Round 4 at Pettijohn’s Off-Road Park in Rush Springs, OK is just days away, and we are very excited about several special events this weekend. First, we would like to thank Anthony Standard and ServiceMaster Restore for sponsoring this round.

Pettijohn’s Off-Road Park offers a mix of XC and MX on a fast and fun track, and we want to thank Victoria Pettijohn and Billie Pettijohn for opening up their property to host this race.

I mentioned special events this round, and we have 3 things we would like to share and ask all racers and fans to support this round.

1st, Rick Smith, with support from Ajax Motorsports, are hosting a special fundraiser to support one of our own racers, Rick Swanda, #758. Rick Swanda is in need for a liver transplant. They will have Breakfast, Burgers, Hot Dogs, and Drinks all weekend at the AJAX Motorsports trailer. In addition, they will have raffle tickets available for lots of great giveaways!! ALL PROCEEDS GO TO RICK SWANDA.

2nd, Team Autism is hosting a fund raiser on Saturday and Sunday. They will be selling cookies, Brownies, Cinnamon Rolls, Ice Cold Milk, Etc.This will take place at the Team Autism Canopy. ALL PROCEEDS TO TO TEAM AUTISM.

Lastly, on Saturday evening at 6:00pm there is be Water Balloon Supercross. This event will take place on the MX track, so be sure to be in the area prior to the event for fun event for all riders.

Bible Study will take place on Saturday evening at 7:30pm. If you are unsure of the location, be sure to ask an officer and they can get the details to you.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week at Pettijohn’s Off-Road Park. As always, be sure to visit for the latest race info, and if the weather looks concerning be sure to Call Before You Haul at 405-390-5227.

Get Directions: 2019 Rd 4 at Rush Springs