Your race club is excited to invite you to race the 111 Ranch in Maramac, Ok April 2-3.
What a treat this will be. Although this has been a popular track, its a 1st for OCCRA to race it. When you hear racers that have been to the 111 Ranch before and talking about it, you just know this is one you don’t want to miss.
Round 3 was a hit! In fact, all 3 completed 2022 rounds have set multiple OCCRA records! We love our members and want to make sure you really know just how grateful we are that you like what we are doing.
We will update you ASAP on the Saturday Special Event. We are working on a few things behind the scenes and will update the flyer once we get the details organized.
We are still seeing some error messages when members are trying to “opt in” to our 1 way text services. Simply text the word OCCRA to 833.528.1533. If you text “sign me up”, “Opt in”, “OCCCCRRAA” ETC. it will not sign you up. If you do not get an immediate welcome text, you are not signed up.
Who thinks they are fast enough to earn a trophy at the 111 Ranch? Whether you earn one or not, we would love it if you checked out the 2 Title Sponsors on the trophies that support Round 4. You’ll see them in the Awards area on the banner we hope you get your picture in front of as well.
Stillwater Powersports and OKCSTORAGE.COM are the 2 Title Sponsors we hope you take the time to check out. Most of our sponsors are OCCRA racers and strong supporters of our race community. They also are known for taking very good care of our members!
If you’re looking for a group of positive racers and want to join them for Bible Study just head over to Gooberville (Coles portable palace) at 7:30 Saturday evening. Most people know where he will be set up so just ask around if you are not sure.
Mona’s is back! They recovered their food truck and will be at Round 4. We know many racers and spectators will be excited!
Its not often our tracks have physical address so you’ll have 3 options of directions for RD4:
Here are your 1 click directions:
54220 South 35600, Jennings Rd, Jennings, OK 74038
GPS: 36.226333, -96.659750