Rd 8 at Lafferty Motorsports

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Services for Mike Stufflebeam ‪#‎727B‬ will be Thursday at Walker Funeral Home in Shawnee at 2pm.

Race weekend is here again and we have a few more tidbits of info for the weekend.

Gates open at 3pm and there will be a concession stand.

Hey guys! I just want to remind everyone to review your points every chance you get, and also review for others in your class. I think I am caught up on all of the changes that needed to be made. If you told me about something and it isn't changed then tell me again. A lot of you have let me know about points that were incorrect and I really appreciate that. Keep it up! Thank you.  Contact me through the forum by PMing "Coleman" or send an email to scoringdirector@occra.com.

Cole, Scoring Director

Well I have to say this weekend turned out to be pretty darn good despite a the pass through of a tropical depression! We had a little bit of everything on this track and everyone conquered it...Great job all! We would like to thank Greg Shepard, Greg Gordon and Quinton Cranford for all of their hard work to find some really cool track hiding out there. Bryan Trompeter sealed his power wheels championship and we had a nice cookout with the OCCRA family. Please keep Todd Cissell, Russell Doughty and Greg Gordon in your prayers as all suffered injuries this weekend.

Round 6 at Lone Tree will be held as scheduled!  The road is solid and the parking area has plenty of viable parking.  The grass is mowed, so it is easy to see any low spots holding water.  If you are coming on Friday, we ask that you back into your spot from the road (nose toward the road).  Do not pull in nose first.  Hop out and inspect your desired parking spot before you pull in.  Gates will not open until 4 to allow the maximum amount of drying time.  Use common sense when parking...there is PLENTY of room...and everyone should be A-OK.  As for the track...it has held together well and has a gravely base.  The track has been almost redesigned from last year and offers lots of passing opportunity.  The mini track is much more spectator friendly than last year.  Potential trouble spots have pre-planned reroutes should they become a problem.  It's going to be sunny, warm and muggy, so pack plenty of water, sunscreen and bug spray.

Also, all of the special events will also be held.  Don't forget your power wheel and don't forget your side or dessert to share for the cookout Saturday night!  If you or a friend have a side by side...bring it along because we're racing those too!

Finally, let's all be very respectful of this property.  It is a rest haven for vets that have been injured while serving our country.  Review the rules on the gate flyer and show respect to the land by not roosting out on the parking area.


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