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Our new season opener is right around the corner and there is a lot to be excited about at Redlined ATV!  We know you're all about to explode from the extra two week wait and the all-around crappy weather, so we've made this a weekend packed with fun.  In addition to the racing action, we also have the first round of the Pow-Pow-Powerwheels Downhill Challenge right after practice.  If you're not racing, bring your camera, because it could get interesting.  After that, we're having a free cookout sponsored by Strobel Starostka Transfer.  SST is providing funds for the meat, buns, dinnerware and fixings.  We just ask that you bring a side or dessert to share and a drink for yourself.  This all happens Saturday night, so come early or stay late, whatever the case may be for you.  Remember that camping is free with your gate fee, so why not make a weekend of it?

We are also very excited to have a nice giveaway for the A, B and X classes sponsored by Brown Oil Field Tools, Thomas & Sharyl Daniel, Wallace Acid Frac and Aaron Pump & Supply!  Additionally, this will be the X and quad womens short course classes first chance to snag a holeshot shirt sponsored by MKR Holding and Phil's Cycle & ATV!  All X and QWSC classes are included, so keep those batteries charged and practice those starts because the first to the holeshot flag in each class gets a prize!

Welcome to the Junior Nutrition forum by Randon Gregory! We’re going to cover a lot of ground over the course of the season, sharing tips and meals to promote a healthy athletes development. Our topics will be segmented three ways; short term preparation and recovery, long term development, and delicious recipes!

To begin, let’s take a look at short term and long term goals a little more closely. As we go forward we’ll look a little more in depth into some of these ideas.

Cole would like everyone to know that series registration has been re-opened until March 8th.  Series registration allows you to lock in your number so you can get graphics ordered, etc.


You can see reserved numbers by CLICKING HERE.  Be sure to check 2014 and 2015.

With two weeks until Redlined, you can also mail in your membership form if you wish to save a little time at the registration table on race day.  You can grab the membership form at the link below.  The mailing address is on the form.

Download the membership form here.

Everyone stay safe this weekend and we'll see you in two weeks!

The forecast for the weekend is looking wet and very cold, with significant winter weather in the forecast.  While we wish we could race as planned, the safety of our members is at the forefront of our minds.  With that being said, Round 1 is postponed until the rain date in June (6/27-6/28).

We regret the cancellation, but we'll see you all at the new season opener (and first round of the Pow-Pow-Powerwheels Downhill Challenge) at Redlined ATV on March 14-15.

Here is the updated list we have received from Fly.  Time is running out to get your registration form turned in before round 1.  Remember that you only get points after your form is received, so if you're holding onto it or on the fence, now is the time to get it turned in so you don't miss out on any points!  I also still see a couple of oddities - Jason LaHood and Gregory Grimes - you two might want to send an e-mail to raceadmin@flyracing.com and confirm your classes.  Click this link for the list of names: 

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