Round 3 at Crosstimbers in OKC is ON! Your race club is fully + CHARGED and ready to deliver what you have been thinking about all week. The LOVE that we all share for this sport bonds us. All you have to do is look around the parking lot this weekend to see that there are hundreds of other racers that are + CHARGED and loving life! The inspiration is very real and makes our volunteer officers so happy to see the LOVE.
LOVE is Round 3’s CHARGED theme. You can hear quit a bit more of it at Bible Study Saturday Night at 7:30 and/or OCCRA Church Sunday Morning.
Track report: Although the track got a lot of rain early this week the vast majority of the track is prime dirt but there will be some muddy spots. Quads and Bikes will mostly have their own tracks with minimal overlap.
RS Fuel and Performance HVAC are the featured sponsors for RD 3 and invite you to check out everything they can offer to our members.
PARK RULES: There are park rules at RD 3 that exceed our own. It is very important you help us stay in compliance. Helmets must be worn anytime you are on a motorized vehicle of any kind racer or not. This means spectators in golf carts, S x S etc. as well as racers just putting around.
In addition to the helmet rule, we KNOW this is very tough but we cannot ride the all new Endurocross section located in the parking lot. We will have it bannered off, feel free to look around but no riding.
If you have an existing permit please bring it. If you do not have a permit, OCCRA will provide you with a Day Pass you will get at the gate in a separate line.
Gates open at 3pm today…LETS RACE!
Here are your 1 click directions: (not the normal entrance)