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and Top Level Risk

OCCRA was established in 1983 to give racers an alternative to motocross or enduro racing.

OCCRA is a motorcycle and ATV racing series that began in 1983 when a small group of off-road riders grew weary of the long drives out-of-state to attend hare scrambles, enduros and other off-road events. They felt that Oklahoma deserved to have an organization all its own, similar to what other states had at the time. Teaming their efforts, they organized the first series of OCCRA races late in 1983 as a test run.

Fueled by the positive response they received, coupled with their own determination, a racing schedule was set for the following year.  On March 9th, 1984, OCCRA was officially registered with the State of Oklahoma as a Not-for-Profit Corporation. The four founding members consisted of Denny Beitler, Robert Clark, Michael Huebsch, and Pat McFarlin.

Today, OCCRA operates on a new corporate charter that secures its federal classification as a 501 c(7) non-profit organization. Club events often boast attendance of more than three hundred riders of all ages. With events held for all types of cyclecraft, ages, and skill levels, OCCRA provides a comprehensive program of off-road enjoyment.

Continuing to live up to its motto, OCCRA truly is a place for Friends, Family, Riding, and Racing.

Woods racing?  Yes, please!

Race Style

Cross-country/hare scramble type races are run over a variety of natural terrain courses. These tracks range from tight woods to open desert-like conditions. The various tracks will test your riding skills by offering rocks, trees, hills, open stretches, creek crossings, double jumps, mud, dust, roots, off-cambers and other natural and man-made obstacles. This complements the diverse rider, and keeps the circuit unique.

Extreme Sports Biking

Long course tracks range in length from five to fifteen miles and are setup for both motorcycle and ATV. ATVs race on Saturday and motorcycles race on Sunday, in alternating heats (A/B). Each class races for 1.5 hours. The race begins with a dead engine start and each class starts one minute apart.

A separate short course is setup for mini racers. The mini racers battle it out for 20-30 minutes and include several classes for motorcycles and ATVs.

Motorcycle and ATV Racing for Kids through Adults

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Get to Know OCCRA

We believe that a large part of what makes a great series is the ability of the members to get together and compete in a friendly and welcoming environment.

The four tenets of OCCRA are:

  • Friends

  • Family
  • Riding, and

  • Racing


OCCRA believes in practice as a safety measure and as a way to help identify track issues and trouble spots.  Practice is included in the gate fee and you don’t even have to enter a race to participate in the practice sessions.  See the event schedule for practice times.


OCCRA encourages racers to arrive early and spend the weekend at the track.  Camping is included in the gate fee and and OCCRA races always turn into temporary communities with campfires and plenty of bench racing!

Special Events

We try to keep things interesting by throwing in an occasional special event like a cookout, team race, training wheels race or night race.  We keep these special events casual and fun encourage everyone to participate as a family!

Community Support

OCCRA members set aside one round of the series as a charity race.  All proceeds from this race go to the selected charity.