This post will outline some of the notable changes for the 2017 season.

Race Length Increased to 1 Hour and 45 Minutes

The A, B and X races have been increased in length from 90 minutes to 105 minutes (1 hour and 45 minutes).  This was a compromised solution to the request that the A race be extended to 2 hours.  By extending each of these races by 15 minutes, we are effectively allowing our last lines to be able to race closer to 1.5 hours.  Currently, it is often the case that later rows in A, B and X only race 1 hour and 20 minutes or so.  For informational purposes, the timing of the white flag is determined by taking the time of the leader’s first lap and subtracting it from the race length.  The checkered flag is thrown at exactly 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Work the Same Day You Race

The Officers/BOD fully recognize the issue that there are not enough workers on Sunday to provide assistance to our riders.  At the same time, though, we understand that there are circumstances (work, family, out-of-series, competition, etc) that may require a rider to need to work on their non-race day.  Therefore, for 2017 riders will be encouraged to work on their race day (e.g. quads and Saturday short course on Saturday and all other bikes on Sunday).  But, a rider can elect to work on the opposite day by paying a fee of $15.  There is no fee to work on your race day and points are awarded equally.  A rider cannot earn race points and work points on the same weekend (same as before).  Finally, work hours will be evened out, so that Saturday and Sunday workers pitch in to help the club equally.  Remember, that the point of work is not to punish or to just get free points, but rather to provide a service to your fellow members by helping them as they race and by giving a day’s work to help with the operation of the club.

A and B Trail Rider

At the vote of the members, an A Trail Rider class has been added to the A division race.  A class riders can only ride in A Trail Rider.  Members can petition the officers for an exception in the event that an A rider parent is using the B Trail Rider class to assist or train a child.  However, if the rider is causing a disruption in a B division contenders race, then the privilege will be revoked.  Riders that are not known to OCCRA should attempt to trail ride in the division that fits their speed.  Riders that enter B Trail and do not fit the speed profile of the B Division can be bumped to A Trail for future races.  Finally, all trail riders will be required to display pink on their number plates and are required to not interfere with points racers.

Pit Bike Classes

Pit bike classes have been added to the “Saturday Short Bike Course” (formerly known as Vintage) race.  4 classes were proposed and will be offered on a three race trial basis.  If participation is lacking, the classes can be combined or dropped altogether after 3 races.  See classes and requirements.

Iron Man Award

The Iron Man award has had controversy over the last couple of years, but when you boil it down, the award recognizes the achievement of riders that can compete on both a quad and a bike.  Therefore, the officers decided to simplify the award by issuing Iron Man awards to any rider that achieves 100% in the bike A or B division and quad X division and satisfies the requirements for year end awards.  All riders that meet the criteria will receive this special recognition.

Decades Class A and B

The Decades class has been split into an A and B due to the class possessing a wide range of speeds.  Roughly speaking, riders who would race in the A division should sign up for Decades A, and riders that would sign up for the B Division should sign up for Decades B.  Riders can be bumped between these classes by the Scoring Director.