Racers, We are pleased to announce the new round of promotions. I would like to congratulate everyone on their accomplishments racing and the pursuit to get faster. The officers have spent hours upon hours evaluating times, as we always do when evaluating times and classes. So, without further adieu, here is the list by group. You will be able to get numbers printed this weekend for the race. Congratulations to each racer!!

Damon O’neil- XC3 to XC2
Ron King- XC3 to XC2

Evan McMahan- Sportsman to Novice
Charlie Johnson- AMA30+ to Novice
Ryan Smith- AMA30+ to Novice
Kerrie Swartz- AMA30+ to Novice
Breckin Lewis- OpenC to Sportsman
Lathan Gabreal- OpenC to Sportsman
Calen Rowe- OpenC to Sportsman

Addison Lewis- C to A
Grant McGee- B to A
Nash Wright- B to A
Gunner Hall- C to B
Max Holub- C to B
Tristan Mitchell- C to A
Cason Wolf- B to A

Brody Helm- B to A
Kade Wood- B to A
Xander Cochran- C to B

Ross Standingwater- B to A
Bo McIntire- B to A
Lathan Gabreal- B to A
Austin Walker- B to A
Grady Downing- C to B
Cadence Lewis- C to B
Lewton Reed- C to B

Open Womens SC Bike-Saturday Race
Maggie Waldon- B to A
Connie Hamilton- B to A
Trista Thurmond- B to A
Lindsay Gardner- B to A