Your race club would like to invite you to race Round 2 at Walnut Grove in Ada, Ok March 5/6th.

This track is totally different terrain from RD 1 giving racers some variety. Typical conditions for Walnut Grove are loamy and hard pack dirt flowing through tight woods with some fast straights, a few creeks and hills. You can find numerous member posted videos on Youtube FYI.

If you haven’t heard, Ryan Smith, a 1st time OCCRA racer won the 2022 GasGas 250 dirt bike in our exclusive raffle!

Round 2 marks the beginning of the Littles XC races. These are the futures of our sport and so much FUN to watch. If you have questions about getting your little ones into this sport check out our sponsors page to find dealers for these little ebikes.

Speaking of sponsors, Brown Oil Tools and Get R Done Trucking are both Title sponsors and strong supporters of our club and are racers themselves. You’ll see their logos on Round 2 trophies and banners and are grateful for the support. For a complete list of 2022 sponsors check out our sponsor page

7:30 at Gooberville (Coles portable palace) is where you can find Bible Study Saturday evenings. Ask around if you don’t see it, most regulars will know where he parks.

We sincerely want to thank everyone for the overwhelming interest and support of our growing race club. We set more records for RD 1 with 588 entries which puts us at close to 700 members for the 2022 season. That’s way ahead of last year which was an overall record breaking year pushing well over 1000 members. Online membership can save you time and avoiding longer lines for those that are not registered yet.

**REMINDER: All events are CASH or CHECK only**

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again next week at Walnut Grove. Here are your 1 click directions:

Lets RACE!