Teamwork makes the dream work! With just one weekend to prep a new track, our options were pretty much to drop the round or get to work and make it happen. This awesome team of officers and members said we want to race!! So it to Pettijohn’s Off-Road Park they went to scout, layout, trim and arrow trail in rain, cold, and high winds so we can all roost it up next weekend.

Some of you may have ridden this track in the past, but don’t expect to recognize too much. The layout is all new and we think you’re going to have a lot of fun going down and up through the ravine, racing around ponds and twisting the throttle through high speed sections. We also get to enjoy a fun new motocross track laid out by the Pettijohn boys. The dirt was amazing this weekend and you’ll enjoy a lot of passing room and wishbone splits to add some excitement.

Since three track is pretty virgin, we need your help with not taking out banners and with respecting the layout of the track (I.e. No cutting!). Of course we also need spectators to be careful when getting around the track.  In addition to the usual arrows and banners, you will also want to keep an eye out for log/brush barriers and in some areas arrows are painted on the hard surfaces.  This track will be fast and fun with plenty of passing opportunity.

Now for the thank yous, and please add on if I missed anybody. A round of applause for Quinton Cranford, Mike McDonald, Mike Sterling, Dennis Morgan, David Brown, Jason LaHood, Greg Gordon, Russell Doughty, Dakota Doughty, Barry Hawley, and another Honda guy (sorry I didn’t catch your name!). And thanks, of course, to the Pettijohn family for giving us a place to race and to our round title sponsor Oklahoma Honda- Suzuki for their outstanding support.

Mona’s Rose of Sharon will be at Rush Springs to treat us to tasty concession and will also be donating 10% of their profits to Blake Thomas to help with expenses resulting from his accident.  If you would like to read about Blake’s recovery or to make a personal donation, go to to this page:

Finally, there are a couple of things to know about this track.  We have a motocross track incorporated, so remember to roll right and jump left.  The left side of the track is the “fast lane” and slower/non-airborne riders should keep to the right.  The landowner also has personal property on site, so leave it alone!  Don’t climb on it, touch it, anything!  Finally, there is also a barrel racing track setup…a HORSE barrel racing track. This area is OFF LIMITS to motorized vehicles.  It is actively used by the property owner for barrel racing practice.

Less than a week now, so get ready for some softer soil and let’s get to racing!