Here are the awesome folks who have nominated themselves for 2020 OCCRA Officer positions.  We appreciate all of you that have nominated yourselves to contribute your time to this organization to help make a great series for all.  There’s still a bit of time remaining to throw your hat in the ring, so please fill out the form if you are interested.  There are many positions available for a wide variety of interests and skillsets.  We hope that you will consider nominating yourself for a position!

Voting eligibility: Every 2019 full Member of OCCRA who is considered a Racing Member, which is defined as a Member who has completed at least (1) race organized by OCCRA in 2019 and is in good standing at the time of the election.  Temporary ($5) memberships do not count for voting rights.  The election for 2020 officers will be held at Round 11: Discoveryland.  So make your plans to attend Round 10 – not only is it a fantastic venue with a unique track, you’ll also have a chance to vote for your 2020 leadership.  You must vote in person.

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(presented in alphabetical order by last name per position)


  • Nick Cohlmia
    I want to continue the Family Fun Racing that the club is based around because the OCCRA is a special group and I want to take on the roll of leading the group.
  • Mary Doughty

Vice President

  • Wesley Darnell
    We have an amazing organization and I just want to keep our organization moving forward. I have been a volunteer firefighter for over 10 years things learned over those 10 years will help me settle in this role of pushing forward.

Mini Director

  • Russell Doughty

Race Director

  • Benny Darnell

Scoring Director

  • Jessica Cochran
    I have always appreciated that from a member’s perspective, OCCRA is run using efficient processes with a frontline of passionate officials.
    My goal is for my professional experience to contribute to continuing what already exists to the best of my ability.  I Also want to lend any knowledge or ideas to improve this role or any organizational matter should I be invited to do so.
    2020 will be my 4th year as an XC moto mom!!  My first experience at OOCRA was feeling shocked, and I yelled at my boys to “slow down” but now you’ll hear me scream at them “GO FASTER!!!” every race, every time.  
    Kent and I have attended nearly every race weekend quad and bike days for 3 years.  We started with NO experience in this type of sport but due to the help of officials and great people, we now help others or fill in as part of the team where we are needed.  I hope to start racing (super beginner style), and my goal now is to contribute to OCCRA, becoming part of the “official” race family team.  
    Although I am running for the membership and scoring position, I can do about anything and I’m up for most challenges!   Let’s race!
  • Emily Cohlmia
    I am the current scoring director and feel like I had done a pretty good job this year and would like to continue in that position.
  • Michael Johnson
    To create a fun and competitive racing atmosphere that is fair to all.

Special Events & Banquet Coordinator

  • Kaylon Labat
    Love this association!! Have made great friends and want to keep working to make every race and banquet better than the last!

Work Director

  • Aaron Waldon

Equipment Manager

  • Andrew Tekaat

Photo by Michal Hudcovič from Pexels