Everyone bring it in for a HUGE virtual high 5 from your race club. WOW, we don’t have official stats calculated yet but we do know that members set numerous attendance records for Round 1!
We are getting lots of redundant questions asked online so here is a quick response we hope you will help us share:
  • Pictures – Those are taken by many volunteer individuals that just post them when they get to it. If you are a picture taker PLEASE tag OCCRA so everyone can see.
  • Scoring – Unofficial results are printed shortly after each race but official results take time to audit and are generally posted Monday evenings following a race.
  • Pit riding – YES. lots of questions about this. Penalties will be issued to anyone abusing the pit riding rules. Most got a “hall pass” at RD 1 but not moving forward. PARENTS…if your child is under 14 they may not ride their machine at all except to and from their actual race or official practice session. Anyone under 18 must wear a helmet while riding responsibly in the pits. Even if you are on a golf cart or other vehicle, if you ride recklessly in the pits there will be penalties.
  • Spectators – Be very mindful of where you are in relation to the track. We had people parking and hanging out on live tracks.
We will be getting more info out shortly on the epic results of a very successful Round 1. Stay tuned!