The 2020 OCCRA Officers are proud to present the race schedule for the 2020 season!  We think that we have an excite slate of events for you that mixes in locations from all around Oklahoma and dabbles in a large variety of terrain.  There is truly something for everyone here, and if you think you’ve seen it all, then we have a couple of new spots for you as well.  Check out the schedule below and we will, of course, post more photos and details as tracks and event schedules begin to take shape.  Until then, let’s get those machines ready for 2020 and hope for a great season!

Round 1 (2/29-3/1)– Strothers XC in Seminole, OK

Strothers XC is a brand new location for 2020 and is going to feature good flowing, tight woods, some creek and log crossing and a drag race to the finish!  This track is centrally located in Seminole, OK, and will be a great warm-up for the season with it’s fun and diverse track.

Round 2 (3/21-3/22)– Gruber XC in Braggs, OK

Gruber ORV Park is no stranger to the OCCRA schedule and those that have raced it in recent years know that it’s not all about the rocks.  The Gruber team has expanded the parking area in recent years and worked hard to introduce flowing trails along with some scenic track.  Rock hounds can rejoice, but there’s plenty of good dirt in between!

Round 3 (4/4-4/5)– Baldwin Ranch in Indiahoma, OK

We dive to the southwest for Round 3 and change to a very open and fast track.  You’ll satisfy your need for speed, while also getting to cross some creeks, weave through woods and launch off some ski jumps.

Round 4 (4/18-4/19)– Williams Ranch in Skiatook, OK

Round 4 heads back to Green Country for the track that brings you a little of everything – Williams Ranch!  This track gives everyone a chance to shine, with creek crossings, open sections, hill climbs, rocks and an occasional surprise.

Round 5 (5/2-5/3)– Make Promises Happen in Guthrie, OK

MPH is back for 2020 and will once again be a charity race!  All proceeds from Round 5 will benefit the Make Promises Happen program at Central Christian Camp.  This centrally-located track offers some diverse terrain, but is well-known for it’s tight flowing trails and abundance of sand.  This track is very spectator friendly and a real treat to camp at, so bring the whole family for this charitable event.

Round 6 (5/16-5/17)– Pettijohn’s Offroad in Rush Springs, OK

We’re keeping you on your toes by heading back southwest for a return visit to Pettijohn’s.  This is the track for our MX lovers as Pettijohn’s features a full, but friendly, motocross track integrated into the race course.  Outside of that, you will find ravines, hill climbs and some fun straightaways.

Round 7 (5/30-5/31)– Fry Lake in Seminole, OK

We round out the first half of the season by visiting Fry Lake in Seminole, OK.  Dave Campbell and his team always have a great track laid out for us that really includes just about everything – light MX, creek crossings, rocks, hill climbs and drops, sand, logs…you get the idea!  This is also a great camping spot with lots of room to spread out.

Summer break!

Round 8 (8/22-8/23)– Stroud Lake in Stroud, OK

Stroud joined the OCCRA circuit in 2019 and did not fail to impress!  Stroud Lake offered an absolutely wonderful camping area with lots of activities for families while the races went on!  The track is challenging with rich soil, elevation change and some high speed asphalt fun.  Throw your fishing gear and swim trunks in with your race machines for a full weekend of fun!

Round 9 (9/5-9/6)– Big Fox Run in Cameron, OK

Big Fox Run has become our Labor Day fun weekend.  Make it a three day trip and enjoy a great camping area with a very unique track.  Spectators can see a lot as racers tackle a track with high speed sections, woods, loose uphills and the dizzyingly fun roller coaster section.

Round 10 (9/19-9/20)– Lake Murray State Park in Ardmore, OK

After a long hiatus, OCCRA returns to Ardmore for a race at Lake Murray!  More details are to come later as we finalize the plans for the track, but you can definitely expect some sandy fun from OCCRA’s long-awaited return to southern Oklahoma.

Round 11 (10/3-10/4)– Part Land and Cattle in Cache, OK

We’ve hit the home stretch with a new location in southwest Oklahoma.  Part Land and Cattle has tight woods and sandy areas and some really good dirt and little to no rocks.  We’ll also be having some fun in a large creek area.

Round 12 (10/17-10/18) – Red Rock XC in Hinton, OK

Our last round brings us back to a centrally located track.  Red Rock treats us to sand, red dirt and plenty of tight, flowing woods to round out the season.

We hope that you are as excited about this schedule as we are.  In addition to this schedule, we also have 3 rain dates set aside (3/7-3/8, 6/13-6/14, and 10/24-10/25) and three locations on standby in case of interference from Mother Nature!  Make your plans now and we’ll see you in 2020 to battle it out for some championships!

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