Your race club is very excited to invite you, as well as our friends from AXC Racing to part 2 of the Battle of the Border. For part 1 last weekend, AXC whooped us on Saturday but but we had a lot of bikes show up Sunday to take the lead. As a result, Jason Sterling with AXC has to wear an OCCRA shirt at the race so make sure you get lots of pictures with him! OCCRA racers are + CHARGED for this upcoming race which will decide who the winner of the border battle will be. We would love it if you reached out to your friends to make sure they will be there. Talk with your favorite bike shops and make sure they are promoting it as well…
Round 5 is in Skiatook, OK at the Williams Ranch which has been a track favorite for many years.
We would like to thank the 2 RD 5 featured sponsors, in addition to the entire sponsor list for supporting RD 5.
*Check out the 3S Team at where every project begins and ends with Safety!


Tulsa Powersports

is a very popular supporter of our racers. Whether you are looking for a new machine, parts, service or advice they take very good care of OCCRA members and hope you will check them out.

OCCRA members know what it means to be + CHARGED and loved the sportsmanship we witnessed at RD 4. The +CHARGED theme for RD 5 is Confidence which you will be hearing throughout the pits at the race next week. Lets help our friends at AXC feel welcomed as they adjust to our rules and formats which are a little different than theirs.
In addition to endless socializing opportunities with the mixing of 2 fantastic race clubs, we have the Littles XC Stacyc races at 5:30 Saturday Evening. Please make sure you are signed up by 4pm at the Scoring Trailer. Bible Study is at Gooberville at 7:30 where you will hear quite a bit more about the confidence you can have when you are + CHARGED!
To our friends at AXC, please take some time to check out our website which has lots of valuable resources to help you prepare for a successful race
Here are your 1 click directions: