Round 5 at Baldwin Ranch is just days away. We would like to start by thanking Cannon Racecraft for sponsoring this round, and providing all the awards. If you’re looking for someone to do suspension work, engine work, or powder-coating, be sure to pay them a visit.

This round we welcome back Mona’s Rose of Sharon as our food vendor. Be sure to show them your support and get some great good form them. Racer favorite is “The Mess” for breakfast, and their “Pickle-O’s” are amazing as well.

We have a few special events this round. First, we have a Side-By-Side race on Saturday at 3:00pm, following the short course vintage races and before practice. Be sure to look at the new times on the schedule this round due to that race. Secondly, we will be having a Relay Race on Saturday evening at 6:30pm, so be sure to come join in the fun event.

As always, Bible Study will take place at 7:30pm, and be sure to find Cole Williams or Dave Campbellfor the location, or ask an officer and they can get you that info.

In addition, thanks to Batman Bailey for providing a sight lap of this track, so be sure to check it out at the link below.

As always, be sure to visit the OCCRA page for additional information and details, and we will see you at Round 5 this weekend.