Please welcome the wonderful crew of individuals that will be presenting the 2019 race season!  These guys and gals are the ones that put in the work to help us all have 12 events of competition, camping and good ‘ol OCCRA family.  One official position remains – Track Director – so if you are interested in seeking this position, please talk to Cole Williams (or send an e-mail to this site).  Also, OCCRA is definitely a series that welcomes help outside of official positions from the membership, so if you would like to help out, please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome 2019 officers.  Thank you, also, to the outgoing 2018 officers – your time and commitment to the series is definitely appreciated!

President: Cole Williams
Vice President: Mary Doughty
Race Director: Benny Darnell
Mini Director: Russell Doughty
Scoring Director: Emily Cohlmia
Work Director: Wesley Darnell
Marketing Director: J.R. Selke
Equipment Manager: Nick Cohlmia
Sponsorship/Contingency Coordinator: Sarah Casillas
Emily Cohlmia: Special Events/Banquet Coordinator