Your race club is sadly excited to invite you and your friends to the last race of our 2021 season. Round 12 will finish off an epic season of doing what we all love and smashing attendance records along the way. OCCRA membership is at 999 for the 2021 season. Who will the 1000th member be? Possibly someone you influenced! Help us hit that 1000 mark by sharing and spreading the word.
The Walnut Grove track is new and rumors the track builders are spreading around is that this is a really FUN track to end the season with.
Showing off generally isn’t a problem for most of our members. That means our Costume Contest should have LOTS of participants sporting their creative designs that are capable of enduring a race. Yes, we are racing in costume! Each race of the weekend will have 1 costume winner. We cannot wait to see what you come up with. Littles XC will have their own goodies.
Trick or treat! Bring a bag or 2 of candy if you’re camping because trick or treaters will be going campsite to campsite from 7:30-9pm!
$5 Temporary Membership will end with the season. Its a great way for your friends to check us out before committing to a full membership that comes with a long list of valuable benefits.
We are very grateful to have 2 fantastic sponsors for Round 12. Brown Oil Tools and Get-R-Done-Trucking are generously supporting your race club so please check them out to see if you or someone you know could use their services.
For those of you chasing points or just wanting to be more involved, you have to work a race for each class you race to be eligible for year end awards and Round 12 will be your last chance. You can easily register to work on our website.
Here are your 1 click directions:
GPS: 34°51’12.2″N 96°45’15.7″W