WHO’S READY TO GO RACING!!!! At last, summer break is nearly over at its almost time to get back to racing at Round 9 at Stroud Lake!!! We are excited to race this new venue and we are looking forward to a great track. I want to start by thanking Robert Haile for taking the lead on this track build. He has been working hard for almost a year to build a great track.

Speaking of track, I’m sure everyone would like some track info. This will be a shared track with a mini cutoff. Long course is 7 miles and short course is currently 3 miles. Mini track is pretty tame, LC flows well with a couple dry creek crossings. The start will be kind of neat with a corkscrew style start, up and over a hill, and a quarter mile of pavement. This will be a spectator friendly course with them being able to see the racers across the lake in multiple sections. It will be super spectator friendly to anyone on a boat! Also there are a couple of sections where the trail is close to the lake shore. In these areas please stay on the track. This is for your safety. There are beaver stumps in the tall grass off to the sides of the track.

For this round we would like to thank Easy Lay Liners LLC for their support and providing over 150 awards for this race.

We will not have a special event this race as we’d rather give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the lake. Of course, DO NOT take your bikes, quads, or SXS’s into the lake. It is only for swimming or boating. PLEASE RESPECT STROUD’s BEAUTIFUL LAKE. Absolutely no riding on the damn. No tearing up the grass in nicely mowed areas. The marked track is fair game. Other than that, let’s show Stroud what the people of OCCRA are about.

Concession is being provided by the Stroud Fire Department, and all proceeds go to support their efforts. This is a great opportunity to support the guys and gals that keep this town safe, and put their community first. Let’s show them OCCRA hospitality and be sure to support them this weekend.

Lastly, I believe that if you put Stroud Lake in your GPS it should give you directions. Stroud has one gas station that sells 100% real gas. It is located on the east end of main street across from the Rock Cafe.

As always, if you’re concerned about any weather if we have any, be sure to Call Before You Haul and we will see you all in just over a week at ROUND 9!!!