Your race club is excited to present the make up race for this weekends unfortunate postponement. Thank you all so much for understanding and being patient while your race officials worked on “plan B”.
We will be using our published Rain Date that is already part of our seasonal schedule on June 12-13 (next weekend). Mark your calendars, call your friends that aren’t plugged in to technology and spread the word!
The parking lot at Rocky Top Ranch is saturated now that the water table is so high and will not be usable for next weekend either so we are moving the race to Hinton. Hinton is a very popular sand track less than 1 hour from OKC. We are very grateful that the land owners are being so accommodating with short notice.
This is the last round before the Summer Break so bring your game and head into the break on a high note!
We will be pushing more info soon so please stay tuned. We just wanted to get this out there as soon as it was official.
Lets RACE!
Here are your 1 click directions:
GPS: 35.459927, -98.412104