As we approach the last 2 rounds, remember those chasing points for overall year end awards must volunteer to work a race.
Whatever your normal race day is (Quads Sat., Bikes Sun.) for example is the day you would work. While we give you the option of paying a $15 transfer fee to work the opposite day if for some reason you cannot work your normal race day, there are restrictions. History has taught us that the last few rounds lots of racers are trying to squeeze their work points in. While it is normally not an issue, there is a cap on the number of workers that can work if you are trying to work on your non-race day. If you show up to work on your normal race day that is great and there are no caps. Again, only people wishing to work on the opposite day you normally race can be turned away if we max out on workers. Sorry but there are no reservations, its on a first come basis.
To qualify to work, you must sign in and be present at the Riders Meeting. You must stay until you are released and be signed out to get your 35 Work Points. If you leave without being released you do not earn any points.
Those that are working on their non-race day may enjoy racing the Trail Rider class only on their race day. So for example if a Long Course Bike wanted to work Saturday and race Sunday, they would pay the $15 transfer fee, work Saturday, race Trail Rider class Sunday. You cannot race in your class on a weekend you earn work points.
See you all in just over 1 week!