The Oklahoma Cross Country Racing Association Board of Directors are seeking members to join a focus group to help discover areas of success and areas for improvement.  We would like to seek input from members well in advance of the 2018 season so that we can factor in your feedback and desires as we build a 2018 championship series.

Once you have signed up for the list, you will receive a series of surveys, covering a range of topics.  Questions will range from feedback on recent events, to opinions on organizational issues, to ideas for 2018.  Participants will have ample opportunity to offer feedback and propose solutions.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for members that are willing to provide honest and constructive feedback and who will attempt to propose ideas and solutions when appropriate.  We would love to see a diverse cross section of focus group members, ranging from individuals to parents, from bikes to quads and from new members to longtime members.  We would prefer that you sign up once per membership (i.e. families submit under one e-mail account).

What are our expectations?

  • Provide honest and constructive feedback on topics
  • Be willing to offer realistic solutions and alternatives
  • Try to see issues from multiple angles (bikes/quads, racers/spectators, etc.)
  • Be willing to receive a call to follow-up on feedback or solutions


As a member-led club, we all have a vested interest to make this series awesome and keep pace with the needs and desires of members and prospective members within our capabilities.  We thank you for taking the time to be a part of this group and look forward to continuing to strive to create a great racing experience for our region.

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