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Josephine Grissom

I suggest that we hire a photographer for races. Nearly all other local and national race organizations hire photographers. I know every rider, from beginner to pro, loves getting pictures of themselves riding/racing. It would be great to support a local photographer!



Justin Smith

I propose a rule change to raise the Cc limit from 105cc to 112cc in the mini 85 women’s class to include the new kx112 since Kawasaki replaced the kx100 big wheel with this bike. I’m sure ktm/husky will put out a bike of this size in the near future and I know of at least 2 riders of this class have gotten this bike in the off season and my daughter isn’t sure if she’s ready to ride women’s long course and is hopeful she could ride the new bike in the short course this year rules permitting.



Bobby McIntire

Propose the new Kawasaki KX112 be approved for the 85 short course class.  This would help with transition to the long course when they move out of the 85 class.


Bryan Bronnert

I propose the making of an “Open” class in both the A and B races for our “new” racers/members who aren’t exactly sure what class they fit into. A one or two race only deal where they can run and get a base number for their speed “rating” and they could be moved into an appropriate class at their next event. Make it to where 50 or 75% or whatever % number used could be transferred into whatever class they are promoted to.



Michael Cataldo

I propose removal of rule requiring race letter on number plates.

Michael Cataldo

Riders switching a machine must first write their signature date and Time on a sheet at the scoring trailer. This must be completed during the switch.

Michael Cataldo

Track build days be made public and online sign up sheet for volunteers.

Michael Cataldo

Racers must come to a complete stop in scoring chute. This could include a stop sign and the flagger releasing racers such as GNCC and AXC

Michael Cataldo

Set minimum track width requirements, one for the quads and one for the bikes. This would include the scoring chute.


Emily Cohlmia

I propose to revise the Saturday Bike Race vintage class requirements to:
Vintage:  1986 or older–85cc 2stroke/150 4 stroke minimum
Post Vintage:  1987-1999–85cc 2stroke/150 4 stroke minimum
Decades:  2000-bikes at least 10 years old–85cc 2stroke/150 4 stroke minimumClass numbers would be:
Vintage:  2 digit numbers–except 57 which is to be retired this year.
Post Vintage:  300’s
Decades:  400’sThe purpose of this rule change is due to these things:
1.  We did not have a single entry in Vintage this year, so we purchased 36 plaques, that were not used.  
2.  The number of bikes that are from 1974 and older are getting fewer and fewer and those that do have them do not want to race them, so this class will continue to be difficult to fill….and let’s be honest…its no fun racing by yourself.
3.  We only had 3 racers (2 that qualified for year end awards) in Post vintage this year, so by combining Vintage and Postvintage to make a new Vintage class, if there are older bikes that do come in, they can still ride with older bikes.
4.  The decades class is getting huge….to a point where safety is becoming an issue.  This helps break that class up into two smaller classes.
5.  The decades riders agreed that there was more similarities with 1990’s bikes than between say a bike from early 1990s and a bike from 2010, which qualified for decades, so this will also help group bikes with similar technology more evenly.
6.  I moved the class cut from 1984 to 1986.  There was a 1986 bike this year that was nearly identical to a bike from 1984 riding in the PostVintage class.  From my limited understanding, there were small changes to the bikes after 1984 (brakes maybe??), but the 1986 bike still had many more similarities to the 1984 bike than to the 2010 bikes he had to race against in the Decades class.
7.  I would be happy to revise the date ranges on the upper end of the new Vintage class, if riders at the rules meeting (who are being affected by the change) have been suggestions or reasoning.Ultimately, I think this class rule change will help make the Decades class safer, make racers ride against bikes closer in technological differences, and increase the number of riders in the new Vintage (old PostVintage and Vintage) class.


Emily Cohlmia

This proposal is to remove the pit bike class.  The first year, it was very popular, but the last two years there have been very few entries in the class.  This is also a hassle for scoring as we have to adjust the race settings when no one enters in a class.


Emily Cohlmia

I would like to propose to add Mini 85 A riders to those allowed to ride in the Saturday Bike race, regardless of age, with direct permission from the officers, one of which must be the scoring director.  If riding in Open A or Open B, placement will be determined by the scoring director.We have had numerous 12 or 13 year olds that are riding at a very high level that aren’t allowed to race in the SBR due to the 14 year old age requirement.  This rule would allow kids that are riding at this level to have an additional class that they can enter.  Many of the riders in the Mini 85A are at a very high skill level and is it appropriate for them to ride with adults, regardless of age.


