The Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Race Gas program has changed quite a bit since last year.  We have received a lot of questions.  The information contained in this email was also passed out at the scoring trailer and will continue to be available there in the future.  Please read below and pass this information on to anyone you think might not be getting the message.

Rocky Mountain ATV MC is an amazing sponsor that gives OCCRA riders a $10.00 credit online to each racer that competes in an OCCRA event. Be sure and thank them every chance you get. There will be no more Rocky Mountain ATV/MC cards mailed out. Everything is now online so you can get your credit faster and you won’t have to type in the entire card number to use them!

OCCRA results are submitted to Rocky Mountain ATV/MC after each race and then Rocky Mountain ATV/MC applies the credit to your Rocky Mountain account. You can check your balance at any time by going online to or by calling 801-465-3140.

All you have to do to get the credit for each race is to make sure the email address that you put on your OCCRA membership form matches the email address on the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC account you want the credit to go to. For instance if you have children, and you have the only Rocky Mountain ATV/MC account in the family, you would want all of your kid’s membership forms to have the email address that matches your Rocky Mountain ATV/MC account.

Steps to check your balance:

  1. Go online, login, and click the “RM cash” at the top of the RM website and it will give you your balance.
  2. IF you see a $0 balance or you think you are missing some credits you will have to call Rocky Mountain.
  3. When you call RM be sure to give them your name and email address that you gave OCCRA. They can then look to see if you have credits anywhere else.
  4. IF you have credits that are not showing online, you will have to place an order over the phone to get those credits.Notes:


  • OCCRA results are sent after each race (we have about 2 weeks). Once results are submitted there are no later submissions or corrections allowed.
  • There is no longer a Race Gas credit for membership
  • 1 credit per rider per event, not per entry (same as before)
  • Credits expire after 45 days from the time they are applied to the account (not from the race date)
  • All credits go to your Rocky Mountain ATV/MC account.  There are no more cards.  You HAVE to have an e-mail address.
  • These same rules will apply to any race series that participates in the program.

Be sure you check often and call often. The credit will only last for 45 days and then it will expire. RM says that they will email you before your credits expire, but I wouldn’t chance missing an email.

Remember that this is an AWESOME benefit provided BY Rocky Mountain ATV/MC to riding series around the nation with no strings attached.  When you call them regarding credits, please be courteous, patient and give them your thanks.

Thank you,
OCCRA Officers