Motorcycle and ATV Racing for Kids through Adults

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GPS: 35.459927, -98.412104
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No spam here. You’ll get 12-14 e-mails a year about upcoming events and important club news.”

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Want instant updates on what’s going on with OCCRA?

If you OPT in to our new texting services we will not “spam you” but you can expect reminders prior to each race with important information including 1 click directions to the track making it easier to find us. We will also be using it in the event of a race cancellation, special events etc.

  • Text raceoccra to 84483 for anyone other than mini’s.
  • Text occramini to 84483 for mini’s.

FYI, when you OPT in, you will receive a text from Rainedout which is our text service provider including legal info.  After the initial sign up message, it will just be OCCRA info.  You can OPT out at anytime by texting “STOP.”