Emily Cohlmia

I would like to propose to add Mini Quad X riders to those allowed to ride in the Youth Short Course quad, regardless of age, with direct permission from the officers, one of which must be the scoring director.  We have had numerous younger kids that are riding at a very high level that aren’t allowed to race in the Youth Short Course due to the 12-16 year old age requirement.  This rule would allow kids that are riding at this level to have an additional class that they can enter.  Many of the riders in the Mini Quad X are at a very high skill level and is it appropriate for them to ride in the Youth Short Course as well.

Rick Manning

I would like to propose to change the rule on the quad youth short course age limit from 12 to 11.  Or change it to 0-16.  Many of the kids racing the mini quad class are just as fast as or faster than most of the kids in the youth short course but can’t race it because of their age. You currently don’t have any age limits on any of the quad long course races so this shouldn’t be an issue.


Jason LaHood

1. Currently when riders are bumped out of a class they are supposed to be removed from the standings and the remaining riders advance to the appropriate points positions. This did not happen in my class this year and I do not see this rule in the rule book.
2. It was my understanding that All “temporary membership” riders at the last 4 rounds & if offered at MPH are also supposed to be removed from the points standings and remaining riders get moved up into those finishing positions. This was also not done this season and I don’t see the rule in the book.3. On several occasions, new racers who have not been vetted by the bump committee, are allowed to drop into classes, and interrupt points battles. In my class alone there are 6 rounds with no 1st place finisher.PROPOSAL: I propose that all racers who do not qualify for season awards and are removed from the points standings and all remaining racers move up to the appropriate positions.  (They are already removed but retain positions.)
This rule will eliminate all 3 of the issues above.


Howard Butler

I propose we have live engine starts at all races or at least half. The reason is the electric start bikes have the advantage on the start.


David Moore

Bring back if you start a race on a bike you must finish the race on that bike rule, or clearly define the rules for switching bikes mid race.  The criteria for switching bikes mid race was discussed at last year at the rules meeting, but I’m not sure if they were added to the rulebook.



Members of the armed forces may substitute their service weekend for their OCCRA work weekend. To receive credit for military service, the military member must present evidence of service (orders, etc.) to the Work Director prior to the next race. Use the contact form on
I would like to include police, fire, and medical personnel to this rule. Also would like to change it to “prior to the race that is used for substituted work points” that would make keeping up with this a lot easier



Matt Fullbright

I would like to propose that we take 30 minutes out of the morning quad practice and give the mini mini quads there own race. We’ve got kids that are running 30+ mph and minis running 10. It can get pretty dangerous if there is a bottle neck. Thank you for the consideration.  I really enjoy this sport and this organization.



Jeremy Crabtree

I would like to purpose that the “C” line for the mini class be age based 4-6 . To help out the younger kids that are truly beginners . Last year we had a few races that had 6 in the A line and 16 plus in the C line . Let’s help out the kids



Aaron Waldon

As the previous work director I have found the need for all works to have a Machine of some sort to ride , not necessarily for sweeping but the time may come that they need to go to the other side of the property Which could be multiple miles. So my real proposal is that all workers unless they Prove the machine is in the shop or they are hurt beyond riding anything need to show up with the machine to work whether they sign up to sweep or flag they need a machine


Aaron Waldon

I would like to propose that the Stacy  race classes be 16a, 16b, 12” and strider. Where are the 16 a will be designated for this kids that also race dirt bikes.  Where if a kid also races dirt bikes they will not be allowed to race in the 16 B class  .Also I would like for the Stacyc program to be moved to the Mini program and scored through model tally. Which in turn would have scoring working an hour or so longer and Shane and scoring already said he would approve doing it



Brent Clowers

Not a rule update just a suggestion. It would be really cool to have music playing in between the race starts like they had at the battle of the boarder race in Arkansas. I’m amazed at all the work you OCCRA officials do through the year and week to week on a voluntary basis. You rock!
Clowers Family


Nick Cohlmia

I would like to propose that if a racer completes 100% of the races in a season they gain there highest dropped race back. The reason for wanting this is there has been several times that championship have been determined by drops. I feel that if you attend 100% of the races you should be rewarded and I feel this is a good way to do so.


Jason Hudson

I would like to propose a clause be added to the rule book specifically allowing 3 wheelers/ATCs to compete in the X and Z divisions alongside the quads, as long as they are not banned by the venue. It’s unlikely many would choose to race one, but it would leave the option open for the occasional oddball. AXC has a similar clause, and I’m not aware of any issues they’ve experienced because of it.