement by scoring. 

If a rider feels they have ben un-duly promoted, the riders first course of action should be to contact Scoring@occra.com.  Scoring will consider the circumstances and rule on upholding, postponing, or negating the promotion.  Every attempt should be made to resolve the promotion through scoring prior to proceeding to the appeals process. 

A rider may appeal a promotion in writing to the board for consideration.  Appeals should include documented mitigating factors (such as extreme track condition changes between classes, etc).  Appeals will be resolved within 3 weeks.  During the appeal time, the rider may choose to continue to race in their previous class.  If the appeal is rejected, any points earned during appeal will be subject to the points transfer protocol.  If an appeal is upheld, the rider may continue in their previous class and retain points earned.  An upheld appeal will not be used in consideration for future promotions. 

A rider may choose to voluntarily promote themselves at any time.  Points/times will follow the same protocol as involuntary promotion. 

A rider may choose to voluntarily demote themselves a class(s) or laterally change classes at any time (a maximum of 3 times in a season) as long as doing so would not trigger any of the automatic promotion rules or place the rider in the top 5  positions of the class they’re moving into based on historical data.  Times will only transfer in demotions or lateral moves if the rider would not move any times that would place them in the top 5 positions of the class they’re moving into for any completed race.  Otherwise, prior times will not follow the rider in demotions or lateral moves. 

Once promoted (voluntary or involuntary) a rider may not be demoted (voluntarily or involuntarily) during the same season. 

Points will be transferred as follows: Rider exceeds the AP for the current class or voluntarily moves up.  Rider finishes a race in 1st place in Beginner shows 25pts but would have placed top three in Sportsman…. New class is Sportman, where his final times would have placed him in 3rd therefore points awarded in new class are 20.  This 20 will be marked with an [.](denoting promotion) and will not displace the points of the actual 3rd place finisher in Sportsman, but rather there will be two individuals with 20 points for that race. 

No rider may be involuntarily promoted to the paying classes.  If a rider reaches the fastest class in their promotion schedule, they may stay there. 

If a rider changes classes that requires a different machine (i.e. Mini 50 moves to Mini 65), they may not take points/race times with them.