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Dylan Workman
Allow faster riders to pass. I understand that this is a “rule” already.being in the pro class I have dealt with the negative side of this far too much in my opinion. Everyone thinks they’re a pro when someone comes up behind them. Even if this isn’t added to the rule book, maybe a harder stance on it? No Vote – Etiquette Issue to be Monitored More Closely
Hunter Massey
Do not block faster riders from passing. Especially if they’re in a different class. No Vote – Etiquette Issue to be Monitored More Closely
Justin Lillie
Live engine starts for all mini racers Safety Issue – No Vote
Aaron Waldon
I would like to bring the proposal again this year to make it where you can switch machines mid race if you had two machines or a borrowed one. Removed/Duplicate

See below

Aaron Waldon
Proposal – I propose we take out the rule 6.1.7 – 8.The racer must use the same bike/quad for the entire duration of their race starting from the point the racer passes the starting flagman until passing the final checkered flag. Swapping machines during the course of the race is not allowed. The racer’s race is over (scoring ends) at the point of the swap or best determined by the officers. PASSED

This requirement will  be removed from the rule book.

Karson Dart
Make it where you can switch bikes in a race if something happens to your bike. So you can just go hop on the other bike if yours breaks down See above
Antonio Acuna
They said there is a rule where no one from the 40+ class can’t get bumped… this need to change… No vote.  Explanation to Author
Nick Cohlmia
I would like to see the Open C class name be changed back to beginner. The reason for this is that when racers from other groups come to our series it sometimes creates a misguidance due to the fact that in other racing groups Open C is more even to our Sportsman/Novice classes. From reading the requirements for our Open C class in the rules it states that this is a entry level class. By changing the name back to beginner i believe this would help scoring personnel when people are signing up and cut down on the amount of questions that are asked. Withdrawn by Author
David Campbell
I propose that we strike 6.2.2 2. Because it give riders incentive to go back out onto the track when the rider or bike is not race worthy. I’ve seen injured riders trying to push themselves to get half the laps when they should not have been on the course. Edit/Clarification Accepted
David Campbell
6.1.3 13. I propose that we strike polaris ace being legal in utility class because they now offer a 900cc model that is 60 inches wide and will not be suitale for our tracks. PASSED

Ace will still be allowed up to 50″ wide.

Nick Cohlmia
I would like to propose that we go to having only 1 drop instead of having 2. The reason for this is if someone races all 12 races and a competitor only races 10 it could change the outcome of a placing in a class and possibly punish the person that put in the dedication to make all 12. For example. There is the potential of someone dropping 50 points if they race all 12 but if someone races 10 or less they are not dropping any points depending on the placing of the rider that raced 10 or less could jump ahead. This did happen this year in the XC3 class. Fail
Andrew Tekaat
I purpose we do away with drops completely. This is a championship not a sprint race riders that are dedicated are being taking advantage of. I’ve watched it year after year a guy comes in and places good at 9 races works and beats riders that were dedicated week in week out and they raced 11 and worked and then get 2nd place or first loser how ever you want to look at it Fail
Tye Safi
make the age of 85s max out at 15 Withdrawn for Safety
Michael Cataldo
I suggest we add the rule of allowing practice starts at the starting area during the racers assigned practice time.
Withdrawn by Author.  Already allowed.
Zac Cunningham
I propose we bring back the +30 EXP class.
No vote
Michael Cataldo
I propose we make a rule stopping the use of music listening devices during a race.
No vote
Emily Cohlmia
I propose to add to number of AP and/or advanced level classes will be given consideration when ties occur. This is for O-YAA awards.

I think difficulty if classes should be taken into consideration when ties occur since it is more difficult to get an A in an advanced placement class.


Details to be updated in the 2021 Rule Book

Emily Cohlmia
I propose to change to the Youth Long Course requirements to say ” bikes that qualify for 85 mini class”. It currently just states 85cc and there was some confusion this year as to whether than meant 85cc and up or whether it meant only 85cc bikes, which then causes the question of if you have a 105 cc 2 stroke, it is acceptable in the 85 mini but is it also acceptable in the youth long course, for example. This proposal is just to add more clarification to the current rule. Implemented by Officers
Emily Cohlmia
I propose to change the requirements for Quad Short Course A from ” Age 14+, no pro riders. For Quad Expert, Intermediate Riders, and other non-long course riders that fit into this speed category. Open displacement.” to “Age 14+, no pro riders. For faster Short Course Quad riders. Open displacement.”

And for Quad Short Course B from “Age 14+ no pro riders. For Quad Amateur, Sportsman, or other non-long course riders that fit in this speed category. Open displacement” to “Age 14+ no pro riders. For slower Short Course Quad riders. Open displacement”

We had a couple of situations in 2020 that, because of the wording, I was not allowed to promote B riders who were significantly faster than the other short course B riders because they rode Amateur long course, but who were competitive with the A riders in short course. In 2020, we learned that skill level in short course may not be the same as a rider’s skill level in the long course, most likely due to track length and difficulty.

Implemented by Officers