Hey racers…next weekend we celebrate 2 fantastic race clubs that are + CHARGED coming together for a 2 part Battle of the Borders.
At the end of the day everyone will still be racing their own classes but there will be some things that are a little different. By nature, those with racer mindsets love exciting new things but we can also appreciate that not everyone deals with “change” well. The race schedule will be similar but both clubs have a handful of races that the other does not and still must race. That basically means the days will be a little longer. It’s been several years since we have done border battles and hope everyone has a blast.
Speaking to positivity and options, we know it’s a little bit further drive and the days will be longer. It’s a new track for most of you and is supposed to be REALLY worth it. You also get to meet and race others from AXC in Arkansas. OCCRA gives you 2 drops per season. Even if you win every race, your 2 lowest scores including no shows are tossed out. This helps you during injuries, tracks or weather you don’t like or just a bad race. We would love it if we have a fantastic turn out to show these Arkansas racers what kind of talent and sportsmanship OCCRA brings!
Sorry we could not get you this information sooner but our volunteer officers have been working hard with AXC to fine tune this with as much foresight as possible. We will be pushing more details out this afternoon as well. Just wanted to keep you in the loop.
Stay tuned and stay + CHARGED!