Scoring wanted to start on a fresh foot this year, with classes and times aligned from the start of the season. Last year, each rider was scored against the top rider in their respective race (all A and B riders were ranked against the top Pro, for example). This gives us data called “advancement percentile”. Outliers over 10% were thrown out and then all riders were rescored. This allows all of the classes to be reset, with riders in each class that have similar percentiles. As we start this year, classes should be as fair and competitive as possible. **Racers that raced 1 or 2 races last year were not scored, as there is not enough data to place them accurately.

Attached are links to the 2020 class placings. Please keep in mind that everyone was rescored, thus, for example, 2019 Amateur class does not consist of the same riders as the 2020 Amateur class. Also keep in mind that the classes list below are the lowest class riders can ride it, it is not necessarily the class they are deciding to ride in.

Bike age based classes: 30+ year old bike riders have several options listed. You may only chose 1 long course bike class.

Adult classes:

Mini classes:

Online number reservation open at midnight tonight and will be open until Thursday, Feb. 27th. Here is how to reserve your number for the 2020 season:

1. Check the links above and chose your 2020 class (you can race faster classes, but not slower).

2. Check the number series for your 2020 class below or at

3. Go to and request 3 choices.

4. Wait for an email to confirm your number for the 2020 season. DO NOT ORDER GRAPHICS UNTIL YOU HAVE THIS CONFIRMATION EMAIL.

***Scoring will be charging for temporary stick-on numbers after Round 3****

***Quads MUST have front and back plates this year—fender numbers DO NOT replace back plates***

You can get bike graphics for about $30 at or bike and quad plates at

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