Get your old, broken down Power Wheels ready for a downhill race at Big Fox Run! Challenge the Arkansas folks to see who has the fastest gravity driven Power Wheels!

That’s right, racers!! We are less then 2 weeks away from Round 9 at Big Fox Run, which will be a Battle of the Border event with AXC Racing. This round we will have an always fun and entertaining Power Wheels Downhill Challenge.Thanks to our new officer Emily J. Cohlmiafor her passion for creating fun events to build the bond of our members this year. Without further ado, here are the details from Emily.

1. Have Fun
2. Must wear a DOT approved helmet, eye protection, and boots.
3. First one to the bottom wins.
4. You can have 1 pusher at a time.
5. The pusher cannot cross the start line.
6. You cannot affect another racer on purpose.
7. Races will be heads up, single elimination, with the winner advancing.

Vehicle Regulations:
1. Must have plastic wheels.
2. Must have been previously electric (12/24 volt)
3. Stock electric motors are optional.
4. Must have stock suspension.
5. You can take anything off.
6. You can add a board or pillow or something to sit on.
7. Must have stock body and frame.
8. Each racer must take all of their machines and/or parts of machines home.
9. All Vehicles must pass tech inspection.

Get out the paint, graphics, etc. because we will be judging a Best-In-Show Power Wheels. Add pics of your race-ready Power Wheels in the comments.

Look for directions and signs to the downhill race location once you are on BFR’S property. Best-In-Show contest will begin at 6:30 PM with the race directly afterwards. It will be bracket style racing.

You must have an OCCRA or temporary weekend membership to participate. Ages 16-18 may participate with written parental permission and a parent present. Otherwise, ages 18+ can participate. No entry fee!!!

Be on the lookout for the race flier later this week.