Below are the self-nominees to become 2022 officers.


Nick Cohlmia

I have now been the President of this amazing organization for the last 2 years. It has had its challenges but, it has been amazing also. I would like too continue to be the President for the 2022 season and continue to do my very best at making OCCRA better than previous years. It has been a honor and privilege for all the members to have allowed me to be in this position.

Mary Doughty

I feel this position is a very high honor and I will take it very serious.  I have been your Mini Director for 9 years and I have watched a lot of our minis grow into strong respectful racers.  And while being your Mini Director I was also your Vice President when Cole Williams was President.  I have raced in the past and I may not race at the moment, but I know what it takes to race.  I LOVE THE PEOPLE!!!  I know how to start races and keep the flow going at a race.  I know it takes a team to make the dream work!
I know what it takes to build tracks, I’ve done many of them with Russell.  I will continue to help promote the growth of the club.  I will be transparent just like I always am.  I will keep an open communication between officers, BOD and club members.  
Thank you for your vote of confidence.

Vice President

Wes Darnell

Life would be so boring without giving back to this amazing organization so here is to 1 more year!!!!!

Race Director

Benny Darnell

You know I’m not going anywhere

Jason Hudson

I would like to nominate myself for the role of Assistant Race Director. After joining OCCRA last year, I was rewarded with some of the most memorable experiences and friendships of my life… and amazed by the amount of effort it must require to pull that insanity off! Naturally, I instantly felt the pull to immerse myself into the action and help out in any way possible, therefore joining the Officer Corp to serve as an assistant would seem to be the logical next step.
That being said, those who truly know me might say I strive to be a “toe the mark, run whatcha brung” kinda guy. I do believe every member of this fine organization deserves the right to life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of the happiness that comes with that podium, but that nowhere does it say we are guaranteed one. Therefore, if elected to this position, I will only require 3 things…
Kick First, Ride Hard… No excuses!

Scoring Director

Emily Cohlmia

Just because.

Track Director

Russell Doughty

ONE MORE YEAR !! You ask why ?   I love doing it. I would  like to share my 10 + years of track  building experience  to new officers  to continue laying out top quality and challenging tracks .

Ethan Mooney

Brad MacCollister

I believe I can provide great planning and track layouts with both quad and bike riders satisfaction in mind. That being said as most of the officers and my fellow racers know I like to help where I can and enjoy helping the association and it’s members and I would like to take the next step and move into this position to help out in an even bigger way. I love this association and in return for just getting to be a part of it all I offer the blood sweat and tears I’m sure come with this position and if elected I guarantee nothing but my strongest efforts to provide great tracks and great racing for all members as well as any assistance needed on race day. Thank you for looking over my nomination and I hope to work with you guys next season and hopefully more to come after that!

Brandon Brown

I have helped build track for the last couple of years, though not in the planning and layout stages, I’m very interested in learning. I realize what kind of work goes in to being a track director and with the help and encouragement of the OCCRA officer corp I can only be successful.

Mini Director

Kirby Evans

I loved being apart of OCCRA last year as the special events coordinator. I hope to continue as an officer for the 2022 season and many more. I feel that the kids of OCCRA are the future of OCCRA, I really enjoyed doing Littles XC this year and working with the kids. I would love to help those kids go into minis as well as the kids currently in minis continue to grow so I would love the position as the mini director in this upcoming season. I hope I can be there to encourage, listen, help and love on the minis in this next season and many more.

Marketing Director

Allen Aboujeib

I have really enjoyed doing the marketing for OCCRA the last 2 seasons and would love to continue being involved.

Work Director

Aaron Waldon

I would like to continue being the work director as you no how I love the mud hole and dusty trails.
Plus I like to give fellow racers the encouragement they need on the track to finish or go the one more mile to finish. As the work director you find your self in the position to help alot

Equipment Manager

Talan Kern

I want to be more involved in the racing organization

Special Events and Banquet Coordinator

Kirsten Warner

I think it would be a good experience

Sponsorship and Contingency Director

Jessica Cochran

I’ve served 2 years as your Sponsorship Officer.   It’s great volunteering for such a good group of riders/members even when it’s hot, muddy or flooding with tornados.  Send it!!