Round 2 in Cache, OK is ON!
Earlier this week we challenged our members to be + Charged and WOW, we are extremely excited about the results. There was 6″ of rain in the forecast for this weekend and now has dropped significantly. Honestly, the track could use some rain. While we do not know exactly what the weekend weather will hold all indications point to another epic event full of + CHARGED racers ready for some FUN! Often times members will post screen shots of potential weather challenges a week out which only takes the spirit away from those looking forward to racing and this went over so well. Thank you to the + CHARGED members who stepped in and helped us flood our playground with happiness.
PLEASE…please, please, please scroll back through the last week or so’s posts to catch up on important information. Everything from remembering to adjust your clocks for Daylight Savings to brushing up on our rules and everything in-between. We understand everyone wants to just show up and race but we have some rules that are being ignored and causing some safety issues. Largely related to irresponsible pit riding. There were some warnings given at Round 1 but penalties will be enforced this weekend.
We are so grateful for every sponsor that supports OCCRA. You can turn your race flyer over and see the entire sponsor list for the 2021 season. Each round has 2 featured sponsors. Round 2 is sponsored by Lawton Motorsports and Overstreet & Son Construction.
Lawton Motorsports is very close to this track and is worth checking out. They give very generous discounts to OCCRA members and are a fantastic resource for racers.
Overstreet & Son Construction does so many different types of construction work so give them a shout when you are ready to tackle that next project.
Gates open at 3pm today!
BRING A TRASH BAG AND PACK YOUR TRASH OUT. Normally our members are so great about packing their trash out but RD 1 was a different story.
Cash or Checks only
Here are your 1 click directions. or GPS is 34.550994,-98.671496
Lets RACE!