Ok race fans, we are primed and ready to head to Jupie’s place in Ada for 2017 Round 2!  Ada is always a racer favorite and has a great mix of soil types, elevation change, some easy MX, multiple line options and some places to crank the throttle and show off!  Spectators can enjoy easy access to the main motocross, the tin horn drop-in, and some of the fun elevation features – all within walking distance.  This race is going to be a live engine start.  I know some of you are already watching every weather forecast that airs and there is some rain expected for the end of the week.  But, as you can see in the video, the location is VERY dry right now and would benefit from some reasonable moisture.  The weekend itself is showing great temps for racing, spectating and camping.

Now on to the track itself.  Here’s a review from one of your Track Directors Jason LaHood:

The Ada track is always fun, it always seems to let you crack open the throttle right about the time your tired of dodging trees. It has good flow and it’s a challenge to do anything new without messing that up. But Jupie and David Brown came up with a few added short sections that you won’t recognize. The bikes will cut off the main trail for a hilly detour through the dry creek and tie back in. 7.1 mile for quads, 7.2 for bikes. All split lines were adjusted to be of equal speed. The final split is pretty long and leaves you with no clue where the other rider is until you merge together.

We would like to thank the following people for their hard work on the Ada long course: David Brown, Quinton Cranford, Jupie Booth, Jason LaHood, and Garret Young.  They’ve been out there multiple weekends weaving a fun trail, arrowing and clearing debris and overgrowth.  Team Doughty will be laying out a great mini track for you and there’s always a chance of a bigfoot sighting, so keep your eyes peeled kids!  Team Doughty also will be doing a track walk and arrow explanation so check in with them to get in on the action.  It’s a great way to get the youngsters accustomed to arrows and seeing the track in a different way.

The food vendor at Round 2 will be Diamond C Cross BBQ and their stuff is pretty darn tasty.

Finally, we are very grateful to our Round 2 sponsor – Brown Oil Tool!

Don’t forget that you can get directions and other info on the round page by clicking here.

Call your friends and tell them to meet you in Ada for a great race!