Racers, Round 11 at Henryetta is 1 week away. We would like to thank the sponsor for this round, Seth Wadley Auto Connection for providing all the awards.

This round, we will have Mona’s Rose of Sharon on site to provide concession, so be sure to show them our support. They have been a regular food vendor for us the past few seasons, and we sure appreciate them.

We are pleased to announce that we will be having a Potluck this round on Saturday evening at 6:30pm. Thanks to Schwab Meats and Lampton Welding Supply for providing hot dogs and buns. We will also be grilling up hamburgers, and will provide buns and condiments. We ask that each family bring a side or dessert, and provide your own beverages and chairs.

We do have 1 critical things we have to discuss with more emphasis then ever. We need everyone’s help all weekend to keep trash cleaned up. This property MUST be spotless when we leave, so if you see any trash on the ground throughout the weekend, please pick it up and throw it in a trash can. I can’t express how critical this is at the event, so please help us with that.

Just a general reminder, gates open at 3pm on Friday afternoon. Do not arrive earlier please. Also, be sure that everyone under the age of 18 wears a helmet at all times on ALL motorized vehicles, driver or passenger. NO exceptions.

The season end is near, so lets finish out these last few rounds strong. Thanks to all you members and racers for a great season thus far. See you all in 1 week.

Get directions on the round page – CLICK HERE!