Good morning guys and gals. Round 7 is coming up and we need to tackle an issue – displaying your numbers.

We’re going to start with quads and it’s really pretty simple. We need you all to have your numbers displayed from the front AND rear of your quad. So basically, you need to obtain a rear facing number plate and hang it from your grab bar, tail light bracket, etc. There are a lot of reasons for this, but the most obvious ones are: it’s the rule, it helps y’all identify each other on the trail (passing, break downs, injuries, etc.), and for scoring (yes, scoring IS checking out your rear sometimes! lol). Sometimes on muddy races, that front number is totally unreadable.

So we’re going to start enforcing this rule. Many of you are already A-OK, but a lot of you are missing the rear facing plate. Here’s the breakdown:
*Printed number graphics are acceptable on the hood for front facing
*Plastic number plate on the bumper is acceptable for front facing
*For rear facing, you need the plastic number plate with your number on it (rear fender graphics are cool looking and helpful but do not meet this requirement because they are not rear facing).

BUT! Cole Williams has your back and has worked with Velocity Vinyl’s to make this super easy for you. Velocity Vinyl’s will sell you a number plate at the track with your number on it for $10. That’s a heck of a deal and it’s ready to go. Bring a couple of zip ties and you’re ready to race!

I’ve attached a few photos of folks that are winning at displaying their numbers (at least from one angle). At Round 7, you will not start the race without a front and rear facing number. So you can do something on your own before then or you can take care of it at the track with Velocity Vinyl’s. I feel like it should go without saying, but your displayed number should also be your correct OCCRA number. If you have another series number or an old number on your quad – cover it up with tape so as not to cause confusion.

Thank you all for your help with this and thank you to Velocity Vinyl’s for making this easy for the racers to accomplish.