Your race club is very excited to present a new level of organization when it comes to getting your 35 Work Points.
In the past, you would pretty much just show up on the day you wanted to earn your 35 Work Points and hope to get the job you wanted. Now, we have simplified that process by moving to an online registration. If you want to be a flagger at RD 7 for example, you can follow this link right now and reserve that position.
It is still possible but risky to just “show up”. There may not be available positions and/or you may not get the position you want.
The goal of this new and long overdue process is to improve awareness of Work Points, responsibilities related to working races and to help ensure the positions and days racers want to work are available to those that engage in this new platform.
We would love to discuss any constructive questions you have on this post. If you have a confrontation, please send us a private message.
Please help us spread the word to those that do not get our posts, texts or visit our website.

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