There seems to be a lot of energy within the club heading into the 2020 season! Quite a few racers have been reaching out and asking how they can secure their race numbers for their proper class. We are excited to announce 4 early sign up opportunities in addition to the January 18th Awards Banquet.
Top reasons to take advantage of early membership sign up:
1. The all new Gate Pass will save you money and is only available at early sign ups.
2. Generous discounts are being offered to OCCRA members at each of the 4 locations (ask each location for details).
3. Avoid potential lines at Round 1 when everyone else is registering.
4. Once you complete your 2020 membership enrollment at the early sign ups, your race number is secure.
5. You can drop your machine off for service or pick up any parts and gear you need.

Here are a few notes on how your race numbers are secured. If you raced with OCCRA in the last season and are staying in the same class, your number is secure through Round 1 at Seminole unless your class is revised or you are promoted to a different class. On occasion classes are revised which may change the overall numbering of your class. These revisions typically are decided on the day of the banquet, that’s why early membership registration is unavailable until 3pm the day of the banquet.
In the event you cannot make it to an early sign up, we will gladly get you registered at your first race.
Here are your 2020 pre-season membership enrollment opportunities:
Ajax Motorsports Saturday, January 25th from 10-2
Tulsa Motorsports Saturday, February 1st from 11-3
Shawnee Honda Saturday, February 8th from 10-2
Altus Motorsports Saturday, February 15th from 10-2

OCCRA membership will be cash or check only. Sorry but we will not be set up to accept credit cards.